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December 16 2008

(SPOILER) Angel: After The Fall #15 preview. have a five page (plus cover preview) of Angel #15 up to look at.

They also have Buffy #20 in case you missed it from a few weeks back.

Things look bad for Groo.
Is that Conner's dead hand infront of knocked out Spike?....
"It all ends with a girl" -- great line. But God, the colouring is hideous.
I hope that's not Connor's dead hand.I said back on Sunday at the IDW board though that I have a bad feeling that it could be Connor who dies.I really hope I'm wrong but I could see Connor's death really breaking Angel and from a story point of view,I could see why Brian and Joss would go there.I'm just remembering Brian blog post about how tough this issue was to write and Connor dying could fit that.

Like I said,I hope I'm wrong.Brian did say over at the IDW board that,"the reason this one was hard goes beyond death. It's just really emotional."
It's hardly the best quality preview though... Colour's could be out.
The coloring is great. Three thousand steps above Art Lyon's.

And it's really great to see Franco back. There's just... so, so many internat thoughts in those five pages. I hope there aren't so many in the rest of the issue, because most of it seems to be Angel explaining stuff we already know.

Either way, I'm excited to see what happens. Things do look bad for Groo, but I can totally see him surviving this by surprising us in the end. But yeah, can't wait for the emotional stuff. "After the Fall" has been an emotional roller coaster for me, giving us euphoric moments and tragic moments, some all in the same issue. Just one more day!
Thanks for that! Looks great. I agree Pat - the colouring is much better. I could see what Art Lyon was going for - but it doesnt work...too much brown.

Is it just me or is there a panel missing on the 2nd page? Is it deliberate (to avoid spoiling something important)or is it intentional?

Cant wait to read the rest!
I'm pretty sure that would be intentional, I think there was a blank panel at the end of #14 too, to show Illyria's interference with reality.
I think it would be a shame to kill Conner off so soon, he's only just started getting good as a character. And i doubt Groo would die in this issue as well.
I was thinking that too redders...but it seemed different here. I dunno...will see when I read it;)
I wonder if Drew used Illyria as the inspiration for Cloverfield.
I watched Cloverfield a couple of weeks struggling to understand any possible Illyria connection, Simon. Maybe I missed something. Hmmmm.
The Cloverfield monster looks a lot like Illyria's true form.
Ah. Now I get it. Thanks!
Does it look like the CLOVERFIELD monster? I don't see it. I think it's more the "big monster attacking a city" aspect that is similar to Cloverfield.
Though it has inspired me to write Cloverfield/Illyria slash.
Did you? You know, I was just thinking that we need a new catagory entitled "Parody"....cause there just aren't nearly enough of those. :)
I can't believe that Whedonesque has now blessed the world with the idea of Cloverfield / Illyria slash. Brilliant.
Whoops. I just re-checked how the Cloverfield monster looks, and you're right, Brian. I guess it's the fact that they're both huge monsters that kinda look aquatic, but other than that, not so much. I thought Mr. Field had some tentacles, but Google Images is saying no.
So, question regarding the cover with the skulls...

Look closely & let me know. That's a bit unnerving.
It's not them, no.
Thanks, Brian. So random heads, then?

Good to know. Keeps blood pressure low.
Great preview. I love the Wesley/Angel "workshop" panel and Wes' final line, "You took mine." :D

It's a shame the quality is better, but it's still an awesome sneak peek for tomorrow.

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