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December 16 2008

Dr. Horrible pokes up his head on Not up for pre-order yet, but he's coming.

Of course I ordered it from yesterday, thinking wasn't going to be carrying it.
You should be able to cancel that order since it hasn't been released yet.
Cost $13.51 and to be released on Dec. 31st. Maybe I'll do a price comparison with the ones I've ordered from the States and see if I should cancel and reorder.
Sorry if this has already been asked, but will there be a BluRay version of Dr. Horrible? I would just hate to double dip with purchasing a standard DVD AND a BluRay.
Any idea when this will be available in the UK?
FANTASTIC News! I just couldn't justify $22+ Cdn. to order from .com when less than half of that went to Joss & the people responsible. Not in time for Christmas, but that's OK with me. Shopping is already done anyway, and I have lots of birthday presents to buy in January. Guess what everyone's getting?
Holding out on pre-ordering from .com is proving to be a wise choice on my part. I am proud of myself.
good thing I waited it out and will add it with next buffy comics that I get. The comics are cheaper on .ca then .com anyways and gotta love free shipping after $39.
I am off to cancel my .com order too...

Done. Thanks for the heads up redeem147.
There's a Dr. Horrible pahe appeared on as well.

No information, or picture as yet but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Oddly though, it claims to be a "region 2: PAL" release, not a "region 0: NTSC" one.

Dr. Horrible -
What's a "pahe?"
I think page?
Just pre-ordered the DVD and soundtrack. I was close to ordering from .com over the past couple weeks on the off chance it might get here before Xmas, but I'm glad I waited. Want it cheaper and I wanna encourage .ca to carry more of what .com has. By buying more from the Canadian version, can maybe encourage them to improve. So many items I've wanted, and some still on my wishlist, that are inexplicably left off of, despite not being restricted in terms of release areas or whatever. They just...don't get around to listing some of the rarer stuff for some reason, whereas .com has tons of rarities (even if some of them are sold out/no longer available, at least they're listed and that way Amazon MarketPlace sellers can still offer them).
cabri, of course! I don't think in terms of Amazon entries as separate pages (even though they are). D'oh.
I ordered from .com right away, and it appears it will arrive quite a bit sooner than if I were to re-order on .ca, so I will leave it as is. I also expect the US version will have fewer bees. Plus in these troubled economic times I don't want to do something that could spark an international incident.
There will be more bees in the Canadian shipments, but they will be frozen bees and therefore somewhat less deadly.
But once they thaw they, will be considerably more angry!
I have one on order from .com, thanks to Lioness, but I have now ordered three copies through .ca. That should cover a couple of gifts and a lending copy, plus one for me, of course!

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