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December 16 2008

A familiar "Firefly" prop turns up in "Dark Streets". This low-budget film-noir blues musical is set in a fever-dream 1930s Los Angeles -- or maybe it's really set on Persephone 500 years from now....

Elias Koteas (pictured) plays a crooked cop who apparently travels through time to shop at QmX. (Before you rush out to see the movie on the strength of this photo -- ha! -- yr. hmbl. poster, who has seen "Dark Streets," would strongly suggest consulting a few cautionary movie reviews.)

I wonder if QMX gets licensing fees for that?
I'm getting flashbacks for the Starship Troopers uniforms in Firefly.
There were no reviews, cautionary or otherwise... :(
It's Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles movies!

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