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December 16 2008

(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb talks Buffy. His highly anticipated Buffy Season 8 debut comes out tomorrow. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the comic book will go to the Sam Loeb Charity Fund.

Can someone clarify something for me, please? I live in Portugal, which is very far from the US. The Buffy comics don't came here yet, and probably won't. So I was wondering, instead of ordering in all the TPBs (which, I think, are a pack with some comics) I could buy a really big book with all the TPBs, like the Season 8 complete? Does that usually happen in there?
That will almost certainly happen, yes, though not for a while.
I'm still new but I think, after reading the rules, that what I am about to do is ok.
I just posted an Eric Wight Interview on the animated series at Slayalive, if you are interested : !
You can link to your own stuff in the comments section as long as it's relevant. But I like the interview so I'll post it on the front page.
Thank you very much :)
Rikardo - there will probably be a series of hardcovers that collect a couple of the paperback trades each. That's how it's tending to work nowadays.
Wow, I never knew about Loeb's son. That's incredibly sad, but it's wonderful the way he's honoring him. I enjoyed reading about his son's relationship with Whedon, you really got a sense for this independent, bright teenager with so much potential. Like he was going to conquer the world. I'm happy that proceeds for #20 are going to the CSUN Foundation – TADW Sam Loeb Scholarship Fund. It's one of those bittersweet moments, but it's just so right.
People should ask Scott, what are the plans for Hardcovers for Season 8, if they ever get the chance.
The softcover TPBs, although well done, do look kind of mingle compared to IDW's work on the Angel Hardcovers.

The Omnibus format is interesting, not so much the Dark Horse omnibus compilations (in which the books actually come out smaller, than the originals), but like what DC has done to some of their classic series. I picked DC's Omnibus for James Robinson's Starman (pre-ordered the following volume already), and they're gorgeous hardback compilations. It would be really cool to have something of sorts for Season 8.

Can't wait to read the book in its entirety.
Thanks guys! Let's hope it comes out a short time after the end of the season.
The Runaways hardbacks are also very nice, something like that might "force" me to fork over my hard earned, especially since I don't have any of the "season 8" trade paperbacks. The biggest single volume i've seen was for 'Alias' (why oh why didn't I buy it when I had the chance ?? ;) which was 28 issues IIRC so I suspect they'd split the "season" into two omnibus hardbacks.

Hoping we see Jeph Loeb at his best in this run, personally I find his stuff a bit patchy, never really quite reaching the heights it could (even the ones everyone raves about - e.g. 'The Long Halloween' - struck me as slightly flat). Mileage varies of course ;).

And it's good to see some of the cash going towards the Sam Loeb fund, I was happy to buy Superman/Batman #26 (which I don't read) when proceeds of that went to the fund and i'll be just as happy to buy Buffy #20 (which I actually do read). Tragic circumstances but it seems like even in death Sam Loeb can't help but make a positive contribution to the world, by all accounts that's just the sort of young man he was.
I always feel so incredibly sad whenever I think about Jeph Loeb's son. It's nice to know that some of the proceeds will go to the charity fund.

Also, can't wait to read this issue. I'm sure it'll be awesome.

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