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December 16 2008

More details about Buffy the Animated Series. Eric Wight sheds some light on the aborted spinoff in an interview over at SlayAlive.

This was a nice interview. The kind they make Jello pudding out of.
"Buffy fighting Count Chocula." Hee! Okay, someone needs to write that fanfiction immmediately!

Great interview, thanks for sharing that, Leo.
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why nobody picked it up. "Buffy the Animated Series" would have brought the young and old to Saturday mornings, or whenever they decided to roll tape. DVD sales would have been assured.

Gee, can I be a network executive? I mean, I may not have a fancy suit, or a spiffy MBA from some ivy league school, but I've got a brain.
I'd love to see Buffy fight Count Chocula.
I forgot Wight worked on Batman Beyond. I love that series and what it brought to the DC Animated Universe, in particular the Bruce Wayne/Batman element of it, something which so few mainstream comic book universes get--a concrete vision of the future.

I'd still watch this if it were made and I wanna read those scripts some day.

Back when they were initially talking about this being a sort of "Adventures-of-the-gang-and-what-you-didn't-see-in-season-one-with-monk-created-memories-of-Dawn-integrated", I thought it was really cool that they were gonna attempt to make it canon. Even hearing about the library change, one visual setting difference wouldn't have made it unworthy of canon status, IMO. But even if it was just a mostly non-canon alternative take on what happened to a batch of characters that start off the same as the live action series, it still would've been cool to see.

Don't agree with that one person who commented in the article's thread that having a Buffy cartoon would make it so that fans of the franchise get even more of a hard time than they already do over the title. Who cares, it's not like you get a prize for publicly acknowledging your love of widely-respected TV fare, let them get hung up on the title. Not to mention there're plenty of well-regarded non-children's cartoons.

I haven't seen the Avatar series, I plan to eventually, but that dig about people over 18 loving an animated series was pretty lousy too. Yes, cartoons are only for kids, man that mindset needs to die. I had a feeling it had started to with all the adults that keep going to see the Shrek and Pixar films even without their kids, plus all the adults that watch stuff like South Park and whatnot, but maybe it still persists.

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