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December 16 2008

Firefly Blu-ray Review. A review of the new Firefly Complete Series Blu-ray DVD.

When I get my Blu-Ray home theater in '09 I will make this my first disc purchase. Any word on a Buffy Chosen Set or Angel set in Blu-Ray?
Good choice. And regarding Buffy and Angel, nothing's been heard yet. They should be able to be done, as they were shot on 16mm and 35mm film, both of which are sufficient for 1080p HD. Problem is that, like with Firefly, the SFX scenes were rendered only in standard definition, so they would look jarringly bad next to the film-only scenes - this is the case with the Firefly boxset. For example, I was just watching Ariel last night, and in the shots with the 3D neuroimager's CG effects, Simon, River and Jayne all looked rather pixellated due to the inability to get a true-1080p version of those shots without going back to the drawing board and re-doing the effects from scratch. In the end, though, they would still look better than the DVDs, and thus they're worth it in my eyes.
yes it's a worthy purchase just finished watching the bluray set and ordered serenity bluray from so I can have them both in Hidef.
The other way to go with BluRay is just that the space is so much greater you can fit the shows at their current resolution on fewer disks. I'm surprised more companies aren't doing this. Imagine being able to watch an entire season of Buffy with only 1 disk swaps.
That would be awesome! I could put more trophies on my shrine!
I was so excited when I first heard that Firefly was coming to Blu-ray, that I immediately went out and bought it the day it was released. All my months of waiting and I FINALLY had it in my hands! Unfortunately, it was a few weeks before I was able to sit down and watch it, but when I finally did get the chance to sit down and enjoy it, I LOVED IT! It was like a whole new viewing experience for me. I could definitely tell a difference in the picture and the picture and sound quality, it looks amazing.

I hold out hope that there will be a release of Buffy and Angel on Blu-ray sometime in the near future. Both of the shows appear on Amazon as Blu-ray format, but it says that these item is not yet available. So clearly they are thinking about doing and hope they follow through!

Let's face it, FOX would be idiotic not to. Surely, they realize with the release of Buffy and Angel on Blu-ray that they wold be sitting on a virtual gold mine?! Die hard fans would eat this up with a spoon (me included, lol).

Besides, FOX has never shyed away from sucking money from their franchises loyal fans before, (what with the constant re-releasing of the same dvds, etc.)so what's to stop them now?

I think there may be hope afterall! ;)
Break_Atmo and anyone else who has the Blu-Ray of Firefly: A question about the "pixellation" in the SFX "pixellation," does this mean that the picture gets jumpy or jerky or it has those little holes of no info in it? Or do you mean more like a grainy picture? Because the former would drive me bananas. The latter I could deal with.

As for Buffy/Angel Blu-Ray, Fox had better get its act in gear and release 'em. I don't yet have a Blu-Ray player but I will, and then the idea that the entire Whedonverse is not on Blu-Ray will be horrid. Speaking of the entire Whedonverse, I wonder if Dr. Horrible will ever appear in Blu-Ray.
I'm sure they'll be released separately (either as individual seasons or series or both of those ways) long before this happens (especially because some people will only want one or two of the shows, or even just certain seasons), but it'd be nice if with the Blu-Rays they'd just cut right to the chase and put out a complete franchise mega box set.

Although some might prefer the eps in airdate order, exactly as it was seen on TV, I'd even take it a step further and put things in chronological order. I know that means things would be ordered so that you'd watch a huge chunk of Angel Season 4's tight arc before getting to a new episode of Buffy Season 7 for a while, but for the most part it probably would roughly be in airdate order, especially when the shows crossed over characters, storylines, or flashbacks that one time.

I was waiting for the complete series DVD sets before buying (also a close friend bought all the seasons, so I know I can always borrow off her), but by the time those had both come out I knew I'd rather wait and get it in whichever high-def format won out. So I guess I'll just wait for the Blu-Rays, there's no rush.

Whereas Firefly and Serenity will be bought on Blu-Ray whenever I get around to buying a PS3, though I'll have to sell or donate my DVD versions of 'em (and I just bought the special edition of Serenity earlier this year). I wanted to do that a couple months ago, but I like having 'em constantly at hand in case of lend-outs. Firefly/Serenity have been lent to more people than any other boxed set I own (aside from maybe the first season or two of 24).

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I've been rewatching Firefly on blu-ray in our new (1 year old) movie room - on 100in screen with built in surround sound. :-) I'm showing it to my girlfriend for the first time. The episodes have never looked or sounded better.

That said, I am incredibly frustrated by this blu-ray, and I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned by anybody. It takes FOREVER to load. Nevermind the fact that the blu-ray player itself takes awhile to get to the point you can put the disc in (differs from player to player I'm sure), but once the disc is in there it loads and loads... the progress bar means nothing, because it fills up, then starts over again a few times. Then you are greeted with ANOTHER loading screen, this time with a circular (Firefox-like) loading display. Then the menu animations play before you can do anything. Then the menus themselves are initially a bit slow to navigate.

All this loading so that... we can select an episode to view. This is unacceptable and completely ridiculous. Talk about a poorly coded menu. They made it look a little fancier than the dvd set's menus, but forgot that the purpose of menus, primarily, is functionality, and I'm sorry, but this one is fairly broken.

Firefly in high definition is amazing.

The bluray set, unfortunately, suffers from this flaw.

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