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December 16 2008

Whedonverse Holiday Gift Guide. This is a fun list of Whedon-themed gifts for the Holidays!

If that Angel lunchbox was full size, I would buy it. Not that I have any need for a lunchbox, but it's awesome.

Also, that Burst Angel thing is petrifying. What is that thing?
Yeah, I may have a Vampire Slaying licence already... and a Bronze mug... *blush*
What is the Angel Burst? Is that really supposed to be Angel or some strange typo? Perhaps the store owner misinterpreted what is really is? I'm so confused.
Re: the tagline ... Vampires *would be* fond of Christmas -- remember, it's during a Christmas episode that Angel's suicide wish is nullified by snow falling.... Maybe just vamps with souls.... Or only Northern vamps...
heh "Northern Vamps". Joss should make a show out of that concept....a sitcom, actually. Does the regular snow really block the sun that much though? I think it would have to be the magic snow.

Isn't that tagline actually from Amends?
That "Burst Angel" thing is not Buffy. That site is set up to show anything with the word "angel" in its title, which is why you've got those weird little build-an-elephant things - they have angel wings on their backs. And those strange things that look kind of like boomerangs with legs.

Considering the category it showed up in was "Anime..."
I have the Slayer License too. I got it as a present years ago and I still keep it in my wallet. I love it. lol
They have FEIGENBAUM! >) If I were evil (which I am), I would put Feigenbaum next to an Anya doll... you know, to build the bridge between Buffy & Angel (as if there weren't a bridge already).

You know, if I were to collect such things.

Can't view most of these things, though. One day I'll own the boxes. Just not this day. :(

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