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December 17 2008

Doctor Horrible makes the cover of Time Magazine. Talk about the icing on the cake.

It's featured in the Top Ten TV Series list, you may have to squint to see it.

I squinted, I saw, I'm impressed. It's definitely well-deserved.
Definitely had to squint but still very cool.
Heh. They're offering Framed Copies of the cover for $15.95
I had to look for the shape of the words before I actually found them. Luckily, when one says "Dr. Horrible made the cover of Time" there's no need whatsover to add "... if you squint really hard!". It still counts. ;)
As did 'Mad Men', 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Chuck'.

I can't remember if the actual article was already linked to- but here we go again for anyone who missed it.
Time on Dr Horrible.

It's good to see Kashmir finally getting some recognition too, of all the world's trouble spots it's easily my favourite ... of the ones that begin with 'K'.
That is simply awesome. I'll make sure to buy this issue.
Although keep mindful that they don't actually talk about it inside.
How awesome is that?

I cancelled my .com order, pre-ordered on .ca, and it gave me an excuse to also order a Naveen Andrews movie and a book on Amitabh Bachchan to get the free shipping.

Thanks, Dr. Horrible.:)
After cancelling on .com and pre-ordering on .ca, I added "Iron Man" and Norman Doidge's "The Brain that Changes Itself".

Any excuse to get free shipping...
Saje, you've got something against Khartoum?
Not only exciting on a personal level for everyone involved in the concept and follow through on Dr. Horrible, but it proved beyond a doubt that this model works as an alternative way of getting your work out to the people. Hot diggety dog, did it! Kudosamundo Doc Horrible Peeps!
It's great how successful it's been but I have to say, I think it's proof beyond a doubt that if you have the cash to self-finance, a lot of favours you can call in, a bunch of very talented people that'll work for basically nothing and an in-built global fan-base of at least hundreds of thousands then the model works. That's not to take anything away from Dr Horrible, it's a great bit of work whatever your metric IMO, it's just to say that the circumstances were quite specific. There're maybe 5 or 10 other creators that could do the same thing independently, outside that group I think it'd be a struggle (or at least a more moderate success).

('The Guild' is, IMO, actually a better indication of the sort of thing yer average talented, hard working Joe - or Joanne ;) - can achieve)

Saje, you've got something against Khartoum?

Khartoum ? Trouble ? Pfft, that's a mild altercation spot at best/worst.
YAY, for mainstream does this mean it's mainstream? Has it always been mainstream? Do I have it all wrong?
YAY! None the less.
Kudos! I'll take that tip of the hat - mainstream or not.
Saje, someone had to make a start to pave the way. Now that people in the business see it can be done, funding may come from other sources in the future. That is huge on Joss and company's part. That they were willing to do this with a sense of good will and mission, and put their money where their mouths are doesn't negate all the good that has, and will, result from their efforts.
No it absolutely doesn't, as I say, it's a great bit of work but even Joss has said that if he did it again it'd cost more (cos he's used up some favours). And how many creators have the fanbase he has ? We're not seen as rabid for nothing ;).

I just think if e.g. some more or less unknown TV writer decided to do the same thing they (or whomever) would need to spend a huge amount more on PR (as well as production etc.) - the question isn't (and never was) 'can it be done' since it always could be, the question is, 'can it be done profitably' and i'm not sure that Dr H shows it can, except in specific, reasonably narrow circumstances. But there's no doubt it must've planted the seed in a lot of executive/financier minds and that can only be a good thing.
Thanks for the directions. #4 baby! Dr. Horrible is going to rule the world. MWAH HA HA HA HA HEck *coughs*

Saje, DHSAB may inspire Abrams, Spielberg, insert-famous-writer/director here to try it out... which will lead to others to see that this is profitable... which may lead to sponsors... which will lead to recognition to the Joe/Janes out there... new medium to make money off of.
I am sure he's in his lair, saying:

"Today, my name....tomorrow, THE WORLD!!
...or at least my face on the cover, maybe People magazine, too"

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2008-12-17 19:16 ]
I think there're way more than 5 to 10 creators in the film industry who could do what Joss did. Unless you're only referring to TV creators Saje, which is probably a more accurate estimate, but think of all the big name directors with long careers, tons of connections at this point, not to mention probably having more money than Joss...way more than 5 to 10.

I wonder, when studios try out things like this in the future, how comfortable they'll be with offering all of something like Dr. Horrible for free and then counting on voluntary payment for physical copies (or legit downloaded copies). Knowing that, although they will probably make profit if they put out a quality and/or popular product, there will definitely still be people out there who watch the freebie and never pay a cent (for whatever reason--not enough cash, no desire to own, not willing to spend money to own, etc). That may be difficult to accept from the purely business-minded who will be involved in the decision-making and, to be fair, this medium comes with risks just like any other (okay, The Dark Knight didn't come with any risks. There're some guarantees in entertainment-land).
Yeah I was thinking of TV though it's possible (if unlikely) there might only be 5 or 10 film creators that could do it too not cos of industry connections or money, more the lack of rabid fans (as I say, no-one's debating that you can throw money at something and get it made, the question is, how many people can do exactly what Joss did and turn a profit).

Direct to DVD stuff is relatively easy to make profitable I think (you just make it cheap enough) but the sort of free to view "appointment internet" (as Warren Ellis called Dr H) is much harder IMO. I'm not sure even names like Spielberg have such a "dedicated" (ahem ;) following as to collect hundreds of thousands/millions of hits on a free view then sell bucket-loads to those same people on iTunes then sell the DVD to those same people again. Or maybe their following has a less strong self-identity because they've got broader appeal ? Michael Bay's films make millions of dollars at the box office for instance but how many people care enough about the next Michael Bay project to buy it multiple times even when they can legally watch it for free ?

(course, hopefully Dr H will indeed inspire a legion of high profile creators to prove me wrong)
Is this issue of Time on the newstands right now? Has anyone held it in their hands? I'm not talking the online version, I'm talking the print version. If so, is there really no mention of "Horrible" inside, as someone says upthread? That seems odd considering the cover advertises this as the "List Issue" and the "Best TV" list is featured on the cover. Doesn't make sense.
I've read the print issue, and I think there was a mention, but it was only a paragraph.

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