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December 17 2008

LA Weekly's Top Five Space Cowboys. Our good captain Mal Reynolds leads the list.

So the battle of Serenity Valley was like Gettysburg, huh? I realize where Joss got his inspiration and all, but technically, I feel a nitpick coming on. The war between the Alliance and the Independents wasn't a civil war unless the Independents were previously in a government with the central planets. It looks more like a war of annexation to me.

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Well, the Gettysburg comment could be taken a couple of ways as I see it.

The first thing I thought of was the slaughter and high body count of Gettysburg which kind of jives with my own assumptions of how the Battle of Serenity Valley panned out. I don't think there were ever any outright statements in "Firefly" to that effect, but I do think that it was sort of implied.

Gotta love the rest of the list though. Vash and Spike are two of my favorite Space Cowboys and the minute I saw the headline I was hoping they'd make the list.

Hmmm. They're all a rather gun happy bunch aren't they?
Good call on Outland but no Marshall BraveStarr? Oh come on.
No Farscape????
After reading the novel- 'The Killer Angels', I am going to agree with BreatheStory in that the high body count & terrible fighting conditions from the Battle of Gettysburg is what gave the inspiration to the whole Battle of Serenity Valley story. It was one of the bloodiest battles in history & almost impossible to imagine still after reading with much vivid details.

If anyone likes History as much as I do, it an excellent book. I think I also read somewhere that Joss read that same book.
Bloodiest battles in American history, to be sure. And reading The Killer Angels was one of the things that inspired Joss to make Firefly.
Good list. And did anyone else know about that awesome trailer? 'Cause I didn't.
I'm sorry. I don't understand why you think anyone from "Farscape" should be on the list. Who would be the Cowboy? Certainly not John...he was a scientist without any Cowboy characteristics IMO.

You'll have to explain it to me Vinity. I'm not trying to be scrapy here -- just interested in the different opinion. :)

I like debatable lists. They're one of my favs. (I'm just a bit sad, aren't I?)

Now that I think about it...just what are the qualifications to deem someone a Cowboy?

Han Solo: YEEEEHHHHAAAAAAWWW!!!! You're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing and go home!

Han Solo in 3rd is just wrong.
Oh my lordy, Simon, you actually remember BraveStarr? He was my hero when I was little! (And yet no one I know actually remembers that show. Siiiigh.)
edited for silliness.

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Nobody from Space Cowboys?

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