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December 17 2008

Gina Torres on Criminal Minds tonight. I wonder if anyone'll speak Chinese.

She's so talented and lovely. I wish she could get a permanent spot on television.
I agree, Scaniano. Well, her husband certainly has ramped up his TV clout with his joining CSI and his signing a development deal with CSI. Laurence Fishburne is the bomb, just like Gina.
I'd learn it if she asked;)
I'd love to see Gina on Chuck. Just for the moment that she first appeared onscreen with Adam and they did that 'do I know you from somewhere' glance at each other. Plus, as Alias proved, Gina makes one hell of a spy.
It was wild to catch Gina on Bones some weeks ago. I'm not a regular Bones watcher but I tuned in to see David Boreanaz and Gina interact as non-Angel characters. So fun. I couldn't help expecting David to suddenly sink to one knee and worship her as Jasmine.
Me too, phlebotinin. Even not as Jasmine, she was still pretty worship-able in Bones. :)
She is a really good actress and deserves better than these short guest appearances for sure.

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