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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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December 17 2008

Jane Espenson comments on her five-issue Buffy arc. "The next thing I'm going to do is finish this Dollhouse script, then we get into that comic" (minor spoilers about the character arc).

Well, I've already accidentally spoiled myself on Oz's return ... but I think his return is still a spoiler to some people
people have spoiled it so many times on here already i don't think it could be considered a spoiler anymore!
Oh that Oz. Wondered why they were re-locating to Australia from Scotland. I mean apart from the weather. And the natural wonders. And the beaches.
Re: the Oz news, it's one of those things that really can't be avoided. However specific details about the issues will certainly be regards as spoilers and will have a spoiler tag. I have to say that a five issue arc seems like a lot. I'm guessing it will be Oz interacting with each of the Scoobies and seeing how that they have changed since season 4.
I can't wait for this.It's been so long since we've seen Oz.
With everybody squealing the name Oz, I'm having flashbacks:

"Are Whedonesque posters always like this?"
"No, they're usually laconic."
Well, I've posted more in-depth thoughts in the past about why I'm enthused for his return, but really sometimes just that squeal of loving excitement says it all.
Top secret and super cool. Yep, Oz time.
Um, spoilers much?
Why do you have to say that she's starting on the "Oz" arc? His name could have easily been left out of the title out of respect for those not following spoilers.
It could be given a code name like Operation OZARK.
Operation Fullmooooooon.
Operation Nametag.
I don't think a character appearing in an arc about that character is a spoiler. It's the kind of thing commercials would tell you about an episode before it happened. Knowing what he does or says or that he's working for Twilight, now that's a spoiler.
OMG, Oz is working for Twilight!!?? :)
I predict he will definitely say ** spoilers ** ** end spoilers **.

(i'm assuming his return isn't a big reveal/nick-of-time rescue or presumably Jane E etc. wouldn't be quite so cavalier in talking about Oz' return. If it is though I can understand people feeling spoiled, I will too)
If his speech bubbles are large and numerous, we will know him for an imposter.
Now THIS I can squee for.

*does Oz dance*


Is it a spoiler if we know what color his hair is?

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Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer/producer Jane Espenson returns to Sunnydale with a new five-issue Dark Horse comic series centering on Oz, the rocker werewolf and onetime paramour of Willow.

Does anyone else think that this sentence, especially the part I bolded up, makes it sound like the Oz arc is going to be a limited series? Obviously, anyone who checks out Whedonesque even remotely regularly knows that it's not but if I'd been reading the article without any prior knowledge that this is just to be an arc of Season 8 then I could easily have been led to believe otherwise.

As for the spoiler issue, there are people who love spoilers, there are people who avoid spoilers and then there are those that are so incredibly spoilerphobic that even finding out that Buffy will be in a future issue of Buffy Season 8 is ruining the story for them. Personally, I tend to think that if you really are that sensitive to finding out anything spoilery, the internet isn't the place for you.
Does anyone else think that this sentence, especially the part I bolded up, makes it sound like the Oz arc is going to be a limited series?

I had that thought too.
Yeah, the Sci-Fi wire wording is ambiguous, even though Jane more correctly calls it an arc.

... Buffy will be in a future issue of Buffy Season 8 ...

Oh great, thanks very much, i'd managed to avoid knowing that up to now. Why not just go ahead and tell us there'll be drawings in it and words and staples. Dunno how some folk sleep at night, I really don't ...
Saje, I understand that it's going to be in color, too.

(Ha, ha, ha, mine is an evil laugh when I've spoiled something for someone).
Well, at least you didn't tell me how many colours barboo, that'd just be cruel.
I predict he will definitely say ** spoilers ** less than many of the other characters ** end spoilers **.

I'm *really* hoping we get some Oz internal dialogue like in Earshot.

OZ (V.O.) I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me and she becomes me. I cease to exist. Hmm... No one else exists either. Buffy is all of us. We think. Therefore, she is.
Yeah, that'd be cool. And comics are no stranger to internal narration (in fact nowadays a lot of comics writers deliberately avoid it cos they consider it a bit hackneyed, dunno how Jane E feels about it in principle but i've no doubt she could make it work if she used it).
Yeah, authentic separate mini-series language use there.

5 issues should = serious plot advances.

I thought they'd moved from staples to a direct bonding system developed by the Sea-Bond people. Hope springs eternal....

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Well, at least you didn't tell me how many colours barboo, that'd just be cruel.

I have some mercy in my heart.

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