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December 17 2008

Alyson Hannigan is Sarah Palin. Neil Patrick Harris is Indiana Jones and one of the Jonas Brothers. And there's other goodies to be had, you best have a look.

And NPH is Indiana Jones!!!
Jiminy! I, uh - what?!

You betcha! - garsh, that's some fine rootin'-toonin' maverick.
The Jonas Brothers thing is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I always forget that HIMYM isn't part of Whedonverse.
Haha! Alyson gets mavericky.
I was so mesmerised by Alyson as Sarah (I got flashbacks to that Buffy season 8 moment), I completely forgot about Neil. But that's all rectified now.
How could you not mention Neil's lovely torso specifically in the swimming one?!
I think, other than seeing Kristen Bell working with Joss, my dream pairing would be Jason Segel and Joss Whedon. Both are brilliant, brilliant dudes, and I think the entire planet might explode or at least fizzle a little if they put their brains together. Ohhhhh do I wish.
How could you not mention Neil's lovely torso specifically in the swimming one?!

Well I did kinda allude to it in my "there's other goodies to be had" link :p.
I don't think I can imagine a more enjoyable group of actors. They all seem so intelligent and hilarious. Just perfection.

How can you top Segal and Patrick's comedy? Their timing, especially NPH, is just insane. I am so so glad this show is being made.
"Alvin? Theodore?" Hee.

ETA: He's being a little nasty and comparing them to the Chipmunks.

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the jonas brother picture made the rest of my year.
Awesome photoshoot. HIMYM is one of my favorite shows and the whole cast is aces.
Oh Lord, those photos made my day. Especially Aly and Segel (I'm still snickering).
Heh, that was awesome.
Wish there was more... =]
Okay. NPH as Indy is beyond hot. So much so I will even say OMG! I'm awake now. Thanks so much for starting my day with a, uh, smile.
I would have loved to see them do Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. NPH would obviously be you know who, Jason Segel could be Captain Hammer's brother Two-By-Four and the rest of the cast could be villains from the Evil League Of Evil.

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2008-12-18 18:38 ]
This is possibly the greatest thing I have seen all month.
And pseudo-appropriate given the Palins have a child named Willow... If I had no othr reason to like her... of which I had several other ones, mixed in a with a bunch not to.

Back going am I to another look take.

I also much liked Aly in basic black, even before 5, in the wedding shot.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-12-18 18:55 ]
Brilliant. I am in love with whoever came up with the idea behind the photo shoot. Can this be an annual thing?
These are awesome-town. Seriousfully.
Torso = nice.

All that needs to be said.

Oh, and the pictures were a lot of fun. I'm seriously considering watching this show. Maybe in the spring; my winter plans are booked.
That's absolutely delightful.
That was fantastic.
I was very skeptical of HIMYM before I actually watched it. I had to weigh how much I like the actors against how much I usually dislike almost every sitcom CBS has ever had... Now I am hooked. Great show!
On a sort of related note, NPH and AH are on the cover of the Best of 2008 cover of TV Guide Magazine.
Haha the Jonas Brothers one is the best. Although I did get a good snicker out of the Sex and the City one... maybe just because I thought that moment in the movie was ridiculous.
They look gorgeous, Numfar PTB... makes me want to believe in Santa again.

I do miss AH's red hair though. :(
priceless! NPH as one of the Jonas bros. takes the cake though :)

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