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December 18 2008

Amazon/CreateSpace press release for the Dr. Horrible DVD and CD. If you want to know why Joss chose this particular distribution model then this press release is a must-read.

One of the Horrible DVDs I ordered has already shipped -- a day earlier than expected!

ETA recognition I'm the nth to post that.

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It sounds very smart. I hope it works.
It's really interesting, for being somewhat alternative, but still trackable, as numbers are so important, business wise.
How funny to see such a press-releasey quote from Joss. You can tell someone wrote their standard happy client blurbage & added "whole mess" at the end in an attempt to sound Joss-like. Mine is en route too... I confess it will only be the second time I've viewed it.
gingeriffic, you have sources to back up your apparent nonsense?
I like seeing the word "series" in the article's subtitle. Here's hoping for more installments -- fingers crossed!
The distribution model sounds interesting. Hopefully it will work out for everyone involved.
Well, it was a series. A series in three acts. ;)
The only problem with this model is that there's no way for people to happen upon the disc and make an impulse buy. It limits sales to the net-savvy and those who're already fans.

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That's true shambleau but it could be a good springboard onto full-scale distribution (if that's what JJZM + gang want). It sort of follows a technology model in that it sells first to the "early adopters" which may then provide evidence that it's sellable to investors and induce them to provide the upfront cash for major (i.e. bricks and mortar) distribution.
Internet sensations scoff at impulse buys. They want impulse DOWNLOADS. Note that so far, Dr Horrible hasn't been available anywhere BUT the 'net. That's intentional.

I wonder if an actor's strike will result in another chapter? Hm... another chance for Alan Tudyk to ask, 'Why wasn't I in that?'
Who shops in person nowadays? Well, besides everyone?
I HAVE MY DVD IN MY DVD PLAYER NOW! Oh I can't believe the awesomeness, right from the FBI warning.... But I have to focus instead of posting. UPS has made me very happy (Joss has made me very happy).
embers, I am a jealous jealous man... I am sending you ill will through the internet right now...*skwints*
just kidding! enjoy!
My Dr. Horrible package has been scanned for delivery!

Now I'm crossing my fingers that UPS can get through all the Seattle snow we have today...
ok, did you guys sell your soul to martha stewart to get your dvds shipped early? it says mine is not shipping until Dec. 22 and I paid for overnight shipping. I am not too proud to cry about it!
The Mayor and I had some similar friends. ;)

And my DVDs have arrived! Bless the UPS driver and his awesome driving skills! I'm going home tonight, shutting myself in from the cold and hunting for easter eggs.
I just got an email saying that mine had shipped. I was too cheap to pay for overnight, but it's claiming that I'll get it by Christmas.
I am sure it's possible for stores like my local comic store to buy a bunch and then resell them to the not-net savvy. Is that legal?

Wondering if that's what did...
Mine has shipped. That never means more than a couple of days in the US, so they were just messing with my head about Christmas Eve or later. Still deeply envious, embers.
Mine is currently passing through Kentucky...due to arrive Christmas Eve. Perfect!!!
I so envy the people who's getting it now. My hasn't even started in the shipping process.
Mine's in transit through Kentucky, too, but due to arrive on the 23rd. I think I'll get it in a day or two, though.

Ha! Feeeeelin' gooooood.
Embers and madetolovejoss, aka Lucky Devils Cabal, is there any way for you guys to start a Horrible DVD review thread? Sure, you'll be glorying in the gloriousness for a while and probably won't want to post immediately, but maybe launching a thread would be a good idea.

My DVD is still in transit, due to be delivered tomorrow. I can barely stand the wait.

Hey, how's the packaging? Is it all shiny and cool?
Great idea, actually. Mine is still shipping soon. Guess international customers have to wait a bit more. I have it also on priority, wich probably has diferent hours. Worth the wait, though. Wonderful moments of expectation (but lets not overdo it, eh je, je)

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Mine is also in Kentucky. It would appear there is serious evil afoot there.
I've been watching for more than 2 hours, and I haven't found any Easter eggs (my big sister used to help me when I was little... I've always been terrible at this!). But review is that it is awesome, literally from the FBI warning....
Winners of ELE applications, they evidently received hundreds of applications and listed all of them for dishonorable mention... the ten winners were:
Mr. Terrible - Blasco
Calamitous Orphan - Elbi
Princess Zombie - Campbell
The Reverend - Ervig-Lindquist
L'Enfant Terrible - Caccavo
Duchess of Defeet - Idan
Tur Mohel - Lewis & Dubin
Movie Monkey - Kral
Miss Broadway Dork - Heinen
Lord Stabbington - Sharp & Follows
so I'm sorry you were not, evidently, evil enough... but the competition was clearly tough!
I'm sorry I got my DVD so early (well, obviously that is just a lie, lip service for those who are still waiting for theirs, because in reality I'm gloating over my precioussssss) and now I have to watch the Wiccan commentary, because it's there.
Mine has now left Kentucky and is airborne. The evil horribleness is spreading across and over the land!

(I keep compulsively checking the UPS tracking info. It's nutty. It's almost as if I expect the page to suddenly miraculously say, hey! Your package was unexpectedly flown to your home city on the Concorde and it's out on the delivery van right now! Nutty.)

Edited to add: Ooh, embers. Listing the ELE winners is such a scoop. It's also probably something for a spoiler thread because it's been kept under wraps? Then again, the DVD *is* out in the wilds so I suppose it's fair play. You lucky, lucky person! I can't wait to find out what the Wiccan commentary really is.

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Neat! I had no clue about CreateSpace, beyond their awesome NaNoWriMo offer for giving us all free manuscripts of our completed NaNo-s. This must be why that was doable. Yay for "on-demand publishing"; thus far, only good things (2!) have come of it.
My mailbox & I have a date tonight.
I can't wait, I'm watching all the ELE winners online right now.

(Edit: And now I find myself disappointed that all the winners can't be found online.)

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Hee. I allowed myself to watch one of the ELE winners on youtube: Tur Mohel. Extremely clever and funny submission. I am forcing myself to stop now.

Korkster - might yours also arrive this eve?
My DVDs have also left Kentucky-land, and as I was reading all of this, I feel like we're NASA, tracking Santa across the US as he delivers presents to the good, and, not so good.

Happy Christmas (Grathnar's Ascension, Solstice, Chrismuka, Festivus, etc) to us all!
Since I ordered from, I have to wait till after the New Year for my three copies, but I'm not complaining - much. ;) I already have takers for my lending copy and I was always good at delayed gratification!

Do let us know what the Wiccan subtitles are like, embers.
It might be an easter egg. I'm bad at finding those, too.
Oops. I'm now considering this a spoiler thread and shall read no more! Maybe the heading should say something about "for discussion of the DVD?"
I am flummoxed by folks getting their DVDs the day before the official release date. I ordered immediately after it became available on amazon and I have Prime, so I figured I had a good shot of getting it tomorrow, but alas, UPS tracking tells me I have to wait until Monday. *grumble*
Well, Amazon screwed up my order a bit. I ordered the DVD and the CD on the same day, and I paid for rush delivery on the DVD. Well, they applied the rush to the CD, which actually arrived today. But, while the DVD has shipped, the estimated standard delivery date is the 27th. Frak.
Ditto, karosurly. Mine still says it's being prepared for shipment, which is all to the good and no later than I was expecting... but I'm jealous of all you early birds! *pouts*

Edit: Okay, now it says it's shipped, so it'll be a day earlier than I expected... which is still Monday. Sigh.

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Yay... mine has shipped as well. But, unfortunately, given the fact that I wasn't using the extremely overpriced two-day delivery to Europe (instead I went with the slightly overpriced expedited shipping ;)), mine will arrive January 3rd. Still, that's good enough I guess :).
Awesome. Mine just shipped, won't arrive until the estimated date of January 24th, though.
My DVD should be here tomorrow!

(Bless you, free Amazon Prime trial.)
Ack, yeah, kazzmere, I've now watched all the ELE winners, but the "Miss Broadway Dork" vid is eluding my Google searches. Nine out of ten's not bad though. The Duchess of Defeet was one I hadn't seen - pure adorable evil. :)
A second on PaleHorse's "frak"
Mine's not due to arrive until the 27th either.

If I had known the DVDs were shipping from Lexington, I would've just driven down and picked mine up.

Still, I'll be thrilled whenever I mine arrives.
Mine's shipped as well and will arrive here before Christmas :-). Unfortunately I'm not here for Christmas :-(. (Well, I guess seeing my girlfriend and parents is better than watching Dr. H. but still). Maybe they can toss it over when my plane passes the delivery plane ;-). I am sorry though for you guys who get it later than I do, when I wouldn't have minded waiting another week.

Back to the topic of this thread. Printing on demand is the ultimate tool for enhancing the Long Tail which makes Amazon great (i.e. the phenomenon that even unpopular items are now profitable to sell, allowing for much more choice than in a regular bookstore, and combined these unpopular items create more profit than the popular items). As such it is another step in creating a society where anyone can make anything and sell it, creating independence for creators and consumers alike from big corporations (except Amazon of course). This sounds maybe a bit too utopian, but I do think this will create better opportunities for specialistic publications. Having often wanted to consult out of print publications for my research (even when sites like Amazon made it easier to buy them if they were in print), I have been awaiting a breakthrough of on demand printing for some time now.
Anybody else still voting for Doc?
Amazon should finance and produce the Horrible sequel and other Joss endeavors for further exclusive broadcast and distribution rights. Am I dreaming?
We all are.

I had remembered to order copies of the DVDs for gifts and have them shipped to their respective destinations, but forgot to order myself a copy until today. Ooops! Hopefully it will show up next week sometime.
Right now.

google has "exact wording" match

Results 1 - 20 of 20 for "Web-Based Series “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” Now Brought to DVD via CreateSpace DVD on Demand Technology; Available Exclusively on". (0.13 seconds)
That's because it's a press release and all the business sites will pick it up. It's pretty standard practice, I wouldn't read too much into it.
Korkster - might yours also arrive this eve?

phlebotinin, any minute now, they tell me. Will let all know when I do.

Who else is excited for egg hunting in December??!! I've never been more enthused for eggs in my life!
Hee, korkster, mine is set to arrive today, too. It's out on the van for delivery. Tonight I've cleared all plans and am set for an evening of Horrible rewatching and easter egg hunting. I'm very enthused about the latter, even though I usually am too lazy to look.
I got woke up at 10:30 a.m. (very early for me) and have a box of DH DVDs in my hot little hands. :) But should I open it? These were my gift orders. :( *ponders* Hmmm, if I get a snow day, I'll open one. :) If I have to go to work tonight, I'll wait for my DVD. :(

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I like your crazy logic, cabri.

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