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December 18 2008

Nathan Fillion on Dr. Horrible. posts a new exclusive clip of Nathan discussing the mushortio on its Dr. Horrible DVD page.

subtitles would have come in handy. He might have been speaking Wiccan. Hard to tell with all the background noise.
Can we please not have interviews at parties...unless there is a special room somewhere away from the party music?
Other than that, you go Nathan!
Seriously, sorry for the interviewer, but that was all but unintelligible.
I think the main point to come out of this interview is that Cpt. Hammer is cheesy. And AWESOME! And AWESOMELY cheesy. :)
That was shiteous- thanks for the link but I got nothing at all from that either.
In fact, I can say I had better video and audio recorder functions available on my cellphone's pre-pre-predecessor!
He says that when he was a child he would tie a towel around his neck and pretend to be a superhero, so that he had in fact, been preparing for this role all his life.
The interviewer says that for a while she thought he would be a good guy through and through but that he was in fact..and Nathan interrupts with "Human. He's human.'
He also says that because Cpt. Hammer is so clearly Awesome, people treat him in a special way and that has had a big impact on how he is.
To me, that makes sense because when Penny expects more of him, he actually begins to respond to that.
Thanks for the translation, Lioness. :)

And I agree with your assessment on how the world's view impacts him. Because she expected more, he was learning (and even liking it; possibly entertaining the idea of doing the "weird stuff"). Which, in turn, led the city to also improve themselves. "Hammer's call to glory. Let's all be our best!"

Ah, I miss peeling back the many aspects that makes Dr. Horrible such wonderflonium. :)

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