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December 18 2008

Dr. Horrible released today on For those who didn't pre-order, the DVD is still eligible for shipping in time for Christmas. And if you're looking for a review, check out the one by's James Poniewozik.

Make sure you select 2-day shipping upon checkout to ensure you get it before the holiday.

Amazon said mine is coming home. :)
Yep got my emails to say that the DVD and the CD have shipped.
Isn't this kind of old (and much repeated) news?
It's kinda of a tradition to have a release day thread. And besides it gets it over and done with.
Huh....just funny trying to understand the rules here I guess.

Personally I'm bummed that even with expedited shipping which is supposed to take 8-12 days to Oz, mine isn't set to arrive for 25 days.
mine isn't set to arrive for 25 days.

Same here. I may invent a holiday in late January just for the occassion.

just funny trying to understand the rules here I guess.

Also means I can add any review links to this entry from this point onward.
Ive emailed Amazon to ask for a reduced postage rate given the "delay" itll be interesting to see what they say.

P.S Sorry about the lack of apostrophes my computer is acting up
Thank you, Simon. That was my understanding on the subject. Also, I thought it might be good to have an easy-access link here today for those that were unable to pre-order, like myself. This way, now that it's out, people can order using overnight delivery and be enjoying this great DVD by tomorrow. :)
Ive emailed Amazon to ask for a reduced postage rate given the "delay"

I didn't know they did that.
I don't think they do, but I'm suggesting to them that they should, it doesn't hurt to ask, so long as one does so politely anyway...

kingfubear why weren't you able to pre-order?

A lack of financial weight (Christmas is approaching, so I have to shop for others, not myself) and economic stress (food and stuff is expensive lately) equals out to me without the necessary green to pre-order anything, or order for that matter. Unless I get it for Christmas from an observant friend or family member (which could happen), then I'll have to wait until the New Year to buy the DVD.
I'm in the UK and have ordered from a few times - and whilst the estimated time for delivery is usually quite disheartening, the items have generally arrived a lot quicker (I think the last thing I ordered from them came within 6 days). Of course those orders weren't being shipped at the busiest time of the years post wise!
Hey- Remember we were going to do a Musical Commentary of the Musical Commentary of the Musical? So, having said that...

I’m an antipode
So it won’t ship here for a while
But you can make me smile
By reviewing it ‘Whedon’-style

Was it everything
You ever wanted it to be?
An egg-filled DVD
With applications to the ELE

Time to scream and cheer
Now Dr Horrible is here
Let us, your review, hear
(C’mon the cost was not too dear!)

So watch it now…
...and sing.

hm, the dvd is in the top 30 for a while now (something, some major holywood productions would dream of). Does that mean that joss might pick up enough money to finance his next "fun" projects, regardless what network supports him?
I agree, Hilary. My order from US Amazon have arrived surprisingly fast, the less than a week deliveries from order day are pretty damn impressive, especially when comparing to the 3-5 weeks it has taken with TFAW.

Anyways, I'm still waiting for a PAL release, or news of one. I guess I could settle for NTSC format and just play it on my computer.
you know what relistening to the soundtrack made me want badly? vocal tracks separately. there's a lot of complex harmonical work on most of these songs, and I'd like to hear it better. It's little things like Penny's last line in "A Man's..." or the polyphony of "So They Say" with Penny and Billy.

Jonathan Coulton just did this recently with his greatest hits album.
No fair doing lyrical commentary on the musical commentary to the musical unless you've really heard it. I'm unrealistically hoping for the DVD today. If it comes, I promise lyrical commentary/review a few hours later. I can't promise easter egg directions cause I suck at that.
Yesterday at 1 a.m. my order shipped from a location that's only a 46-minute drive from my house (Capitol Heights, MD --> Vienna, VA) but I'll have to wait several days because of not choosing expedited shipping. (*can't I just drive to the warehouse & pick it up myself?*) Sigh.
Are you sure it's going to take that long, SteveP? When I lived in Chicago I would often get Amazon shipments from the North Park warehouse in a day or sometimes even same day after shipment, even though I was using the Supersaver shipping. Amazon's expected delivery date would be several days later than when I actually got it.
Amazon says I should be getting mine by the time I get home from work, and I can't wait. I'm gonna watch it as soon as I get home.
Yeah, mine shipped yesterday and I should get it today, when Amazon told me I'll get it after Christmas. They always stretch delivery dates to cover their butts, so they look better when it arrives "early."
Awesome, missb!
Even though it should be waiting for me when I get to my father's house on Tuesday, I don't think I can watch it because he will not want to and it isn't that big a place. Maybe I can send him out for a long long walk around the block. He's 85, it could take a while...
KernelM, I'm hoping you're right. I agree that Amazon is conservative in delivery ETAs... managing expectations. "Fingers crossed" for an arrival today!
It was a pleasant surprise to find the "Your order has shipped" message in my inbox. It took me a moment to figure out what it was, since all the things I'd ordered for gifts are already hidden in my closet. Of course tracking still says it won't be here until after Christmas, but it shipped from only one state away, which usually means 2 days at most. So the one Christmas present I bought for me will actually be here. Maybe I'll wrap it and put it under the tree to surprise myself.
Lioness, that's hilarious (in a Seinfeld sort of nasty way)! Thanks for brightening my day.
Dr. Horribly is currently the 12th best selling DVD on However five of the 11 DVDs above it are different releases of The Dark Knight, and there are three versions of Mamma Mia. So technically it's in 7th place. ;)
Mine should arrive today as I got the email yesterday and I'm in the same metro area as the distribution center. Yeah!
My brother-in-law won't be getting an IOU for his birthday gift and I'll have something to watch while babysitting this weekend. Woo-Hoo!
Wow. 12th place? That's extraordinary. I think there are people besides us buying this thing. I mean, we have the power to do much in re: Whedonverse DVDs (included buy multiple copies) but there is more to this than us.

Here's why I think so: On the strength of a laugh out loud article in the last issue of Entertainment Weekly about "The Room," supposedly the Citizen Kane of terrible movies, I went straight to Amazon to order a DVD of it. (I'm a sucker for auteur movies that are so terrible they're genius-good. Plan 9 is one of my all-time favorite things.) Turns out that "The Room" is completely out of stock, probably because of the EW publicity. Everyone wants the thing. But, here's the thing: what item is paired by Amazon with "The Room" DVD? You know, the "frequently bought together; customers who buy The Room also buy X product!" Why, X product is the Dr. Horrible DVD.

How on earth? There is absolutely nothing these two DVDs have in common. And it isn't just some Amazon software matching my searches to preferences they've logged about me. No. My husband gets the same pairing when he tries it out on Amazon and although he loves the 'verse, he's never bought any of it from Amazon. Has EW also been promoting the hell out of Horrible lately? I haven't found much of anything about that. My theory is that maybe EW readers tend to also be 'net hipsters and so are searching out cool things to buy this holiday season, plain and simple. Somehow the "Horrible" DVD has seeped into broader 'net consciousness. Or maybe it's only that a huge number of EW readers are also Whedonverse freaks and it starts there. Hmm. Who's to know. Anyway, "Dr. Horrible" seems to be one of the cool things these days. Hooray!

God. I must be so excited to (hopefully) get my Horrible DVD today that I'm seeking to fill time with Horrible DVD arcana and insane, tenuous musings. Forgive me, all.

Edited to add: It's now 11th on the list. Keep it rising, folks!

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Okay, one more somewhat insane post and then I promise to be quiet - for a while:

I just listened to the entire Mother Jones interview with Joss about womb envy, etc. The interview was much discussed in this thread. Joss talks about Dr. Horrible and the WGA strike near the end of the interview. However, what nobody mentions in the thread is that Joss also says that during the WGA strike, he was very busy having meetings and trying to strike a deal "with the folks up north" for some other big project that he keeps nameless. He says that the deal is still being negotiated and it surprised him that the thing he got rolling instead during the strike was "Horrible." Thank god for "Horrible," but what's this mysterious "up north" deal? Anyone know anything?
Cabin in the Woods?
Really? It's just Cabin in the Woods? I thought that deal was finalized much longer ago than the Mojo interview took place. Ah well.
In this interview he mentions that, even though the announcement was made at Comic-con, he and Drew hadn't started trying to sell Cabin yet by around the time the strike was starting (if the date on the interview's to be believed) so it may well be CitW.

That said, Cabin seems like it was always going to sell to a studio (if it needs a $30 million budget then it's not exactly indie material ;) which presumably means that Joss couldn't have tried to broker a deal for it without breaking the terms of the strike, so maybe there is still a mystery project floating around.
I've got mine in my hands right now! I had it shipped to my work. On my lunch, I'm going to pop it into my laptop and watch as much of it as I can.
I know that projected delivery dates are usually on the conservative side, but I'm still having a happy/grumpy dichotomous moment because mine has shipped but the delivery date is into February. Geesh. Are they sending it the other way round the world? And allowing time for it to get delayed in a war zone somewhere?

Okay I'm not complaining. If I'd been born 500 years ago there wouldn't have been aeroplanes, America, dvds, Joss Whedon or NPH. I'm good to hang around in this century for a bit and wait for it to fall through my door.
I admire your ability to wait until lunch, shiskarobb! I don't share your discipline. Is anybody (expecting prompt delivery) planning on waiting until Christmas?
If that's true phlebotinin, then it's like the second wave of awesome discovery of Dr. Horrible. We, of course, were the first wave. Almost 6 months later comes the second wave. What a good Christmas!
To answer your question, peacemonger, no.
The ELE applications are well done. And I especially liked that those who didn't make the cut (myself included) get a "Dishonorable Mention".
(...still in Kentucky.
Being held hostage?
Delay is making me cranky & feverish.
Quick, bring me a Dr.)

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I'm seriously considering taking a couple of vacation hours to leave work early and watch it. It should be at my house now.
*glares at unopened box of gift DHSABs*

Snow! I need more snow! Just another inch or two!
Also means I can add any review links to this entry from this point onward.

Wise words Simon. I added Speechlady's link to this entry for you.
I'm not sure if this warrants its own thread, but according to the product page on amazon the DVD is now available as a digital download for $4.99. I've never tried that before so I don't know if it's identical to the DVD in terms of all the extras ... does anyone know?

ETA: Ok, I just spoke to one of the amazon digital download CSRs and he told me the digital download is just the feature. So no extras.

[ edited by karosurly on 2008-12-19 20:57 ]
It's also on Amazon's front page, which makes sense since it's an exclusive. And now it's #9 in Movies and TV. :)
I'm so bummed, my DVDs I received today are rather U-shaped, all bent to hell! I have to send both of them back... :(

The shipping box appears fine, though, very odd. Dammit.
Oh Succatash, what a horrible disappointment! How can they mail something that looks like that?! Grrrr Argh!!
I received today are rather U-shaped, all bent to hell!

Well that sucks. I hope the replacements come very soon.
Succatash, I'm bummed for you. :(
That does suck. Sorry, Succatash. I'm curious, though--U-shaped in what way? I'm trying to picture it (and I'm secularly praying mine don't look like that...).
What a bummer, Succatash! Was it like they were warped by heat?
Good point, Simon -- Succatash, was the U-shape made by a horseshoe?
Heh, it's like someone grabbed each end, lengthwise and tried to bend them in half. I wonder if their shrink wrap machine jammed on it or something.

I just got off the phone with Amazon and they are sending replacements.

ETA: I'm referring to the cases, not the actual disks. I never even bothered trying to open them.

[ edited by Succatash on 2008-12-19 23:54 ]
Oh, that's horrible, Succatash. My heartfelt sympathies. I hope you get the replacements very, very soon. Evil is definitely at work - evil of the worst kind.

Mine have arrived but I haven't been able to get to them yet. Perhaps they'll be U-shaped, too. If so, I'll be in the finest company. the commentary going to be offered on iTunes for download? I already have the series off iTunes and while I'd love to support Joss' work in all that I can do, Christmas has been pretty pricey for me (big family), and I'm really cutting back to make up for it.
Watching right now! Wish I could write some musical commentary of the commentary but my writing just might be worse than my singing.

But I'm singing anyway!
Guys - I've been watching for a while and will return to it immediately. I just gotta say, this DVD is phantasmagorical beyond my expectations....

I've already found one rather strange Easter Egg trigger thingie. But I will say not a word.

Oh, and Commentary! The Musical - WOW.
Amazon responded so fast to my issue. I've already got Next-Day delivery tracking for the replacements. I'll get 2 new DVDs on Monday 22nd. Wow.
Wow is a great word!
What? Wait! Phlebotinin found an Easter egg and won't tell?!?! WTF? Why?

What I'm hoping for is that someone will transcribe the lyrics to Commentary! The Musical! Because some of it was sung too quickly for my old ears....
Quick, someone transcribe the musical commentary. I'm laughing over all the best stuff. The second song, holy crap. And Nathan? OMG. Almost half way through.
Yes, "wow" really is a great word, Succatash. I'm so glad you're getting your replacements on Monday.
embers, I didn't find an Easter Egg - per se. I sort of did. Shall I invisitext what I found? Is that acceptable in this thread?

And yes, please, someone transcribe the commentary. Please!
I think people show post any transcriptions of Commentary! over at .org. It's just easier to follow that kind of thing over there. There's an existing lyrics thread for Dr. Horrible. If that thread's getting too long someone could start one just for Commentary!.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-12-20 03:45 ]
Have found an Easter egg but cannot get it to trigger -- losing my mind over here! (grrr) argh!

Commentary! was amazing...
I have found an easter egg, but I have no idea what the crap to do with it. Even google has failed me.
Yeah, I can't get the Easter Egg I found to work either.
If I recall some other thread or article, there's an Egg that requires something other than the DVD, although it gave no indication just what that meant.
Yeah, that's what it implies. But no idea what to do about it. Oh well. Someone will figure it out.
Yes, I have found the egg, and do not know what to do with it. I came here hoping someone would have the answer. Apparently not. Damn it.

In any case, the whole package was fantastic. Commentary! The Musical is almost as funny as Dr. Horrible itself.

Was this not the best year ever for superhero movies? With Dr. Horrible, The Dark Knight, and Iron Man, it's kind of like an amazing peak for the genre.
I'm as stymied as the rest of you. Here's something I tried:

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-20 05:00 ]
Tried that, too, phlebotinin -- no luck, of course.

Unless Joss is trying to tell us something REALLY disturbing...?
You know it, knitgrrl. How about the
Yeah, Now I must rewatch and listen some more because I'm still completely enthralled (and delighted that so many more people have theirs now!).

[ edited by embers on 2008-12-20 06:52 ]
#8 in Movies & TV (See Bestsellers in Movies & TV)
#1 in Movies & TV > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Comedy
#3 in Movies & TV > Musicals & Performing Arts
#4 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
Okay, I've listened to Commentary! straight through two times now. It's BRILLIANT. Brilliant. So fun, so clever. Even poignant. And tuneful - so damned tuneful. And the wee talking bits in between the songs are hysterical.

(I wonder if the folk who put out Ninja Ropes are going to pay something to the Horrible Team? They should. It's a gorgeous song...Well, there are the bleeped-out moments. Heh.)
Okay, so we've gotten this far with the easter eggs: Uggh.
AHA!!!! So the Fantastic stuff. Downright hypnotic.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-20 06:38 ]
Yeah...I've found a couple, but then it just leads back to the main menu. That's pretty evil if there's nothing actually there.

DVD rocks though.
Dude, But now I am not going to let anything slip past me...

I'm just throwing stuff out there.

[ edited by Giles_314 on 2008-12-20 07:46 ]
Good thoughts, Giles_314 and deadbessie, etc. I'm way too sleepy now to play along. But, I thought I'd add this: When I first fed Whatever. The music is so superb, guys, isn't it?

Okay, I can't resist reaching sleepily into crazy territory: .

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-20 07:57 ]

Ooh, cool, hacksaway! Of course! I wondered at the time what the deal was with those . I don't know of any other show/movie that has done such insanely convoluted easter eggs. Not that I'm an expert. Maybe the "Lost" people have done something like this? Sounds up the Lost folks' alley, if anyone's. It's mighty cool, I have to say.
Somewhere, you know, Joss is laughing. Purple-crushed-velour-with-frilly-cuffs-wearing Joss sits in an oversized wing-backed chair by the huge stone fireplace at his Weslyean manor, cackling maniacally at the very thought of his dozens of minions trying to decipher the secrets to his creation.
In between trying to get baby puke up off the carpet and last-minute gift shopping and such.

I'm going to bed. Hope no one figures it all out while I'm asleep.
Remember now, Drew Goddard is involved. Drew + Joss 4Ev- uh, I mean, when Drew and Joss get together, the convolution level seems to increase logarithmically.

Plus those other three Whedons are probably giggling like crazy right now too.
Drew Goddard is involved by sitting around in a brief cameo at the end of the film itself. What does that have to do with producing the DVD.
I noticed the yellow letters too. I thought maybe if I put them all together they would make a phrase. Whaddaya know, they didn't.

And how the hell long into Commentary! does Felicia mention Mariah Carey? Because I want to go press enter now.
They say
I dunno, what DOES it have to do with producing the DVD?
You guys are good. My old lady eyes never would have seen those. still have old lady eyes.

Edit to say I'm slow, y'all beat me to it.

[ edited by deadbessie on 2008-12-20 08:53 ]
My kid is busy doing math and says that I should really go to bed. It's 2 o'clock, I still need to wrap presents for Christmas party tomorrow.
To comment on Commentary!, I love Maurissa's song. It's so wrong, yet so right. And catchy too. Although violin+math actually sounds like Felicia. And on that note, catch Guild fever! Great stuff.

The white board behind Joss in the "What just happened?" featurette has Dollhouse stuff on it. The writing's pretty hard to decipher though. Sales Rank: #6 in Movies & TV!

[ edited by hacksaway on 2008-12-20 12:25 ]
To comment on Commentary! I have to say that I love ALL the songs. Maurissa's should be the break out pop hit, Felicia's spoof of 'The Art of Making Art' is histerically funny, and I'm pretty sure that ALL of Steve's Song (including the numbers) was an effort to squeeze in the maximum number of esses (that is the plural of 's' right?) as possible. I've taken up playing Ninja Ropes, and I wonder if Joss is laughing, or crying because we are 'Pick Pick Picking Apart'?

I am in love with this DVD.
I am in love with the DVD too, embers.

This just came in from the Dr. Horrible Twitter:

"we're #1 dvd in entertainment weekly. wowee. and not to worry, lyrics for "commentary! the musical" will be up soonish"

Yeah, I get the hardcopy of EW and was so happy to see that indeed, Dr. Horrible is listed as #1 in DVDs by the ever-reliable Ken Tucker. But I couldn't find a link to it on the website. As for the lyrics for "commentary!" being up soon, that's fantastic news. Now if they'd only release the tracks on iTunes or something...Greedy, yes, I'm greedy.

I don't have time today to work on the eggs issue. Damn. Have fun with it, the rest of you.
I got an Amazon package in the mail today that I didn't have time to open before work. It might be my own free-shipping copy which would be pretty damn fast for Amazon, only 3 days! *crosses fingers*
Fingers crossed for you, cabri.

I was just in the supermarket, standing in line and leafing through People Magazine's "Best and Worst of 2008" issue. Lo and behold, "Dr. Horrible" is in their "Top 10 TV Shows" list. Damned straight. What is that now: Time, People, Entertainment Weekly - all of them have "Horrible" on their top ten "best of" lists. To quote Zach Whedon on his "Commentary!" track. "Uh huh. Yeah."

Last I checked, the Dr. Horrible DVD was #6 in the bestselling DVDs on Amazon. Yowza.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-21 07:54 ]
Maybe it's a sly reference to the Slapsgiving episode of How I Met Your Mother? Barney: "Marshall's countdown to NOTHING!" :)
The Soundtrack CD is Sales Rank: #86 in Music.

#9 in Music > Soundtracks

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-12-21 04:44 ]
Well I have a theory that its a wait thats a different series! Too corny....

Ok but to the easter eggs hmmm am I on the right track or do I really really need to go to bed!
phlebotinin, I agree, this is the first commentary that you'd actually want a CD of. Utter brilliance.

And I like how everyone involved in Dr. Horrible's making refers to it as a movie (the credits box on the back DVD cover is just like that on a movie poster, including the words "A Joss Whedon Film"), yet it keeps winding up on all of these TV lists. Oh well, not going to complain about praise!
A mushortio walks in many worlds. Also categories are a deeply flawed human invention.
I'm just glad they are including it in so many lists! We can't wait until they have top ten internet lists....
Regarding those eggs:
Got it. You have to

[ edited by hacksaway on 2008-12-22 10:08 ]
I listened to Commentary! last night. It is the geekiest thing I have ever heard. It is wonderful.
So has anyone found anything else with the eggs? I'm confused about how it all fits together...
When do you do those things, hacksaway?

ETA: Ah, I got it.

[ edited by swanjun on 2008-12-23 05:34 ]
It's at number 3 now, behind The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Pretty impressive.
Yay! Mine arrived today and I'm in England. I only used the expidited shipping rather than priority, so I am amazed it arrived before Christmas, but am very happy it did!
I am LOVING The Musical Commentary and have a new found love for ninja ropes. Just found the three easter eggs and I'm still confused... why moist? does the never ending number on the box mean anything? is the hidden page with the credits important? why do we have to add 1? and most importantly will there be a commentary soundtrack? Either way I love this dvd!!!!

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