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December 19 2008

Dollhouse's Echo as an action figure. Time Magazine's tv critic reports having received a Fox collectible Echo action figure. More pics over at TV Week.

I was all excited that there was going to be some actual action figure, and then got all disappointed when I saw an artist's mannequin in Dollhouse wrapping.
I'm really starting to wonder when the pilot is going to leak... not that I'd download it or anything... *cough*
What's with the mannequin? Echo has the same body even if she does get different personalities. Should've been an Eliza Dushku doll with a fabulous wardrobe & accessories and style-able hair.
In no way does that leave Joss open to "the emperor has no clothes" jokes at all. Though I have to say it'll probably become one of the most collectible Whedonverse items ever. All in all it's a nice high brow concept.
LOL - I was hoping it was a beautiful Eliza Dushku doll that I could buy to replace my crappy Faith Sideshow figure!
A dummy? WTF? LOL

Yes, I am hoping the pilot leaks too! If it does before Christmas it would be awesome.
style-able hair

No, not the hair! Joss says that the hair is Eliza's crutch. And he's going to kick that crutch out from under her. ;)
Well, never mind the dolls, I just like those screening DVDs to see instead of any ABC Family Christmas movie.
The pilot screener is out to newspapers at the moment, so if you know somebody who works for a national newspaper, hit 'em up.
Okay, I know someone at the [Blankety Blank*]. I emailed him. We shall see what happens - hopefully, literally.

*Protecting anonymity.

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It's out to more than newspapers. Lots of web-based TV writers have been getting them as well in the past couple of days.
I wonder when critics will start writing up their assessments of what's in the pilot screener. Must they wait until mid-January or so? As for web-based TV writers getting them, that's cool. Wish I knew one I could email. Lucky, lucky people.
I was expecting something more like Man-E-Faces.
Disappointing. Part of the appeal is she isn't completely erased, yet here she is.
TV Week has more pics so I added the link to the entry.
"Who Do You Want Me To Be?" Love the catchphrase!
A drawing dummy? Meh. The package is cool though.
Oh, maybe they can put out a DVD of the first episode like at blockbuster etc. I remember that happening before for something.

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