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December 19 2008

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy Season 8 #21. Newsarama gives us a sneak peek at January's issue of Buffy.

I am all about the alternate cover. And I'm so glad to be back to this art.
Am I seeing things, or did Harmony just take a bite out of Andy Dick?
Was that who it was? I wasn't sure.
Should we know who the victim is? It's a very specific look, but rings no bells with me.
... I swear those responses weren't there when I was posting.
Harmony looks so much like Buffy. Or at least she does to me. Preview isn't too exciting, but still, nice way to end the day.
Now that it's been said, it does look like Andy Dick. I love the magazine cover. "Look Dusky not Dusty"!

And that thought box with the "urine running down my leg" got me pretty good too. :D
There are a few comments at Newsarama about how Harmony is "sucking Dick" so I'm assuming Andy Dick would be a good guess for the identity of Harm's victim. Not too familiar with the guy's work though. Comedian, right?
Very excited about Espenson, but Jeanty's Harmony likeness is pretty bad. She looks almost exactly like his Buffy.
I loathe Andy Dick - I think he's untalented and skanky. I can't figure out whether I should be glad Harmony bit him or sorry for her that she had to touch him. Ew. But maybe that's just me.

I agree that Harmony doesn't look at all like Harmony. Oh well, such is the comics beast. I'm really looking forward to this issue nonetheless.
Hahahahahahahaha Andy Dick.
Is all this talk of Andy Dick striking any other Serenity LA attendees as kind of funny?
Not a Dick fan either...although I thought he really nailed the evil bunny part in Hoodwinked.

Those doggies Harm's holding look scarier than her!
I won't defend the artwork but didn't think it was too bad.

Lor'a'mussy, she sired her Poms! guess that proves animals can be turned, I guess.
Well, colour me confused. Anyone understand anything that happened in the arc? Was that Harmony killing a famous comedian and becoming famous in consequence? Or is should already famous? Why do Slayers hate America? Not that we should know these answers yet I get. Damn spoilers with their not spoiling nearly enough.

Also, I like that Harmony never lets the vampire side down by going all touchy feely lovey like some vampires do (*cough* spike *cough*). You can't do good without a soul. Period. Actually, no, no-one can do good of their own will anyway. But in the Buffyverse logic, doing good is impossible without a soul.
The magazine cover is great.
Are the dogs vamped then? Didn't look that way to me. Just your typical doggie type teeth, from what I can see on the cover.

Be an interesting discussion if animals could be sired in the Buffyverse though. Would that presume that they have a soul to lose?
Was that Harmony killing a famous comedian and becoming famous in consequence? Or is should already famous?

I took him as an indication that she's doing the show biz social climber thing and working her way through the D list. Reality tv, magazines, little dogs. This is going to be awesome.

Edited because I quoted the wrong thing.

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Really dodgey Jeanty artwork as per, but that alternative cover is just brilliant! So looking forward to reading this, and yay Espenson of course. One of my favorite Buffy writers. :0
Great to get a preview.I was hoping this would hit this week.

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They did the same cover back in 1999 with the original Buffy Comic series, issue #10:here's the link for the comparison (to George's Jeanty's cover)
Nice find catinthefray. I think the magazine cover fits Harmony better though.
These are two of the best covers of the season, and the season has been rich in cover magnificence. And Jane does the best milieus.
I've been watching old eps of Angel, and I'm very appreciative that Harmony's role is always somewhat ambiguous. "Will she be good this time, or will her narcissistic and bloodthirsty vampy nature get the better of her?"

For the most part she seems completely incapable of maintaining a "vegetarian vampire" lifestyle, but there's something hilarious about her attempts to try and live a "normal" life.

I'm defintely excited to see how the rest of this plot plays out.

Yeah Jane! And to offing Andy Dick!
First off, yes Axel Osbourne, yes! No more Cable Guy!
Secondly, I don't HATE Andy Dick but I sure don't love him (my friend ran into him somewhere and has a picture of Andy Dick pinching his nipple (my friends', not his own), but he said that Andy was pretty cool, believe it or not). I do however think that Harmony killing him is the funniest thing she's done since "I'd have a soul if you had confidence in me!"
Thirdly, although that old cover's pretty sweet, too, yes Harmony's cover is better. The Luna Brothers did the same sort of thing with every issue of Ultra. Brilliant series about pop culture super heroes. See if you can dig up the covers, though. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I just want to know why and how the public found out about vampires, and how they're okay with it.
did Harmony just take a bite out of Andy Dick?

One can only hope :-)

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I just want to know why and how the public found out about vampires, and how they're okay with it.

Maybe for the same reason so many idiots think being a gang-banger is just the Kewlest Thing Ev-vah?
I think you mean to shake your fist at Jane Espenson. She of the anchovy song.
I'm really not seeing the resemblance to Buffy at all in Harm's depiction. The way her nose, chin, forehead were drawn - all very Harmony. Even her slightly too big front teeth.

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Hold steady, Axel's left foot. Also to Axel's liver: be strong.
In those four pages, there's hardly any dialogue. Hope the entire issue isn't like that. Not really looking forward to issues 21 or 22 personally. I did enjoy After These Messages more than I expected to though.
first... LOL at "perky pair" being puppies (HA puppies... wait... this is still going all wrong)...

second, that is 100% Andy Dick. couldn't be anyone else, unless it's someone modeled after him who's a fake celeb, which i just don't see happening.

third, LOL at "who is he?" 'cuz Harmony would totally know ANY and ALL A-listers, and even most B-listers... but Andy Dick? nah, she'd be clueless.

as for him being sired? oh no... that'd be sad. but eaten? kinda awesome! maybe she gets her fame from eating Andy Dick?

oh, and one more note: it WOULD be cool to see sired animals! does that happen? hm... we shall see?
Axel: but just imagine him teamed up with Andrew. Oh, and Andy Dick's epic redemption arc.
SParticus Rebekah anyone else : I view Harmony 's original human self as evil anyway, so I don't imagine having a soul would make much difference for ehr anyway. (Okay, I'm rationalizing here since in my own fanficverse thta' exactly what she is an evil vampire with a soul.) But still, i think the argument holds from how she was always portrayed, both before and after S-3 ended.

Riker Rowan Hawthorn : Just guessing here, but I think Harmony will turn out to be the one who actually revealed the reality of vampires as part of the arc towards geting this show of hers.

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Jumping on the "Man, I hope that was Andy Dick who just got eaten" bandwagon. That guy disturbs me.

And to those asking about how vampires come to the public's attention, I'm pretty sure we'll have to read the issue to find out...
Axel Osbourne : You're very far from the only person who's disagreed with me over Harmony as human evil, it just suited my purposes*.

UnpluggedCrazy: Very sensible advice. (I'm vaguely reminded of a joke idea I once had; a Playboy editor finds out about Sunnydale and sends talent scout and photgrapher down to doa "Women of the Hellmouth" pictorial. Almost everyone I asked agreed Harmony would jump at the chance; Anya would too for enough money. Beyond that ideas differed widely.

*Since this is off front apge now I'll go into details if anyone's interested. TPTB decided that, instead of sending her to one of the milder hells like she techncially deserved, her afterlife punishment would be to have her soul go back into her vapire body and, given her lack of self-control, watch herself become more and more evil and as a result heading for a deeper and deeper destination once she finally *is* dusted. With of course a technical shot at redemption. Y'know, form teh reactions here, if she does DaddyCatALSO | December 22, 09:57 CET

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