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December 19 2008

Hopefully the Joss loyalists will show up. The LA Times speaks with "Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori and Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly about the challenges of the months ahead" regarding the network's programming, including Dollhouse.

Well, we'll be there. The question's always, though: how many of us actually are there? Enough to get good ratings for a show? I mean, we know there aren't enough of us for a box office smash, but there are enough of us to break the internet, so that's something at least ;).
FTA: It's a night where there's not a hell of a lot of competition.

For some reason, I find this bluntness very refreshing.
Surely the question is who else will tune in?

I'm hoping plenty enough.

I'm hoping we will get some DVD sales numbers for Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. We know the online soundtrack album sales made #39 on the top 40 Billboard.
I'll be watching 'Dollhouse', and reminding ALL of my friends (I regularly send cards out before Valentine's Day so I'll remind them to tune in to 'Dollhouse'), but none of us are Nielsen homes... so I'm not sure it will matter.
Have there been many advertisements of Dollhouse on TV recently? I just can't remember seeing a lot of marketing for it that wasn't on the internet, but actually on television.
No. At this point, it seems like it's expected for January.
from a marketing standpoint, since they're already banking on the whedonites, it would make sense to market it on the net, which tends to be where we congregate.

i wish they would market it more on tv though, they need to try to get it out to a broader audience to get rid of this negative thinking. everyone seems to be either waiting for it to fail, or expecting it to fail and hoping it doesn't.

all i know is, i'll either tune in when it airs or i'll watch it on no way i'm missing this.
Hopefully the Joss loyalists will show up.

This is Kevin Reilly's plan?

If you watch on does that count towards ratings? I am kinda new to the whole 'watching shows on the internet' thing, so I'm just curious.

Hiding ain't a plan?

SanshuBugaboo, it counts. It doesn't count as much but it still counts.
This is Kevin Reilly's plan?

Way to take a single remark out of context and ignore the rest of what he said.
Lets see. If we add up the Terminator loyalists and the Joss loyalists and have some of the dolls show up on 24 and Fringe.
Well, it seems like marketing it to the internet is almost a done deal. Hell, Whedonites are so hungry they market it for themselves. I think it's the broader, non-Joss fan audience I'd like to see some attention given to.
I don't want to count on the nerd herd Whedonites being enough to get 'Dollhouse' the ratings it needs. We didn't have the numbers to make 'Serenity' a box office hit!
Reilly isn't saying Whedon fans are enough to make it a hit.

He's suggesting that if even they don't show up at the start, perhaps even the lower expectations for Friday nights might not work.

He's suggesting, in essence, that the base needs to turn out, and if it does, Friday nights provides time to wait for it to grow beyond the base.
Also he is counting on the Terminator loyalists to stay tuned for the next show.

This article
says something like the Joss extra witty lines are missing. Hmmm, that might be a plan. Leave those out of the preview copies to prevent spoilers.

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Anonymous1, what exactly are you talking about? The first episode screener is the fist episode. The article linked here doesn't say anything about lines, witty or not. For the record, I think there is plenty of wit.
the fist episode

Can they show that on network television?
Hee! That typo is too funny to correct.
Sorry, didn't link to the IGN article from the other thread. "surprisingly lacking when it comes to the trademark wit Whedon is known for. "
I respectfully disagree with the reviewer from IGN. I heard lots of witty lines. Not a lot of comedy, but plenty of wit. Maybe the reviewer isn't clear on the difference.
Way to take a single remark out of context and ignore the rest of what he said.

Hey. I will not have any fighting when I'm slightly hungover. So everyone will calm their jets that would be smashing. counts. It doesn't count as much but it still counts.

Thanks, TamaraC.
The Dollhouse trailer got about a quarter of a million views, worldwide. Dr Horrible's Facebook group has just shy of 90,000 members worldwide.
So, here's my probably dumb question:
When I hear that watching on Hulu or on "counts," I wonder what they're counting. Is it number of clicks onto the video, or does it only count if the whole video is played? Do they count distinct viewers, or could you just watch it over & over with the same computer and get counted each time?
jcs, I have no real info on that but I would assume that a sophisticated site like Hulu would be able to tell the difference between clicks and unique visitors and only count unique visitors.
Well, I'll be watching it live on Fridays. Unless it turns out, despite all the praise and Joss love, the acting and show sucks and there is something better on the SCI-FI channel. Haven't had this good of a Friday TV night since the days of Farscape!
Argh. I'm totally planning on watching this show, but realistically, Friday nights is terrible even for me. I sometimes go out, and I'll have to program the VCR in my tiny 13-inch back-up TV for those nights.

My one friend who is a Whedon-devotee from BtVS days likes going out on Friday nights for dinner and to see opening movies, like many, many people. He has DVR though.

My other friend, who I have hooked into loving Whedon via BtVS and Firefly DVDs, works Friday nights at a restaurant. He does not have either DVR or a VCR.

Srsly, FOX, Friday nights are not of the good! I used to be the kind of person who watched episodes on the night they aired, but with the advent of TV on DVD, it's become far harder and less appealing. The only two shows I'm watching in real time are Chuck and 30 Rock, with plans to catch up on many other shows on DVD (Dexter, Gossip Girl, Venture Brothers, T:SCC, The Office...
It doesn't matter if any "loyalists" show up unless they have Nielsen boxes.

Somehow DVRs count too. Fox knows people watch Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVR. I read it online somewhere.

Also watching online counts see TamaraC | December 20, 06:31 CET comment above.

And iTunes sales will count too.

And Fox knows exactly how much money they have made over the years from the Firefly DVDs. Years of DVD sales.

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I don't think there's really any doubt that the Whedon loyalists will be there. Does anybody think that they really think that we won't?

edited for excessive anger.

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Why's everyone getting so angry, it's only a TV programme .....
Oh twinkle, those are fighting words! LOL
I do agree w/dreamlogic, there is no question that the Whedon fans will be watching, the only question is whether we're watching live (me), recording, watching online, or even file sharing with fans in other countries (hey, it happens). I can't help but worry whether it will be enough, but I was encouraged that I saw a 'Dollhouse' commercial last night as I watched T:SCC online.
embers | December 21, 19:56 CET
"was encouraged that I saw a 'Dollhouse' commercial last night as I watched T:SCC online. "


Yeah! I mean Whoo-hoo!

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