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December 19 2008

Randy Newman Parody - An Ode To Serenity. The internet comedy group Paul and Storm picked Serenity to be the subject of Day 20 of their "25 Days of Newman" extravaganza.


Oh, I love me some Randy Newman parodies. This was great, haha.

And yeah, Joss - why did you have to stab Wash in the chest? Oh yeah, cause you are evil ;-)
I loved it. My husband and I have been listening to these every day.
Twilight made me snicker, they spend the last 20 seconds of the song just saying the word vampire over and over. I think they were all pretty funny, "Nobody believed that they could win!"

But the one I loved the most: A Brief History of Time.
That was great, I'll have to go check out some of the others.
That was very funny, perfectly capturing how Randy Newman only knows a couple of chords and just one tune.
that was hilarious!
I love that they said "Summer" instead of River. Shows a true flan.
That was very funny, perfectly capturing how Randy Newman only knows a couple of chords and just one tune.

embers | December 20, 16:15 CET

Ha ha ha!
Obviously you haven't listened to a lot of Randy Newman, have you?
Me? I've been a fan for...well, I guess you could say decades. Probably more years than you are old. So'll I'll chalk that comment up to youthful uninformededness. (Yep. That's a word. Now.)
It seems that you haven't yet seen these films:
Ragtime, The Natural, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Seabiscuit, Meet the Parents, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Cars...
These are SOME of the films he did the scores for.

"A couple of chords and just one tune", eh?

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Those were great - as is Randy Newman!
lol! Ember, you're a "youth"! How cool is that?
Yeah, a youth w/an AARP card! I've been listening to Randy Newman with enjoyment and amusement since the 1970s ('Short People' is a huge favorite), but I would never accuse him of either range or versatility.... (JMOPO of course)
Paul and Storm are more than an internet group. I've seen them on tour. They are hilarious songwriters. And I also like Randy Newman, but their parody of him is spot on. I don't think all of the ones on this site are up to snuff - I hope they put up the Lord of the Rings version, but the Serenity one is really good. Thanks for posting this MonkeyJoe.
The scores to "Ragtime" and "Pleasantville" were incredible. Yeah, a lot of his songs sound the same, but he's more than just a one trick pony. I've loved his work since he started in the 1960's, and most of his songs were sharp political satire.

Great find!
"Over there is Randy Newman. He just sits there all day, playin' his piano, just singin' about what he sees." :)
I was wondering when someone was going to make a 'Family Guy' reference. (I have been known to do a 'Randy Newman' style commentary while trying to get my class to eat their morning fruit!)
Even for this 'real geek' those parodies are great!

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