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December 20 2008

Best superhero graphic novels of 2008. NPR's Laurel Maury includes Joss' Runaways arc on her best-of list saying "Whedon's wondrously colorful mix of goofiness and morality is ever present".

I think Laurel Maury gives it a concise and pretty fair summing up. I loved Dead End Kids, for all its surface of incident and hilarity there was such a strong undertow of sadness and loss.

Joss seemed to care for all the characters, he handled them beautifully. And Molly - Molly was just wonderful.
I liked the first part of Dead End Kids, I'm kinda sad his run was only that short (well it was way too long in some ways), so much potential.
This one was pure enjoyment for me. (Didn't get one damn essay out of it.)
Whoever wrote this did no fact checking. Captain American Died almost two years ago. Planetary is NOT published by Marvel. The Superhero Civil War is long over.
Whoever wrote this did no fact checking.

They also refer to Superman as "the caped crusader," which I'm pretty sure is usually used for Batman. I'm not positive it isn't a Superman term, but I'm fairly sure it's primarily Batman's.

That being said, some of those books sounded interesting and I'll probably pick up the Joker book as well as the new Ellis one.

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