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December 20 2008

Sign up to be notified when Dr. Horrible becomes available at . Even if you already ordered in from Canada or USA, you can sign up so you can tell your friends when it happens.

I'm from the UK, but I just ordered from Amazon US. And according to my tracking information, it should arrive on the 23rd, which is cool. If it's region free, why wait on a local release?
Most people only shop at, though, so to get people who are not yet fans buying it through recommendations and 'other people like you bought' sort of links, it'll be good to have it on the UK site. Also, I guess it'll be eligible for free delivery under our rules, which is nice. That said, I've bought mine from .com and don't at all begrudge the shipping. But if I want more copies... and especially if the price climbs back up to allow for the printing-on-demand thing... it'll be nice to have it there at
I'm waiting for local release because it's in PAL format. Granted, most (all?) dvd-players can play NTSC, the same can't be said about most tv sets. Makes no real difference for computer play of course.
Nothing about it on the BBFC site so it might be a while before it officially gets released in the UK.
My US order has already shipped, I couldn't wait. The Whedons should give out a little more information, like "oh, if you wait a few weeks, we will release it in Europe"

Yep, might also be a while and it also might just be a test to see if it is worth it to carry it at all.

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