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December 21 2008

Andrew Stanton on Joss Whedon and his "Toy Story". Some very kind words on Joss and his writing abilities within this podcast on "Wall-E" courtesy of Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

Great podcast. I listened to this a few days back and the credit given to Joss is huge. Stanton basically says he figured out what being a writer means from watching Whedon.
Thanks J Linc, downloading it right now.
I would recommend anyone here who is either an aspiring screenwriter or just is interested in the filmmaking process to listen to any or all of the Creative Screenwriting podcasts. A great (and free) resource of info and interesting anecdotes.
This was interesting. Joss has a great repor, huh?
I'm downloading now... watching some of the recent Pixar commentaries was making me wonder why no one ever mentions Joss and his relation to the Toy Story success. The Wikipedia entry has very little about the development of the script, if I recall.

I even went so far to pick up a copy of "The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company" to see what they had to say about Toy Story. Amazon just delivered that one to the front door, so I haven't cracked it open yet.

Looking forward to listening to this podcast!
Toy Story is one of the only Joss related projects that I can't say I enjoyed, for the simple reason that I cannot stand Pixar style animated movies. Not just Pixar either but anything along those lines. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Shrek. Anything like that just doesn't interest me at all. Can't sit through more than a few minutes of them.

I love "normal" animation. The old Looney Tunes were a massive part of my youth. Shows like Family Guy and South Park are part of my viewing habits even today. I just can't get into all this computerised animation stuff.

But then again, I still cling on to my vinyl collection. Progress is overrated.
Well South Park is construction paper cut-outs that eventually evolved to being solely done on the computer if I'm not mistaken, so I wouldn't call that "normal" or traditional (2D) animation.

I've enjoyed a lot of computer animated projects (from film--Wall-E, the Shrek films [not quite as much the third one, though I'll probably still keep up with the franchise until the apparently end it with movie #5 or 6]--to TV shows like ReBoot and such), but I know what you mean about getting all nostalgic for non-computer animated fare. There's still the odd good 2D cartoon that comes along on TV, but they're much more rare film-wise (unless you find good anime). Heh, the opening of Enchanted was kinda nice to see, 'cause outside of their cheapquels Disney doesn't produce 2D films anymore.
I actually think some of Family Guy's animation is also done with the help of computers these days, Kris. In fact I'd imagine that most animated shows have a certain amount of work done that way.

It's not that when it comes to cartoons I'm absolutely anti-computer, as such. It's the general look of the more obvious 3D animation, such as Toy Story and Shrek, that just doesn't work for me. Makes me cringe, for some reason. I guess I just like my cartoons to be more cartoony.
Thanks for bringing these podcasts to my attention - I've listened to three today and they are great!

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