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December 21 2008

Jane Espenson speaks about her career to date. A very enjoyable audio interview. If you're into fandom, writing and scooters then you'll love this. There's some great insights into Star Trek, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse.

Interview starts around the 36:20 mark.

Nice interview. Jane is always so gracious and funny. :) I particularly liked her comments about Gaeta's sexuality, and how she didn't feel like she was adding something to the character, but making explicit something that had already been there. Reminded me of Joss's comments about "rolling with the current" re: Willow's sexuality, Spike's feelings for Buffy, Anya's increasingly comedic role, etc.

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Jane is always interesting to listen to. Sorry I couldn't go to the Creation Convention to hear her in person.

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@Lioness They don't make it easy if you aren't using itunes. Parsing the feed revealed this link:
Thanks Herb. I poked around till I found it, so then changed my post! But even so, it was hard to then get it to download. But I managed.
That is a wonderful long and informative interview. It doesn't begin until 36:25, and then lasts about a half an hour.
Ha! Joss scoots through the office

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