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December 21 2008

Vote For Dollhouse on Which midseason replacement are you looking forward to the most?

Scroll down to vote. The poll is called "Voice Your Vote" and its in the center of the page.

All I see is the "Which former TV couple do you want to see reunite under the mistletoe?" poll.

Oh wait that's for UK. Huh. Balls. Looks like it's a USA only poll.

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I wish it was only for new mid-season replacements. Lost and 24 is going to dominate.
It's not a USA only vote. I could vote. I'm from Sweden...
Well for the benefit of those whose country has designs on, what are the the poll choices?
Not sure if this has been posted already, but also ranked Dollhouse #7 in Top Ten Most Anticipated Shows of Early 2009 here.
Well for the benefit of those whose country has designs on, what are the the poll choices?

24, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Battlestar Galactica, Big Love, Dollhouse, The L Word, Lost, Reaper, Scrubs
I don't get why they called them all 'mid-season replacements' -- all of them except Dollhouse are returning series. I always think of 'mid-season replacements' as new series premiering in January.

Anyway, I'm a bad bad Whedonfan. I voted for Lost cuz, well, it's Lost!
I voted for "Dollhouse" when this first popped up, but honestly... it's just out of loyalty. I mean, "Lost" is there. And where the hell is Cupid? New Rob Thomas is almost as good as new Joss Whedon!
"All I see is the "Which former TV couple do you want to see reunite under the mistletoe?" poll."

That was funny!

Come on guys, let's kick some butts. And pleaaase don't vote for Lost. I like Lost, but it's winning and clearly doesn't need votes.
yeah, I voted for DH but it's actually BSG I'm looking forward the most. Especially with being the final run and all.
For UKers you can select "" at the bottome of the page to get the US site and vote.
Hmmm...something seems to be wrong with the poll, you can vote more than once...
I voted, and I'll vote more (does it count additional votes?). I have no trouble saying I'm most excited about Dollhouse, Lost lost me two years ago (I'll still tune in occasionally only to still find it disappointing), and although I seriously love BSG it just doesn't excite me to the same level as Dollhouse!
I voted for "Dollhouse" but it's just behind BSG for me in most anticpated but I thought DH could use the vote more. Wish this was new shows though.
I voted for Dollhouse. But if Castle had been there, I would have voted for Castle cause...Nathan.
And remember to vote for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for People's Choice award!

My count is 9 now!
Twould seem that you can't vote multiple times, or at least I couldn't get it to work. I'm looking forward to Reaper too TBH.
It doesn't look as though votes count if you try a second time. The number of votes didn't change.
There is a short description of all the choices here.
I'm with cabri. I thought that midseason replacements were new series that were brought in, erm, midseason to, well, replace cancelled shows? Like Buffy did back in 1997? In that respect, isn't Dollhouse the only show that actually qualifies?

That being the case, my vote goes to Dollhouse. If I'm honest though, I'm looking forward to the return of Lost just a little bit more. Can't wait for 24 or Battlestar Galactica either.
I voted twice and the second one counted. I bet it was a fellow Whednoesquer voting at the same time. *shrug*
Wow, Scrubs is coming back ? Last spring, I thought NBC canceled it and it didn't even get a proper finish due to the strike, which kinda disappointed me 'cause I was planning to soon rent Seasons 4-7 and catch up. Go, ABC. Cool.

Yeah, when I think mid-season replacement, I think new show. That's kind of silly terminology to use in regards to an old show's schedule. 24, Lost, American Idol, they just happen to start in January (or have for a while now, or just since last year in Lost's case), they're not technically replacing anything. Maybe causing timeslot shifting, but they would've been shown at this time of year regardless of whether the networks' other new tryouts succeeded or failed.
I hope some of the Lost, 24 and whatever voters start to wonder what Dollhouse is and why it has so many votes.

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Voted Dollhouse as well, but it's a close thing between that and Lost, which, as far as I'm concerned, was the best television show on the air last season (although a case could be made for BSG).

On the one hand I'm more excited about Lost because I've been living with those characters and that story for four years now (plus, pretty much everyone I know is a fan, so I'm also looking forward to the 'watercooler'-moments discussing the latest episode), but on the other hand Dollhouse (which we've never actually seen) is a new Whedon show, ties into my only real fandom ever, and is something I've been discussing online for what feels like ages now. Also: Dollhouse needs the votes more. So, yeah. It won out :).
Dollhouse needing the votes more was pretty much my thinking too. It's not at all clear whether or not these polls ever even get noticed by the PTB at the various networks but having Dollhouse win them whenever possible certainly can't hurt anything. Even if it only results in getting a few more casual viewers to check it out when it finally begins, because they saw that people were already supporting it over established favourites, it's made a difference.
Hey, I like that they listed "Flight of the Conchords" in their top ten most anticipated. (Not finished catching up on season one, but it's a hoot, especially the lovely and hilarious Kristen Schaal. I would totally form a band if she would be our one fan.)

I'm looking forward to "BSG" the most, but "Dollhouse" is close. Then probably the rest of the season of "The Office" (even though it's not midseason at all), and then "Conchords," and then distantly, "Lost."
I don't even see a poll. But then frankly, I'm looking forward to the return of "Chuck", not so much Dollhouse - I fear Joss may be getting to depressing for me.

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