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December 21 2008

Santa's Little Helpers. Alyson Hannigan and a couple of her HIMYM castmates are on the cover of TV Guide's Best and Worst of 2008 issue, now on newsstands, all decked out for the North Pole.

And all credit to Numfar PTB, who first mentioned this as part of the HIMYM thread further below, but I feared the information wasn't really noticed by many.

Immense scans suitable for wallpapers are also available here:
Oh, the fic that could be inspired by that picture....

I'll be in my bunk.
damn, Alyson doesn't LOOK pregnant...
Yeah, the magic of Photoshop I suppose.
AFAIK, 5 months is when it really starts to show, maybe the photo-shoot was just done before she got to that point ? They announced it at the end of October, assuming they waited 12 weeks before telling people (as is common practice) then we could still be within the 5 month "no bump" window even now (i.e. end of July to end of December = 5 months).

ETA: Oh and ay caramba BTW ;).

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According to the article, the photoshoot was done just after she announced her pregnancy.

ETA: What Saje ETA'd. F#%*&! lucky candy cane, s'all I got to say...

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2008-12-22 19:49 ]
Indeed, the article (which you can read here) starts by mentioning that despite her "just announced pregnancy" Aly isn't showing. They also mention that two and a half weeks later it's a different matter and they've had to disguise her on set with a big jumper.

I also saw some photos of her out shopping with Tom Lenk recently where the bump is still small, but definitely noticeable. Trying to find them again now and failing.
RachVG: There isa a fansite and posting board called The ALyson Hannigan Appreciation Society which has those pics and most others; any search engine can find it, I don't have an addy for it. Interesting site; it even attracted a semi-stalker who was recently banned.

God, she's cute.
Definite cutie!

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