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December 21 2008

Dr. Horrible now available with Amazon Video On Demand. Another format now available for $4.99.

Amazon USA has Dr. Horrible available for purchase through their Video On Demand service for $4.99. For those unfamiliar with this feature, you can watch it online in Your Video Library or on your TV with Tivo or Bravia. Your can also download it on to your computer to watch offline. No rental option listed.

I could be mistaken but hasn't it been available in that format since not long after the iTunes release?

Edited: is "Video on Demand" what they used to call UNBOX? Not being available outside the US I'm not that familiar with it but I'm fairly sure it was released as "unbox" a while back...or maybe I'm just thinking of the soundtrack...

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I don't think so. I would have bought it if were. I don't use iTunes. Also, there are zero reviews so far.
You're thinking of the soundtrack which came out in September. Oddly, that costs more at $8.99
Does it have the extras? If so, I would think VOD's pricing point is in line with iTunes, with the extra dollar going to the extras. If not, well, every good corp can use a little profit.

ETA: Tried actually clicking on the link so no extras. ;)

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Dr. Horrible is wondering (on Twitter) if anyone has a favorite commentary song yet, but I love them all so much, how can I choose?! I'll be singing one in my head, and then it will switch to another one: they are ALL brilliant (and funny and kind of sad...).
edited to add my desire to discuss the sad, because all the songs do contain a germ of tragedy (which is why I love them all)
1. Commentary!
2. Strike
3. Ten Dollar Solo (Stacey's Song)
4. I'm Better Than Neil (Nathan's Song)
5. I Mean Art (Felicia's Song)
6. I Don't Do Songs (Zack's Rap)
7. Nobody Wants to Be Moist (Simon Helberg's Song)
8. Ninja Ropes (Jed's Song)
9. It's All About Me (Groupies' Song; Maurissa, Stacey, Steve)
10. Nobody's Asian (Maurissa's Song)
11. Pick, Pick, Pick (Joss's Song) -
12. Neil's Turn (Neil's Song)
13. Commentary! Reprise
14. Steve's Song (Steve Berg's Song)
Wow, I love this so much, I just can't believe it!

[ edited by embers on 2008-12-22 18:39 ]
I really like Strike!

Actually, I love them all. But Strike! has been in my head since Saturday so it has staying power.
Also I think its pretty cool that I just got an email from Amazon advertising the release of Dr. Horrible. I'm pretty sure it only went out to people who have bought Whedon stuff before, but think about all of the people out there who have bought Buffy or Firefly that don't frequent this site or the internet in general. Its nice to get some good advertising going.
Note that the list posted above by embers is a list I posted in - i.e., they're not official song titles but just unofficial, temporary ones that sprouted from my unofficial head. According to a Horrible twitter yesterday, the Dr. Horrible team are going to be putting up the lyrics "soonish" so we should get the real titles soon. I can't wait for those lyrics...

My love for these songs is huge. I can't for the life of me decide which is my favorite. Ninja Ropes is so beautiful (and funny) and Joss's Pick, Pick, Pick has special poignance for me as a whedonesquer. But they're all fabulous. I'm humming them all. Constantly. "Commentary!" is so good that they should really release it on itunes or wherever.

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Phlebotinin I apologize for not crediting you for the list of (guessed) song titles, I do appreciate you posting that list and I certainly didn't have any better titles to give any of them. And now I think I'll go listen to them all again.
Isn't "Zed" actually Jed?
Oh, embers, no apologies necessary! I just didn't want people to think that these were official titles or anything. Please, those who have listened to "Commentary!" and want to discuss it, come on over to We have to have a place to talk about this wonderful gift from the Band of Whedons and One Tancharaoen (sp? ack) now that the Horrible DVD thread has slipped well off the front page (a pity, that).

You're absolutely right, korkster. It should be "Jed." And also, "Zach" is properly spelled "Zack." My silly errors.

I can't wait till more people have this DVD and can talk about it. This is not just some DVD release of something we all already have in another form or have seen/heard in another form. The 42 minutes of mainly music in "Commentary!" is entirely new, an entirely new and quite wonderful creation. Plus the special features are all a gas.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-22 18:40 ]
Just got my DVD, just now, just this minute!

(Doesn't add to the conversation, but I was too excited not to type this somewhere...)
I think your excitement totally adds to the conversation, Kirochka. I think a lot of people will be getting this today.
We're not going to talk about the surprises & Commentary! here? Why not? *pouts*
I can't wait till more people have this DVD and can talk about it.

May do a special thread about it on Christmas Day along with another one as well.
Thank you Simon, because personally I am not tired of listening to the Commentary! and am really enjoying everyone else getting theirs, so more discussion is all good IMO.
Does anyone know if Netflix will be offering Dr. Horrible?
I love to imagine a Brother Named Zed. He is actually the Secret Hereditary Ruler of Ruritania or Somesuchplace, and they rarely see him, but occasionally he summons them all to his palace for a confab and then they go out and Do His Bidding.

My DVD with new Vitamin Commentary! has been somewhere the hell in L.A. - as have I - since Saturday. I'm glad it managed to escape the Confines of Kintuck, but it ain't doing me much good trapped in a rolly cart somewhere in L.A.

If it just got here today before I leave the office at 2:30p, I could have it to watch tomorrow on my First Official Holiday Day Off!

*tries to maintain her soul in peace...*
I've listened to Commentary! at least half a dozen times. To be honest, I've yet to rewatch the actual Sing-Along Blog. The Commentary is just so addicting and new I guess. I love Maurissa's and Felicia's and Nathan's and Neil's and Joss's and Jed's and Zack's and Strike and Stacy's and Steve's...

The dvd's certainly no $10 lame-o.

[ edited by hacksaway on 2008-12-23 01:52 ]
I just finished grooving to Zack's rap four times over. Then I listened to Simon's song a couple of times - so happy-making. Then I listened to Joss's plaintive ballad/cri de coeur (sp?) and felt properly chastened while thrilling to the melody. Gorgeous. We won't pick apart your bison any more if it hurts you, Joss! (Oh, we probably will. We can't help it.) Then I played "Ninja Ropes" and swooned over the pretty sound. Then I cackled and snapped my fingers to Nathan's soulful, kinda a-little-bit Barry Whiteish number. Must stop and return to work now. Must.

Do I single these songs out because they're the best? No. All of the songs are dy-no-mite. I could go on and on about all of them. Seriously. This is addicting and fantastic stuff. Please release a "Commentary! The Musical" soundtrack, Horrible Team. Please!

QuoterGal: Your Zed story. Heh.
Everyone who has netflix should request it, I'm sure they can get it.... I do want everyone to have the chance to see this! Of course I have three copies wrapped up to give away (I'm looking forward to all my friends enjoying it).
I think I broke .org by posting the easter egg info. :(

Oh wait, it's back.

[ edited by hacksaway on 2008-12-22 21:48 ]
Nope, hacksaway, is gone again. Or at least the server seems stuck or overloaded. You broke it, hacksaway! Everyone wants your wisdom...
I want egg wisdom! *shakes fist at internal error*
My kids will be so relieved hacksaway, I've been making them crazy trying to figure it out. Thanks!
Wait, how does one 'hit 6' when there are no numbers on your DVD remote? I guess I have to ask that question at the .org site huh? *sigh*
And seems to be well and truly broken now....

[ edited by embers on 2008-12-22 23:12 ]
.ORG is back in business! Can't wait to try these out!
My DVD is still being held hostage in Kentucky; five days and counting. Although to be fair, the snow is so bad here I can't drive down my own driveway. And is SeaTac even open?

So bummed, I really wanted a Horrible Christmas, but it looks like I'll have to settle for Horrible New Year instead.
I am furious! UPS lost my order for three Dr. Horrible DVDs, but indicates that it was delivered to my porch at 6:50 this evening! Then the driver went home, so nobody is even going to look for the package till tomorrow! I can't believe I paid extra for this!

ETA: I found it - behind my bushes under my porch. I have absolutely no idea as to how it could have ended up there. Maybe the UPS guy just threw it in my bushes from the sidewalk - blindfolded?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-12-23 02:31 ]
Maybe he wanted to make sure that no one stole your Dr. Horrible? Who else would look under the porch? Just trying to be optimistic.
Nebula1400 I'm so relieved that you found it, because now you can enjoy it right away instead of fighting w/the UPS company (not nearly as fun). The more I watch and rewatch the more I find the Commentary! to be not so much silly as really profound and meaningful. There is really a lot of heartfelt sad sweetness to these songs.... I love them all almost as much as 'My Eyes' (and I REALLY love 'My Eyes'!).

Ten Dollar Solo is one of my favorites, and I want to start a Tracy Stacy fan club! But also It's All About Me is very profound and meaningful to all of us without fame or fortune or anyone paying attention to us at all....

In fact my only complaint is that all of the Easter Eggs are specially designed to only be opened if you have a remote with a numbered key pad on it! Is that fair!?!?!
It's official. I like Commentary! more than I like Dr. Horrible. And I didn't think that was possible.

Holy crap. So awesome.
They (the Horriblers) really do need to release "Commentary!" as a soundtrack. It's *that* awesome.
Still able to vote for Doc for People's Choice award!
I'm actually so broke, I've been waiting for some Whedonesque reviews of the extras.
Will go and purchase now. ;-)
Watched/listened to the Commentary last night. I don't remember the last time I laughed out loud so often and so much. "Neil's Turn" in particular - Sondheim's ears must have burned off by now. BRILLIANT!!!
"Neil's Turn" is probably my favorite. "What does this switch do? It turns off the lights..."

And in Nathan's song, the line "My three-parts-of-Gaul-ness" cracks me up every time.
Slightly OT, but I just saw that the DVD is #3 in amazon's bestsellers in movies and TV, and only The Dark Knight and Wall-E are more popular than Dr Horrible. This is very very impressive!

Merry Christmas to everybody! (Yes, we celebrate tonight already here in Germany.)
Favorite changes with the different cuts of the song: Oh I love 'Strike', Joss is amazing! Oh Stacy, she is so sweet and sad and funny, she should have her own show! Oh Nathan is brilliant, he IS better than Neil! Oh Felicia, OMG, how does anyone get to be so beautiful and talented and funny? My heart is absolutely captured in every song... I think I might really love the Commentary! more than the actual lyrics.

And I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with family and friends, including Festivus (and the annual airing of grievances). Love to all!
I'm laughing at the same lines you guys are, plus Zack singing,

Plus some [lines] were cut out
'Cause Joss is such a wuss
He cut my line for the girl
"The penny is my p**y"

Hee! Very naughty. A brilliant complement to "The hammer is my p***s."

I'm laughing at a billion other lines, too. And it's not a line, per se, but when Nathan sing-talks, "uh," in the beginning of his soulful song, I die with laughter every time.

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