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December 22 2008

David Boreanaz drinks Guinness. And he also looks really good on the front cover of Draft Magazine.

Guinness: Beer That Eats Like A Meal.
Agh...Genny Cream...that reminds me of hangovers.
It's a pity he's holding lager in his hand in the picture
I once served half Guinness/half lager to an Aussie once. That drink request managed to stun the bar.
I LOVE Guinness! (Especially with fish & chips!)
Just another reason for me to love David Boreanaz.
: )
With an introduction to beer being Genny Cream, it's amazing he can appreciate a fine beer like Guinness at all.
I love Genny Cream ale. I have not been able to find it for the past few years here in AZ. But Guinness will always be my favorite.
So he drinks Guinness but doesn't like "rich ales" ? Bit weird to go from lager to Guinness without stopping off anywhere in between (e.g. Newcastle ;). Still, he talks about cold beers a lot so it's probably that travesty to purists, Guinness Extra Cold, that he drinks (it's what I drink when they've nothing decent cos I don't like the taste of Guinness ;).
Well I read in an interview that he lived in Dublin for a short while so he could have picked it up then. Apparently he also really loves Superquinn (Irish supermarket) sausages.
I work at a bookstore and one of the girls I work with, knowing how dreamy I think David is, stuck this back for me when she saw it. It was a nice surprise.
Always love me some David, but he has looked better. What is up with his hair color? :P
pillboxed His Irish roots are showing...
Although I fell for David because of his handsome face and gorgeous body, I stuck around as a fan because he's such a great actor and a down-to-earth fellow. He's a true man of the people, and a family man. I like that about him.

I fell in love with some blonde beer in Belgium, and I've never been able to find it here. :sniffs:
I know it makes me distinctly uncool (just one of many things), but I just never cared for Guiness. Drinking shoe polish is arguably an acquired taste. ;)
No luck at BevMo?
When I was young & poor & staying in Ireland, I used to order Guiness, not because I liked it but because it took me so long to finish the pint. Other beer went down too quickly. :)
A little PSA about enjoying beer: Drinking your beer ice cold freezes your tasted buds and makes it harder to discern all of the yummy flavors in your beer. (At least your non-Miller/Bud/Coors beer, which don't have any flavor, which is why those companies always tell you to drink beer ice cold.) To get the full experience, let your beer wait 10-15 minutes after taking it out of a cold refrigerator so that it starts coming up to room temperature, but still is on the cooler side.

I once served half Guinness/half lager to an Aussie once. That drink request managed to stun the bar.

A Black & Tan!

I fell in love with some blonde beer in Belgium, and I've never been able to find it here. :sniffs:

Depending on where you are, there may be a good specialty liquor store or restaurant that might have it, or another good Belgian or Belgian-style blonde that suits your tastes. Korkster's suggestion to check out a BevMo! is a good one, but there are plenty of other places as well. If you can ever get your hands on one, make sure to try something by Russian River Brewing, which makes some of the best Belgian-style beers these days. I've given their Redemption blonde ale to a number of people as a gift and it's always a hit. Another good Belgian-style beer that is more widely available in the US is Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly.
By the way, I have this issue at home and I think that the online version is only a portion of the total interview.
A Black & Tan!

No problems with that. It was combining lager and guinness together that made everyone squirm. Uggh.
"David Boreanaz Prefers Cold Blondes"

Am I really the only one who is thinking he's talking about Spike?
I hear you, Simon. I've had that before and wasn't really that thrilled with the result. It's more a novelty thing, like a flaming cocktail. And just thinking about it triggers horrible flashbacks of the Snakebite drinks that we were served in a Durham uni pub that were made up of half lager and half hard cider. Talk about a recipe for a nasty hangover. Double Uggh.
I used to really love to drinking snakebite. A few pints of that and a decent dj at the local indie disco made for a great night out. Though you really do have be under 21 to drink it. Used to do a thing called traffic lights with it as well.

Which is:

Snakebite and blackcurrant with vodka
Snakebite with Archers (peach schnapps)
Snakebite with Green Ghartreuse

One of those really stupid drink combos you have when you're a student. We really do have a horrendous drink culture here. People on the continent are much more relaxed and civilised about the whole thing.
Guinness and lager, ugh. A Black Velvet (Guinness + Champagne), however, is surprisingly nice.
I love Guinness w/ Crème de cassis. I had it in Manchester a few times...don't know what it was called, but it made a very pretty colored head.
Why am I reading this thread anyway? I've had approximately 2 mouthfuls of American lagers and one of Guiness stout in my life.
Mmmm, beer. What do I have in my fridge right now? Guinness, John Bull ale (English), Mill St Organic (local Toronto brewery). Wish it was warm enough to sit on the deck and drink one. Alas, its -9C and the snow on my deck is 2 feet deep.
I just bought 8 Guiness myself good stuff. Mill st brewery does make some good beers.
My brother always used to swear by a pint of Guinness with a shot glass of port dropped in it. Always seemed to me to be a pretty foul combination but he loved it, he was pretty young at the time though.
That's a variation on a "depth charge" as we know it in the UK (had 'em with Jagermeister and - seriously - never again). At a mate's stag do an American friend of his wanted to ask for "an Irish Car Bomb" as he knew it which was basically a shot of Irish Whiskey (included the 'e' out of respect to any Irish folk on the board, clearly I know that's totally wrong ;) dropped into a pint of Guinness. I explained to him that asking for an Irish car bomb in a London pub might not be the very wisest thing he'd ever done but if he asked for a Guinness depth charge with Jameson's he'd get the same thing ;).

(probably wouldn't have bothered anyone - especially since the bar staff were obviously all Aussies anyway ;) - but you never know)

A Black & Tan!

Ah, according to that link people call that a "half and half" ? FYI, if you want that in Scotland, don't ask for a "half and half" cos that'll get you a whisky with a pint of beer to chase it down.

One of those really stupid drink combos you have when you're a student.

Snakebite and black was banned in our uni pubs, too many students just got mental on it. Bloody minging anyway, never saw the attraction myself.
I hate beer.

David looks pretty, though.

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