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December 22 2008

How The Guild beat the system. "Drawing on her Buffy and World of Warcraft connections, actor Felicia Day has created a hit online sitcom." An article from The Guardian media section.

Nice article but I wish it had included what I think is one of the most significant facts - that Day retains complete creative control. However I did learn a new word "Doorstepped". Is that a Britishism only or have I just missed it?
The second season is even better than the first. I think the part of the success is that she really connects with the gaming community as well as creating something that is funny it it's own right. Nice to have a job where you do what you love and have control over the final product too!
Even over here you normally hear 'doorstepped' more in the context of protests or maybe press intrusion so this usage is (in my experience) maybe a bit unusual but I guess it sort of works for Zaboo in that he's most definitely uninvited (and turns up on her doorstep).

And yep, enjoying season 2 and looking forward to the machinima sitcom she's working on. The key to The Guild's success according to Felicia is she wrote something she cared about and knew well and I think that's a fundamental difference between this kind of thing and e.g. broadcast TV in that she deliberately wrote for a niche audience, her "people" if you like, and trusted that if it was good enough then a wider audience would pick up on it too. Compare that to the "sand off the edges", lowest common denominator, try to please too many folk approach that broadcast TV sometimes adopts (out of necessity in fairness, because bigger audiences are required).
To prove Saje's point about a wider audience picking it up, I'm not a gamer but I'm certainly enjoying the series. It's clever, well written, funny, with interesting characters and good acting. Just like you don't have to be a thief to have enjoyed Thomas Crown Affair (either one) or to have served in the secret service to enjoy a Bond movie, I don't think you have to be a member of the gaming community to enjoy The Guild.
Felicia Day is on my Top Ten list for 2008. Not sure Top Ten what. But she's on it. She runs her own show (literally), is the change she's seeking, solves her own problems, writes her own rules, writes her own lines, writes her own ticket, and is quite nice about it. I hear Rod Stewart has, in her honor, rewritten "Hot Legs" as "Hot Nerd." In my head.
Just read this in the actual paper - good article. The Guardian must be the most linked to newspaper here. It's a great paper anyway (if you have a similar political leaning), but the fact that there's obviously some Buffy fans on the staff is a nice little bonus.
I think that gaming has become popular enough so that even if you don't game you do know someone who does. I found it very easy to understand The Guild, and to get into the characters; I'm glad that Felicia is finding a larger audience and getting more recognition.
Can we get the lyrics to that please, Pointy?
I'm a gamer and hadn't checked out this show until MS picked it up and put it on the 360. I downloaded all the episodes and loved them. Seems to be doing very well on Xbox Live and always seems to be listed under the most popular section. I watched all the episodes in one sitting with my daughters.

As I was watching it I was thinking what a great sitcom it would have made and it's a shame it was passed by. But, maybe it's a blessing for Felicia with how quickly some shows are canceled now.
"Doorstepped" is straight from The Guild, Season 1, Episode 1. Zaboo coins the term to describe how he suddenly shows up at Codex's doorstep. The noun+"ed" construction is a Zaboo affectation, and is a subtle running gag throughout the show.

Pretty good article, though I'm not sure how they managed to spell producer Kim Evey's name wrong when it appears in written form just about everywhere.
Zaboo coins the term to describe how he suddenly shows up at Codex's doorstep. The noun+"ed" construction is a Zaboo affectation

Maybe as far as the article's author is concerned (only she knows that) but the term most definitely wasn't coined by Zaboo. Exhibit A (note the date ;).

(and i've heard/read it used way before then)

The noun+ed construction is also very far from original to Zaboo/The Guild (a certain Joe Sweden has been known to verb the odd noun for instance ;).
Felicia made it clear (again, via Twitter) that it is 'doorstep'd'.
There seem to be a lot of errors in that article. Oh well, good press. Shill for The Guild on somebody else's time...
doorstep'd How about that? Of course it's just an abbreviation for doorstepped so it's really a matter of preference. Curious that Felicia would tweetcorrect doorstepped but not her producer's name.
As if an article on The Guild wasn't enough, here's a review of a programme that was on tonight from the Guardian's tv page in G2, where the reviewer, Gareth McLean, seems more interested in talking about a different series.

"The Ascent of Money, 8pm, Channel 4

In the last of the series, Niall Ferguson can't hide how pleased with himself he is when he explains his notion of Chimerica - the imaginary country that symbolises the symbiotic relationship between erstwhile enemies. In essence, China owns America because America owes China so much money. But for aficionados of Joss Whedon's 2002 sci-fi series Firefly, Chimerica is not news. In it America and China have joined to form a super-superpower called the Alliance. Get with the programme, Fergie. (Otherwise, well done on your interesting/totally baffling, albeit right-wing-biased programme.)"

Have I mentioned how much I love the Guardian? ;) It does have a bit of a reputation for small errors like spelling mistakes, but as far as I'm concerned, it gets the big stuff right (like liking Joss ;).

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