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December 22 2008

Angel revisited: creators talk comics adaptations. Comic Book Resources speaks to the guys behind IDW's adaptations of 'Smile Time' and 'Not Fade Away'.

Great read! Mooney's art looks wonderful.
Am really looking forward to this! Art looks great:)
" A sticky subject among Whedon fans is the question of which Angel stories are canon and which are not. When it comes to IDWís Angel comics, Tipton said itís his understanding that the Whedon co-scripted 'After the Fall' is in fact canon. 'Iíd like to say that my stories in "Auld Lang Syne" are canon, because I wrote them,' Tipton told CBR, only half-kidding. 'It doesnít go against anything thatís been the episodes or in the comic so far.' Ē

That made me chuckle.
Will be getting both of these adaptations.
Okay, Simon, admit it. You only posted this as a dare to see how many people would break the no-canon-discussion rule, didn't you? You know someone is going to have to comment on what Tipton said about his work being canon. It's like a red canon flag to a fanboy bull.

Evil mod type person.

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