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December 22 2008

The Guild's Christmas Special on MSN Video, and episode four. Episode four of The Guild is now available, but check out this year's Christmas special, where the gang gives a new gamer spin to "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

There's also a gag reel , too. Thanks to hacksaway, by the way.

you may want to edit the text in case some people haven't seen Episode 3.

Although that was funny.
Episode 4 and the gag reel are up. Awesomeness.
This is a particularly awesome Christmas episode, I think it is really superb and should be shown to everyone everywhere... It should replace the original version by Clement Clarke Moore (which has become very tired). I also have a huge crush on Codex's stunt man!
These are great. Excellent writing and acting, as usual.
Link to the Christmas special please?

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