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December 22 2008

Nick Runge doing covers for Angel: Aftermath. Chris Ryall casually mentioned it on his blog, when posting holiday wishes.

Chris Ryall (IDW's Editor-in-Chief) posted a number of Christmas cards by IDW artists, amongst them one by Nick Runge. In the accompanying text, Ryall mentions that Runge is working on a set of alternate covers for Angel: Aftermath (#18-22).

Interesting. I guess he's doing variant covers because we've already seen two covers that weren't by Nick (right?).

And now we know how long Aftermath is: 5 issues. After that, I assume the series will end.
Not necessarily. Just might mean someone else is doing the covers (Ben Templesmith please Mr IDW man).
Weird assumption to make, Riker. Firstly because there is no saying that Aftermath actually is only five issues, at least not from what I've just read anyway. It only says that Nick is doing covers for five of them. Secondly, if Aftermath is going to continue on from After the Fall then why not assume another arc will follow on from there? If sales stay strong then I'm almost certain one will.
Or what Simon said, which was quicker and shorter.
Great news, his covers for After the Fall have been fantastic.
i seriously doubt Aftermath will end after just 5 issues
"Aftermath" was said to be five to six issues by writer Kelley Armstrong when it was first announced. I'm sure it will be five, but I'm equally sure there will be another title (following the same AtF/Aftermath numbering) following directly on the heels of "Aftermath."
i know it's not a reliable source, but Wikipedia has it down for 6 issues
And also Chris Ryall has stated that the Angel series will go 'way past 25 issues':)
After the Fall was initially slated to be only 12 issues. Then they extended it to 16 then it became 17. I think they're leaving this open so that the story gets told without a 'written in stone' limit on the issue number.
Because we're in so much doubt over the big "C" issue re: Aftermath, I actually want the Angel series to end sooner rather than later and then restarted with an officially Joss-sanctioned new series. Santa, give me what I want!
Y'know, I really don't care at all about the so called big "C" issue but I am starting to wish that Joss or someone else in the know would say one way or the other just to stop all the damn whining.

For the love of all things Whedony, just enjoy the comics. Buy them, read them, enjoy the story. Or don't. Just please stop going on about the sodding canon thing.

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