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December 24 2008

Carol Of The Firefly. I don't know who Alanna Torres is, but she just posted a Great Firefly Christmas Video on youtube! It only had 11 "hits" on it when I found it...

Absolutely gorgeous, synching the music to the video.
Wow! Great find. All kinds of shiny! Makes up for having to get up two hours early and trudge through snow to get to work today.

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Nice find T.D.! Have a Merry Christmas!
Wow, that was so very awesome! Damn, I miss that verse so much....
Love me some Verse for the holidays

Agreed Bookwench!
Fantastic editing, great concept. Her LotR video is of equal quality.
That was beautiful.. thanks for finding it TDBrown!
Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
BTW, Merry Xmas everyone!
This was OUTSTANDING!!!!! And Merry Christmas to All!!! Thanks bunches for the alert!!!
Nicely done indeed. (And it's gone from 433 hits when I read this an hour ago to 700 now.

A Shiny Christmas to all, and an Active New Year. ;)
There's (IMO) an even better one to the same song, but with BtVS' Amends. It really boosts up the "A Christmas Carol" imagery with "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".
Found a similar Serenity Xmas vid, focusing entirely on River and her BDM badassery. Shiny.

ETA: Okay, this other River-centric one is not Xmasy, but it is recent, has only 66 views, and is excellent.

So many talented Browncoats.

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That was Shiny! I particularly liked how well the music was in sync with the editing on the video. Also really liked the music, real 70s rock vibe.

P.s. First post on this Blog, or any other... ever!!! what a great christmas pressie to me! yay! Merry Christmas everyone!
Welcome aboard Bluey. And Merry Christmas!

I love Firefly and the TSO so double sweet.
Thanks madmolly, I am glad after reading this site for so long I have finally remembered to look at it on a Public Holiday!

I had to look up TSO (Tran-Siberian Orchestra for those who didn't know). I gather they are the orchestra that did the music. According to Zaephyrs (a poster on youtube) the piece is called "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24", and its from the album 'Christmas Eve and Other Stories'.

Going to have to look that one up!
The River badassery vid is my favorite.
Wow yet another amazing Christmas present to top off the day. Nice vid!
Loved it! (My 1st post, too! Yay!)
I thought this was pretty swell. Got me in the holiday spirit, it did.
Excellent video. Thank you for sharing.
The pages of the calander keep turning, but I still love these charactors. These are two of my favorite things TSO Christmas Eve/Sarajevo and Firefly.

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