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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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December 24 2008

Fresh Air 2008 TV round-up interview cites Dr. Horrible as 10th best show. The Fresh Air TV critic, David Bianculli, calls Joss the next Sondheim for his lyrics in Dr. Horrible and OMWF. Discussion starts about half-way in.

"Hey! I'm not dead yet."
- Current Sondheim

My copy came in today! Merry Christmas to me!

*runs off to watch Commentary!*
Right on, David Bianculli! He's the one who did a dynamite ca. 30 mins interview with Joss on Fresh Air back in 2000 maybe. I think you can still find it and listen to it on

Edited to add: Without having listened to what Bianculli said, I wish people would give more credit Joss's amazing Horrible co-creators. It's clear that Zack, Jed and Maurissa ("J-Mo") are also heavily responsible for the wonder that is Horrible.

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I continue to await UPS. Tracking info hasn't been updated since Friday morning in Illinois, yet alleges on time for delivery today. I'll believe it when I see it.
IGN just put out their very positive review of Dr. Horrible.

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This is an excellent review speechlady, and worth listening to the whole thing (which is good since the Dr. Horrible doesn't begin until 21:46).
How can I get the soundtrack for Commentary! on my iPod? AFAIK they're not selling it as a standalone soundtrack, are they? The music is so good I'd like to listen to it when I'm not near a DVD player. (Guessing: this will eventually be another $10 iTunes purchase when JJMZ release it on iTunes...)
Good choices. Props for Mad Men, The Daily Show, Dexter, and of course Dr. Horrible. (I would have liked to see The Office and BSG, as well.)
I loved Bianculli's take on the Daily Show; he's absolutely right, the Huckabee interview was the best political debate on TV in years.

Fantastic to hear him say wonderful things about the mushortio; yeah, Sondheim isn't dead yet but he's slowed down production. And yes, Joss & Co. can match the master when it comes to lyrics.

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