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December 24 2008

Christmas message from James Marsters. As the title implies, it's a message for Christmas, from James Marsters .

Shiny. Always makes me smile happily that James is a "Go Obama" guy. Everyone should be. If he 'goes good' come 09 then hopefully everyone will follow.
Well wishes for all and for all a happy new year!
Agreed. I like that he evidently cares about the world in which he lives as well as the work that he does.
Good Man ! Go Obama - Go James and a Merry Christmas to All !!
I'm so happy I finally got a chance to register and the first post I get to comment is about James! It's so lovely how he cares about the world and his fans...and, oh...-Go Obama!!
[We're not a political blog]

[ edited by Simon on 2008-12-26 18:29 ]
Happy Boxing Day!

And Go! Obama
Go! Democracy.

And Go Choice!!

And to bring this back on topic

Go James and all the Whedonverse alums , let's hope that 2009 sees great roles and great success for all our favourite actors, writers,directors and purple geniuses
This has not been the best of holiday seasons for me. Got some worries, some woes...but checking in to find this message reminds me of some fun I had last year, some fun I'm looking forward to in '09 and propels my mind to think about things outside my own personal concerns. I am currently full of hope that with the changes coming the world will be a better place. James' message made me smile. And the fact that he keeps in touch with his fans to this extent makes me feel like a very lucky fan indeed.
Merry Christmas, James! Luv ya.
Swell guy, that Mr.Marsters.
With all due respect, if we are not a political blog, which I know that we are not then we should not make comments regarding Obama at all whether directly or indirectly. Whether they support or do not support. Merry Christmas!!
Agreeing with James' "go Obama!" comment is a far cry from bringing up random political topics that are certainly never going to be solved at Whedonesque. "Go Obama!" relates to the thread topic. Your comment (and I did read it before Simon removed it, and had a quick scan of the link you provided) did not.
That was very nice of James. So glad that so many have renewed hope for this country (and the entire world) in the new year. Hope feels good.
But it was ok to have a long thread regarding politacal controversy surrounding Prop 8 that went way off top[c regarding the musical with Neil Patrick Harris? I understanding deleting the link but can't help but feel a bit of a double standard, but I will humbly submit.
James Marsters seems like such a nice, awesome guy.
But it was ok to have a long thread regarding politacal controversy surrounding Prop 8 that went way off top[c regarding the musical with Neil Patrick Harris?

Every so often a weighty political issue will appear on the front page and it if it ticks the right boxes*, then I have no objection to further debate on the matter. However this entry in question was about primarily about James Marsters wishing his fans a Merry Christmas and there's really no need for off topic political debate.

*i.e. Joss says no to subsidised farming or Boreanaz backs closer European integration.
This made it an even merrier Christmas. Economic depression who?
I don't think it's being political to wish a newly-elected president well and hope he does the job well. Go Obama! He's the leader of the U.S. for the next four years, so I really hope he does a good job, because, well, I live there. Even if you disagree with some of his stances, you wouldn't want to wish him or the country ill, right? That's not so much politics as just common courtesy.

But besides that, Go James! The last couple years have been quite busy for him, so one can only imagine what projects will keep him busy in 2009.
I hear your point. Thank you Simon.

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