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December 24 2008

Have a Horrible Xmas from Whedonesque. As promised, it's the official thread to talk about the amazing Dr. Horrible DVD. So please do natter away about the extras, easter eggs and the commentaries. And if you have time, vote for your favourite song at

Merry Xmas to everyone.

But Simon, we need a poll for the favorite track in Commentary! The Musical!. Not that I have settled on one, I love each one the best as I listen to the entire thing, over and over again.
I am kinda jealous of all you Yanks with your Dr Horrible DVD's!

But still - merry Xmas:)
And some of us may be fortunate enough to go ahead and get it, but happen to know its wrapped up under the Christmas tree still! (Well I did ask my parents to make sure they were getting it for me so I could get it if they didn't =)
Well I'm a Yank and don't have mine yet, just too broke (next month, for sure. ;)

But it's still only about 1:30 PM the 24th, here in my Hawaii Time Zone, so I will take the opportunity to wish "Happy Holidays" to all, before immersing myself in the yearly dysfunctional family madness.

Bonus feature great story: My birthday is Dec. 20th and my cousin found a Buffy card for me, it even plays the theme when you open it! The most surprising part to me is that it's a Hallmark card, about as mainstream a company as exists, and she found it in Hilo, not exactly an urban center with lots of pop-culture choices in the local Hallmark shop.
The Whedonverse has truly taken over the world. ;-)
My copy arrived today! What a great gift to myself. I have not taken the time to use the clues on .org to locate the easter eggs, but I spent a good bit of the afternoon with the commentaries and other extras. What fun!

And, yes, there should be a poll for best track on the musical commentary. I need to listen to it a few times to decide which is my favorite, as there are several I liked.
Heh, yeah, hope as many of you as possible got this in time for christmas. I'll be waiting some more for mine to arrive, but that doesn't matter, it'll get here eventually :).

Also: happy holidays to all here on the black. Hope everyone has a great (horrible) time!
I would love to share my comments, if my DVD would ever arrive. UPS is down in Portland.
Commentary! The Musical had me rolling on the floor laughing the whole time! But i don't own any chairs.

Congratulations to all the ELE Application contest winners!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Found the easter egg track with the help of the Google machine.
Good raffs.
I don't have the DVD yet but just thought I would chime in with the obligatory "Merry Xmas!" and then also to add the non-obligatory, but heartfelt, thanks to all the people who make this such a wonderful place to come to. Thank you.
Heh i got my DVD three days ago still lookin for easter eggs Merry Christmas everyone.
UPS says mine will be here on the 30th. Just in time for NYE at my house. Can't wait for Commentary the Musical. It's the reason I bought the DVD.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Whedonesquers! Enjoy your Dr. Horrible DVDs, those who have them already. Those of us who don't will just have a few more days (or weeks) of anticipation. ;)

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Merry Xmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy, Happy Holidays to All Whedonesqers and Tancharoenesquers!

As a super-lucky person who got the DVD last Friday, I've already nattered on at detailed length in other threads about how much I love the DVD and especially "Commentary! The Musical" So I'll not go into it again here. But if any of the Official Horribles visit this site and see this thread, let me just extend the deepest thanks and appreciation to all of you for "Horrible" *and* your second phantasmagorical musical, "Commentary!". They're both glorious. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Should you ever release "Commentary!" in purchasable audio tracks form, I shall snap it up lightning-quick. And how.
I just want to see a lyrics page for the Commentary! musical.
Maratanos, according to an official "Horrible" twitter, those lyrics will be posted "soonish." Yay.
I vote for Commentary! mp3s too!
The commentary is excellent. Where are the commentaries on the commentary? Even though I'm very late due to bad luck, I still hope to contribute.
Merry Christmas everybody!
I *love* Commentary! the musical so, so hard. I love it with all my ears (and my heart too). I really hope that they release it on iTunes as songs for my eye pod. I just have so much love for Commentary! that I don't know what to do with it.
OMG there's an Easter Egg! YUM I totally forgot about that what with it being Christmas and all. Must go search.
Sooooooooo much love to Commentary! the musical.
Oh yeah, gotta say I'm slightly addicted to Ninja Rope now! and Ninja Rope Extreme. Totally beat Nathan's score after about 20 minutes! I'm sure he'd have scored higher if he wasn't, you know, doing more worthwhile things...
Got mine today, very shocked considering it had to travel all the way from America!

It is pure awesomeness. The musical commentary defies description. "Better Than Neil" is my favourite song so far, with "Zack is Doin' Us A Little Favor" a close second.

...and I didn't even know Sarah Michelle Gellar was in Dr Horrible!?
she's not, they were being facetious regarding an internet rumor
Thanks to the thread
, I was able to watch the Joss sings as Hammer segment, Joss interview the Evil League of Evil, the Outakes.

Don't you think there should be deleted scenes somewhere. The Commentaries title says something like Commentaries/Special versions. Don't you think that means something. I want more Dr. Horrible stuff.
ah...probably should have caught on to that...
Watching Commentary! again right now. I don't think I can pick a favorite song but "Ten Dollar Solo" and "Better Than Neil" are the ones that get stuck in my head the most.

Shey - I got the same birthday card this year! Love it and am surprised I didn't wear out the battery.

Vanessa_A - There are at least three awesome easter eggs, my kid is convinced there are more.

Merry Christmas & all everyone!
Season's Greetings, one and all!
The absolute best present was receiving this DVD before Christmas. Commentary! is a brilliance beyond what my retail-manager-at-the-holidays mind can process right now. I look forward to many repeated viewings (listenings?) of it. I'm so excited for all the Easter Eggs already discovered over on

@ Shey: I also received the same card for my birthday from another manager at work with whom I had had the most fleeting of conversations about me being a Buffy seriously made me smile the whole day! I love that Buffy is mainstream enough to have her own cards!

Merry Christmas to all!! Time for bed, since (according to Santa is apparently down in Brazil right now, so he should be working his way up to the States in a couple hours.

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Can't wait for the official lyrics of the commentary?

Saw this linked at Dr. Horrible page.

Commentary: The Musical! Lyrics Current mood: hurty hands
the $10 Solo track is by far my favorite track on the Commentary! musical track. and as much as i like what's inside the eggs, the process of finding them is ridiculous. the idea behind hidden easter eggs on DVDs is supposed to be fun little extras that viewers stumble upon randomly while exploring the rest of the disc beyond the main feature. all this riddle & code stuff is beyond what any normal person would ever find if they didn't know to check a web site like google or this one. i love Dr. Horrible so much i've bought copies for friends for Christmas, guess what? like like so many other people out thee, not all of them have (or can afford) computers, let alone the internet. yeah i know it's hard to believe, not everybody is online these days. what if they fall in love with it as much as the rest of us? if they have just as much passion for this as we do? they'll have even more to love about it but how will they ever know? type some code from the subtitles into google to get a Mariah Carey reference to hit enter at a certain point to enter another number? what???? sure, i could tell them about it, but what about everybody else out there who won't even know easter eggs exist on this DVD? it's so complex fans are basically just being denied more to love about it.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

I wish I could comment on Dr Horrible goodness, but Santa just didn't manage to bring mine in time. Still, I must have been a good girl this year, as among my gifts were the 'Buffy' score, the Amazon exclusive 'Beedle the Bard' book, 'Supernatural S3' and registration for SDCC in 2009- my family ROCK!

And so, for that matter, does Whedonesque, so thanks Caroline and mods for all the fun this year!
I got my Monday night, but finally looked at the "Commentary" musical last night. Without a doubt, the Doctor Horrible DVD is one incredible entertainment bargain! I wrote something on it at my MySpace blog , including the ELE applications that made the DVD. Maybe next year, we'll have Dr. Horrible's Christmal Carol.
So, to all a good night!
Wow what fun! Loved loved loved Commentary the Musical! Nice Whedonesque shout out in the featurettes, along with official acknowledgement that we Joss fans are crazy...but in a *good* way. :) Enjoyed hearing Joss talk about his work on a DVD commentary again - it's been too long. Also really cool to learn more about Zack, Jed and Maurissa, and how they brought this wacky Dr Horrible idea to life. (The talent that runs through the Whedon genes is amazing!) Anyway, great fun all around.
Well, that's it... I'm going to Hell now.

Just got back from 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service, and in between hymns, all I could think of was the chorus to 'Ninja Ropes'. Couldn't get it out of my head for the whole evening.

I can't wait to hear Commentary: The Musical! again. As others have stated, I'd love to be able to read the lyrics to some of those gems.

Totally worth buying twice.
Wait, there's a Dr. Horrible DVD?!
Dear Mr. Whedon, Mr. Whedon, Ms. Tancharoen & Mr. Whedon:

I am honored at the inclusion of the original comic coinage, “J-Mo” (© 2008 by The Sharper Stick) in the lyrics of “Commentary! The Musical.” I have as yet been unable to open the DVD "Easter Egg" that reveals my share of the residuals (the social, economic and moral necessity of which you rhapsodize so eloquently). My solicitors will be in touch with you in the hopes of resolving this quickly and painlessly.

Merry Christmas, and may the new year bring prosperity to all of you us.

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The only gift I gave this year was Dr. Horrible. (Helped by the fact that I had no money to spend except for an gift certificate.) And everyone I gave it to has loved it to an insane degree, so that's good!

I'm surprised there hasn't been any love for Felicia's awesome patter song or Neil's Turn -- but then again, my musical theater background makes me an instant sucker for anything Sondheim-inspired.

Does anyone else have a problem getting to the easter eggs? I've seen the opening pages for all three, but no matter what I press (and yes, I followed the directions), I only get back to the main title. At one point I was afraid I'd actually harmed my DVD, which seemed to be snagging, and I'd rather just listen to Commentary! again. ;)
oh man oh man oh man. how i can't wait to get this.

i asked for it like a billion times for christmas. and unfortunately couldn't get it for my birthday (the 20th like shey above)

sidetracking - i did find a way to use the original soundtrack from buffy and cut it down and put it on my phone as a ringtone (i now have my roommate compulsively humming buffy at all times, victory is mine!)
Wait, I thought they were confirming that it was SMG in the commentary. After listening again, I'm really not sure what is going on. could that not be her?
Pretty sure they're joking. What with the "oh, I forgot about that rumor" and "She's always wanted to do internet stuff!" It's one of those things that just won't die.
Favorite song in Commentary! The Musical = easy!

"Ten Dollar Solo", of course! :)

Go Stacy!
OK, reebchan you are not alone. I found 2/3 I've heard of, but I can't for the life of me push enter at the right nanosecond to get into the hammerjoss clip. At Act 2 I've hit enter for every single possible second and driven my family insane rewinding back for "balls" and then the intro of act 2 w/ no result. Seriousfully, I'm going nuts tryin to see this apparently awesome clip. Grrr arrgh!
Otherwise I'm really enjoying this DVD. The commentaries are genius! I give them forty eight billion stars.

I posted a think to fan produced lyrics to Commentary: The Musical! above.

"I'm better than Neil
Just jumped off a moving automobile
He plays with his phone
While tires they squeal
It's my scene to steal
I'm better than Neil"
I finally got a Whedonesque membership which is the best present ever. Hoping to get this DVD tomorrow morning.

Or this morning, I guess it's now the actual day of Christmas instead of the eve.

Hey, merry Christmas, everybody.

I'm seriously thinking about giving Dr. Horrible yet another spin (I have seen that thing an obscene amount of times).

What's that I feel coming on? A new holiday tradition...?

(My current tradition is watching Reservoir Dogs Christmas morning. Yes, I am a sick person. However, I haven't watched it yet this year. So I could be changing my ways.)
Have a horrible Christmas? Well, fine, you guys too! A pox on all y'all! May your presents all be things that were got on sale from the local dollar store, bah humbug, and may reindeer droppings put out your fire! In fact, speaking of flying reindeer, you guys can take a flying...

Oh. Wait. Horrible Christmas, with a capital H? As in, "Dr."?


Well, you wonderful people can just forget I ever posted. :)
My first post here! Merry christmas all.
Hi everyone and Happy Holidays! This is my first post on Wehedonesque and I am so esxcited!

I got my DVD on Monday and I spent the entire evening (About 6 hours) watching it over and over again. I found 3 easter eggs with some help from Google, I watched all of the commentaries and featurettes. My girlfriend is a little concerned.
Anyway, I love it and I hope all of you do too!
Merry Christmas and welcome, Cazador, J.I.G., and WitchyGrrl! Happy Newbies!
Welcome Cazador, J.I.G., and WitchyGrrl! Happy Horrible Christmas to all. May all your presents be Horrible, and enjoy the Easter egg hunt.
A warmhearted welcome to our new members! Always nice to see the whedonesque family expanding :)
Yea to holidays for all the niceness (or Horribleness) they bring, including new members to our community. Cheers!
I thought the Sarah Michelle Gellar comments were hilarious. They also mentioned the Serenity pots and pans, and Nathan referred to Neil as NPH while facetiously worrying about him.

Someone involved reads this site even more than they're admitting.

I also want a Commentary! poll, but we should probably wait a little longer until more people have DVDs.
ah just put in my roast and the musical commentary!!
love these songs!!!!!!!!!!! are they on the cd?
By the way, angeliclestat, I find the term "Yank" offensive. I prefer "bloody colonial." Just kidding! Merry Horrible X-mas all!
I think it was SMG. My god, just look at her. And the silly disguise. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't joke about it or refer to it snarkily in the commentary, because they know that it was a big rumor in the fanbase. Either way, it seems, this hasn't been settled definitively. Darn.
I've finally signed on to Whedonesque after reading faithfully for months now. Horrible Christmas everyone! My computer background screen was changed to the Captain Hammer Gift Card by elves this morning so my DVD's on the way! (slow mail/UPS delivery here due to unusual amounts of snow and ice). I can't wait for Commentary! and am loving all the discussion so I know what to look for first.

Until then, I've got the iTunes soundtrack to listen to...
Merry and Happy Solstice to all! (depending on what you are celebrating...) ;)
I thought it was SMG, too. Is there no way to confirm/debunk this defintively?

Got mine 2 days ago, the wife and I wish the interviews with cast and creators would go on for hours.

Great to see it on the big TV, too!

Got it for an old friend, once a Buffy Denier, now a stone-cold Whedon fanatic. She is having a perfectly Horrible Christmas!
Merry Xmas everyone!

Anyone know when will have the lyrics up to the commentary? I've listened to it probably 4 times and still can't figure all of the words out.
AliciaJo at another site a very considerate person linked where they put the lyrics (as much as could be deciphered) up at their MySpace. I found these lyrics to be really helpful!
(slow mail/UPS delivery here due to unusual amounts of snow and ice)

Yes, mine arrived in Portland at 6PM yesterday, the day it was supposed to actually be delivered to me. So, maybe sometime in the New Year.

Anyone know when will have the lyrics up to the commentary?

J, M, J, Z do.
Joss said no at Comic-Con. I'd say that's definitive. SMG's not going to sit there all day.

Someone involved reads this site even more than they're admitting.

Well Whedonesque was featured in the middle of the fansite collage. As it should be. This is where the magic happens. Wait, magic's not real. How dumb do I feel?
I can't believe that only 29 people have voted for their fave song on the link Simon posted. What gives?

Hope everyone's having a Horrible Christmas (my DVD's still in the mid-west, frickin freak northwest snow storm). Oh, Commentary! How I long for thee...
Thanks embers. That site is pretty awesome. On to viewing number with lyrics.
I thought it was SMG, too. Is there no way to confirm/debunk this defintively?

Isn't it confirmed that it is SMG in the spoken commentary on the DVD?
Happy Horrible to all y'all! (Have only listened to Commentary! once so far. The problem with sharing a TV with a husband who doesn't see the joy in watching things over, and over, and over, and over...) As I mentioned in another thread, "Neil's Turn," for its totally whacked-out Sondheimness, was what made me laugh the loudest on that first go-round.
I kind of favored the songs sung by the three Groupies. I'm not sure which one is my favorite.
Nebula1400, that is sarcasm. It isn't SMG.
'Everything You Ever' is the most played track on my iPod.
Everything You Ever is the least played (Dr Horrible) track on my iPod. Well, excluding the opening and closing credits which I've never played. My Freeze Ray is the most played on the whole iPod but I wouldn't say it's my favourite - the Act I songs are all played more because I put them on there first. My Eyes is probably my favourite - and yes, I've voted!

When it comes to the Commentary! songs, I've had Better Than Neil stuck in my head all day and I love $10 Solo and Nobody's Asian in the Movies so much too.
It is definitely a Horrible Christmas. Dr. Horrible is the 4th bestselling DVD on right now. 3rd best really since Dark Knight has two of the top three spots. Incredible. Really. I wonder how many folks are on Amazon now spending gift certificates like I am.
I don't have the H yet, sadly. But merry Xmas to everyone anyway!
Once it comes, WilliamThe B, you'll have the happiest New Year anyone can have. Trust me!
can not wait for lyrics to the musical commentary to be posted
My parents just left for a cocktail party so I can now watch Commmentary! The musical. Since their TV is 12X bigger than mine, it is a good way to watch it for the first time.

Happy Holidays everyone, and my profound sympathy to all who can't watch it for whatever reason.
We should surely wait for any votes until people have a decent chance to get it and enjoy. I've never had a shipped to arrived delay like that. Bad weather has screwed up North American travel and shipping a lot.

I'm still not finished with the DVD because I'm rationing it out to myself. I've only seen three of the ELOE winners.

Welcome newbies! Horrible Christmas, and damn our eyes, every one!
First off, I am happy to no longer be a lurker, and most happy to be a poster! So hi everyone!

Mine just arrived yesterday, and finally had a chance to show my family here Dr. Horrible for the first time. Reaaally excited for Commentary! That shall be a tonight present for self! I'm positive I will come squee shortly after.
Thought I'd stop by while I'm online to check my email and wish all Whedonesquers, old and new, a Merry Horrible Christmas. Hope it's been a good one.
Welcome and Bwa Ha Ho Ho Ho
To efehan, jill & AliciaJo!
Cool, I finally registered for the site. I love not having to lurk around anymore.

I got the DVD this morning,but I haven't had time to watch it yet. I can't wait to here Joss sing!
Let's rhyme once more
For no-El Jor!
The DVD is my fav Xmas gift, I've watched all I can and now I'm looking for easter egg hints. Found the Wiccan subtitle thingy, now what? Off to Google I go...have a Merry, everyone!
Gasp! I can finally post here! Hooray! ...sorry had to get that out.

That said, I am in love with my DVD! I have listened to Commentary at least 3 times and can't get enough. I need to go back and activate the Easter Eggs now, I found all the countdowns, but had to go forum hunting to figure out how to open them.

Happy Holidays everyone! And I hope to be a part of many discussions to come now that I am a member here!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the old and new members! So nice seeing all you newbies posting! Anywho, tried to get my 80 yr. old mother-in-law to watch but she just didn't get it so we stopped soon into the second act (and immediately popped it in to finish when my husband took her home). Been having fun just checking out all the extras, haven't found any easter eggs yet so will have to google. Loved watching it on my big screen!!
A name as tricky to rhyme as Svestus
Cannot be flamed. It's like asbestos.

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santa did right this year. dr. horrible under the tree and all is right with the world.

i spent a few hours watching commentary the musical, and the other one. as well as all the special features that i could get to without going for the easter eggs. its just as good as i thought it would be and more.

i'm thinking of forcing my family to watch it tomorrow.
Commentary! is spectacular. All other commentaries pale in comparison. I tried for ages to access the easter eggs according to .org instructions but no luck: the one sad bit of an otherwise excellent experience.
(remembering at last minute that thing about being able to join Whedonesque on holidays) -- was caught singing ten dollar solo and ninja ropes repeatedly today. Will Christmas ever forgive me?
I think these of fan posted lyrics is missing something. I think there was another line.

From "Nobody's Asian"

I guess my parents will be proud of me, after all.

JW: What does your father do again?

MT: Oh, he's a nerdy funny scientist.

OK, So I finally got all 3 of the easter eggs to work! They are so cool! Anyone find any more?
After viewing Muppet Christmas Carol, my mom (a fan of Dr Horrible's but not of Joss [she has this thing about Buffy being evil]) and I made my entire family sit through Dr. Horrible and then Commentary! and then the featurettes. And I've been singing Ninja Ropes, $10 solo, and the background chorus of Zack's rap under my breath all day while christmas-ing it up. I can't possibly pick a favorite!
Oh and welcome newbies!
ETA: Another easter egg: Watch all of (or just skip to the end of) “The Music” featurette. When the Menu pops back up, “What Just Happened?” will be selected, press 6 then enter. Something will flash across the screen; all I can say is be afraid, be very afraid. It is very fast. I got a screencap of it tho, so if you miss it, email me. I credit DJ from the fansite for finding this.

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Wow, it was so hard to get drug off to see Marley and Me instead of watching my new Dr. Horrible DVD! I would have sold that dog to Chinatown! But it was worth the wait. I have been a fan of this site for SO long and I finally got in today and Im super stoked!!!! I look forward to arguing with all about the various minutuae of the Whedonverse!
I'd like to greet you in verse, doubtful guest!
But it's getting late, and I'm all rhymed out, full rest.
Welcome to you, too, slothrop-T!
I know that name isn't meant to $&^@ up me.
I ordered 12 copies from Amazon for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, I haven't had a moment to view "Commentary -- The Musical".
As the minutes tick away ending Christmas (ended by the time I'm done this post), I reflect on the awesomeness of the Dr. Horrible DVD. I bought copies for a favorite four year old of mine and my brother. (And also myself!) I couldn't wait to watch it, so I made my brother open his gift last night. We both had good fun watching/listening to the featurettes and the commentaries.

Have to admit though we were a little disappointed there were no Wiccan subtitles. The Easter eggs are definitely cool, but I would have really enjoyed seeing how Joss and Co. would do up those subtitles. It reminded me of The Holy Grail's unique subtitles. Ah. More good times.

Well I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

The real Wiccan subtitles are invisible if you don't use magic.
Lack of subtitles on the special features was somewhat disappointing..

Any chance someone's working on a transcript for Commentary: The Musical?
I love "10 Dollar Solo", that Stacey girl will be going places.
I loved the musical commentary!
"10 dollar solo" is the one stuck in my head too.

I didn't think either of my ELE applications (mine or my friends that I helped make) were league worthy after viewing others, but I was happy to see that the one I worked on harder (my friend's Fright Sprite) made it to the top 75 of the dishonorable mention list before the font got small and started moving really fast. If only they had done a top 100 instead of a top 10.

I really liked the cutinator song though, but it didn't even get near the top of the dishonorable mention page. Her "Awesome song about NPH is also really great.

I knew that The Reverend and Princess Zombie would make it.
I thinks that if there's anyone in London who is pining for Horribleness on DVD, they should come visit -- I got mine and don't mind putting it on repeat for a few days ;)

(oh and hai! I remembered to join on a public holiday! I no longer need to remember to ask gossi to post things for me when I very occasionally have something useful to say :D)

Welcome, scottbert!
Jaynes Hat, I never ever saw the Cutinator, and her NPH Song is awesome, thank you for heading me in that direction! I'm watching all her songs on youtube now.

And welcome newbies (don't you hate being a newbie?), but I'm not reposting the lyrics link to people who don't read upthread! (I'm so mean). I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas like I did (everyone excited to get Dr. Horrible, while I got Doctor Who series 4, AND Veronica Mars season 3!). Happy 2009!
Any chance someone's working on a transcript for Commentary: The Musical?

Doc says they are working on lyrics it. Done Soonish.

Here is a fan created lyrics
Commentary: The Musical! Lyrics <----- the link. Hint: Click it.


Fasten your seatbelts, it's a commentary!

Everyone loves
These "making of's"
The story behind the scenes
The way that we got
That one cool shot
And what it all means

We'll talk about the writing
We'll probably say,
"It's great!"
And the acting's so exciting
Except for Nate

NF: I phoned it in.


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Man,times like this I really wish I had a credit card so I could order Dr.Horrible... I was hoping someone would order it for me for Christmas, but the day came and went with no Dr.Horrible. Oh well.
Astonishing chaos, you don't need a credit card to order from You can use a checking account now.
Happy holidays, newbies and oldbies! I've only been able to listen to Commentary! once because my family doesn't quite get it...but the holidays will be over soon.
I'm starting to get really curious about '$10 solo' now.

*tries to be patient*...*fails*...*discovers there's nothing he can do about it either way* ;)
Well, if the SMG-related stuff in the commentary was indeed sarcasm, it was rather unpleasant sarcasm. Whatever issues may or may not have existed on the set of Buffy, I think it's hard to argue that SMG wasn't a trouper, and yet that, too, is part of the sarcasm (can't have it both ways; it's either all sarcasm or isn't). So this leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Yuck.

I've now listened to "Commentary!" about ten or more times. That's hard to do when you're celebrating Xmas with many family members and friends. But somehow I've done it. I particularly love Joss's plaintive song, but am also partial to Ninja Ropes, $10 Solo, I'm Better Than Neil, Zack's rap "I Don't Do Songs," Moist's jazz ditty, the "It's All About Me" (brilliant involvement by Marti Noxon and David Fury and Lisa Lassek and, I think, Rick Green? Or?), Steve's Song, Neil's musical breakdown, Felicia's song, oh, hell, I love them all.

I gave 6 Horrible DVDs as presents. Kept two for myself: one is going to be a "loaner" copy. Yes, I shall be spreading horribleness wherever I go.
No one said anything about SMG during her Buffy days. But she's not going to sit as an extra all day and not even get credit for it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it doesn't mean she's not a trooper. If it were just a quick shot, it might have been believable, but that was a really long scene. There's just no reason for it to be her, and there's no insult in it at all. They were just joking around.
Perhaps, hacksaway. Nevertheless, to me the disguise of whomever that was is so ludicrously over-the-top and different from the dressing of the other extras that I will always wonder what's up with that. Plus the uncanny facial/body likeness. But I'm letting it go here on whedonesque.

SMG aside, I wonder who was being referred to in an interview by one of Horrible's producers (can't remember who it was) as a mystery person who dropped by during filming and might have ended up participating. This Horrible producer (?) didn't want to spill the beans. I doubt he meant any of the writers - Marti Noxon, David Fury, Doug Petrie, Drew Goddard - who did cameos because why single out just one of them? Anyone else remember this statement?
Scottbert, are you related to Dogbert or Catbert?
FedEx? Centers opened on Christmas for pickups. USPS? Delivered on Christmas. UPS? Closed on Christmas, and still no info on when will deliver.

I'm trusting that the DVD really does exist, and this thread isn't just an enormous practical joke at my expense. ;)
It would be nice to have a totally authorative yea or nay on whether or not that garishly turned out woman next to the groupies was SMG.
I think it's Not Fake SMG. The trooper comment was too mean a thing to say as sarcasm, since Sarah Michelle is famously professional and a big supporter of independent, innovative projects.
I thought the person who mentioned someone dropping by was bobw1o, who said upthread that it wasn't SMG? I guess he never did say who it was though.
Oh that's right, hacksaway. So who was it, bobw10?
Sorry, b!x, the DVD is really a scam.

But Joss felt really bad that so many people sent money to Amazon just because of a practical joke he planned, so if you ordered it, then Joss and Co. stop by your house and hang out with you while you watch it online. That's why delivery is taking so long for some people.
The author of Ninja Ropes and Ninja Ropes Extreme is thrilled to find his games mentioned in Commentary! The Musical: link.
That's a great link, Bobbi.
Thanks, phlebotinin. While visiting, I also discovered that I'm terrible at Ninja Ropes Extreme.
(My first "Commentary! The Musical" Commentary Song... commentary.)

It Should Have Been Me

Here's a tale as old as dirt and holes
A simple fan, whose puppet-gal
Grew up sucking souls.
I sent my application, but didn't win a thing,
Though I sent the judges lottsa gold and bling.
It should have been me.
It should have been me.

It's Sockubus
It's QuoterGal's
The Sockubus.

And if I had any screentime at all, you'd see
It should have been me.

Here's a tale that must be told - and fast.
Of souls that must be eaten
And evil built to last.
My moment was so fleeting
Though my talent is so vast!
Evil League "winners" were hopelessly outclassed.

It should have been me.
It should have been me.
No matter what you think you heard about this travesty.
And if I had any screentime at all you'd see
It should have been me.

I'm listed way far down
in "Dishonorable Mentions"
Although I'm positive
It wasn't their intentions.

You'll never know how much I gave.
For several hours
I worked real hard
I thought I was the Evil Bard.
But they did not agree.

That it should have been me.
It should have been me.
It doesn't matter where I'm listed on the DVD.

It's on the right and very close to last in tiny type.
Just under "Critical Mass"
(and above something that looks very much like "Felicity Firefly"
Or possibly "Penicillin Spider.")

And if you watch my vid
I think you'll agree - finally:
It should have been me.

Not them.
Oh no!
Not them!
Not them!
They're not the stars.
I am.
Not them.
I'm Evil
and should have been accepted
in the League
Not them.
Oh, no!
I finally got 2 things I really wanted for Xmas: 1. Membership on this website (yay!) and 2. Dr Horrible.. My bf videotaped me opening it and screaming like a child (he has plans for YouTube.)

I watched Commentary! earlier and my favorite songs are Nobody Wants An Asian (since I'm half Asian) and the $10 Solo. I like the idea for the DVD's easter eggs since you can have hours of fun trying to figure them out. The DVD is unique from other just as the show was.
Very nice, Quoter Gal. And you are right! It shoulda been me!
Yeah, awesome, QuoterGal. I'm sure it should have been the both of you, QG and Lioness.
Ah, dorkie99, you do have hours of fun searching for easter eggs, until finally you are biting the table, screaming in frustration, and then as last resort at 1 am downloading VLC for iMac.... *sigh* (hey, at least I finally saw them!).
I think it is fitting my first post to this site, of which I am a long time reader, is to agree with everyone else how wonderful and brilliant the DVD is. Commentary! is great, as are all of the other special features.

I had a very Whedonesque X-mas : Dr. Horrible, Angel boxset (ordered when Amazon had it off), Blue Sun t-shirt, Buffy Season 8 and Fray comics. Needless to say, it was a great X-mas.
It should have been you, QG. And Lioness. And me even though I didn't actually enter. They should be able to see through little details like that.
Dreamlogic, had you entered, I have no doubt you would have been the only winner.
On the SMG thing...I agree that it seems a bit implausible that she would sit there for an entire scene of an internet superhero musical and not get credit for it, but the alternative seems even more nonsensical to me. If it's not SMG, why is that extra wearing a wig and giant sunglasses? And why does she have SMG's nose and mouth?
Thanks, hacksaway. I don't know how anyone can dispute that. They may try though. :)
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie too!

I don't have the cash dollars to pick up the DVD yet, but I'm looking forward to getting a copy and in the meanwhile having fun reading the feedback on here.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the 150 or so people who watched my ELE application (it was the highly produced "Number One Fan/Public Enemy Number One".

Wait with baited minty breath for its sequel "Applicant Sixhundredandsomething". :*)
b!x, that theory is very entertaining and much more believable. :)
Barring a miracle in the next 30 minutes of delivery day, my DVD apparently is in one of three trailer trucks UPS isn't even opening until the weekend, for delivery not until Monday or later. They really are not interested in going out of their way to get people their Christmas presents.

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Have we considered the possibility that SMG put on a disguise and snuck herself into the scene as an extra without anyone knowing? No? Okay. I guess I'll have to take Joss' word for it.
I think Diablo Cody has gotten way too big for her britches to spend the whole day sitting around without credit. (Never mind that she has no link to the whedonverse and thus would have no reason to do it as a what-the-hell gag.) It's an entertaining theory but no more believable than the SMG one. Truly, though, that extra bears an uncanny resemblance to SMG. The Horribles have got to realize that now even if it was unintended. I mean, come on. I remember reading Nikki Stafford's blog (the person whom I consider to have written the best unofficial guides to Buffy and Angel) crowing that she'd swear that was SMG.

I swore I wouldn't get into this again but seriously, why would anyone accept a denial offered by Joss at Comic-con in which he jokes that it was really Nicholas Brendan? If it were going to be a sort of hidden surprise gag, why wouldn't he deny it? Why spoil the fun? That denial never struck me as definitive. But, whatever. It really does seem as if it *wasn't* SMG. Too bad. Random cameos are fun.

b!X, that really sucks about UPS.
I'm listening to/watching Commentary! The Musical! right now. This is the bestest thing ever of a previous thing that was the bestest TV show that anyone ever waited for, first on the 'Net and then in this format, the bestest anticipatory sweat on the brow, shaky hands, perked-up ears: Zounds! Is that the Mailman I hear?!. Okay, you get the point. Well worth the wait. Of course, I watched Dr. Horrible again before the other fun new stuff (Good Lord, where/how HUH!? did these folks come up with these amazing (more!) songs? Nathan and Neil have bookend songs even (I'm better than Neil ... No more Nathan and his bean dip). Never fails to amuse and move, whether it's the 5th or 500th viewing.
phlebotinin, pretty sure he made the joke about NB because the whole idea that it was SMG was hysterical. It's funny that anyone thought it could be her. I would certainly counter a joke with another joke.
Hope everyone has/had a great festive season full of festive fun stuff!
QuoterGal, Sockubus will be notorious one day, now that she's had her eyes (or eye) done. Maybe next time, in her upcoming sequel. Sockubus 2 - Soul, you think you can dance, the musical.(tm)

Congrats those who have their Dr H DVDs and also curses * shakes fists at you all* (in the nicest possible way). And also, curse you Fake SMG!@#$ (possible ELoE ploy to do our heads in ?)

Merry Xmas and to some of you, hope you have a Horrible new year!
Ah, well. I'm certainly not in the know-it-all inside loop where I would realize that it would be hysterical for SMG to be in the thing. Sometimes big-time folk do surprising things that might seem unlikely or hysterical. But I'm not arguing the case anymore. It wasn't her. Fine. :)

Back to Dr. Horrible: this is a really obscure observation, but sometimes when Felicia is talking in a very fast manner in those between-songs interludes in "Commentary!", she reminds me uncannily of the Little Rhoda character in The Bad Seed. Anyone else know what I mean? It freaks me out (in an enjoyable way).

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-27 05:00 ]
I'm still amused by this theory.

But not depressed by the sadness? Where are most of those newbies now? Not here. We always get great crops of newbies, but then they get bored, or upset, or beyond bored, and they go away. Because we suck.
Back in July when it went online, I first thought it was SMG, but when Joss said not, I was pretty sure he wasn't jossing, and now that bobw1o confirms it, that's it for that rumor.

However, since bobw1o did see someone whedonesque-y:

"Another Whedon Alum stopped by, but only to visit. In the case that this person is a cast member though, I'm gonna keep that one for now."

I, like a few other folks, am now inclined to think it's Juliet Landau.

Welcome to all our new (and vocal) members, some of whom have very difficult-to-rhymey names.

And belated Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to all...
Welcome, dorkie99, SteppeMerc, and Ella78!

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I finally got my membership here and I am thrilled to be in!! I gave Horrible gifts as well to all my friends and told them I spent three hours on the 19th just watching the dvd. I still have no idea how to find the easter eggs!!!
I gave up on the easter eggs, and told my brother to look online for them. I did find Wiccan subtitles on my own though (hardly an easter egg, though funny). I personally prefer the normal special features to the easter eggs I've found so far, but that's because I love listening to the stories behind Joss'(s?) works, which is why, along with Commentary! the DVD was easily worth it.
(promising not to dwell, but golly wanted to say this when first saw the video of Joss at comicon long ago). Joss' comment on SMG, (followed by comical assertions about Nick Brendon and then an absurdly overdressed extra) always struck me as very likely tongue in cheek or intentionally avoiding direct statements. Why be avoid-y? Well, contractual stuff about appearing for free in film can get weird for a celebrity (heck, just for an actor's union member) even when the celeb is willing to appear -- ?Possible Joss and SMG have to be coy about this? The comicon video actually doesn't itself seem definitive evidence against it being SMG for this reason. And placing her next to the "groupies, one of whom is a co-writer, is not a bad way to insulate her from accidental emergence of "OMG it's HER!" on the part of too many other people. Just sayin'
Doesn't really matter if he was to publish a notarized statement. Or if she were to swear on a stack of bibles. Hilarious!
"If it's not SMG, why is that extra wearing a wig and giant sunglasses? And why does she have SMG's nose and mouth? "

The questions raised here are simultaneously thought-provoking and troubling, and that was hilariously phrased.
This thread got so big I got scared, but I decided to browse and saw myself mentioned by QuoterGal above. Good catch, allow me to shed some light:

EDIT: Credit where credit is due, as far as I can tell now it was Phlebotinin and Hacksaway who first remembered that I said a someone else was on set. Though I was mis-remembered at first as a producer or other crew member. Wouldn't complain though.

EDIT: Also for clarification - I was not on set the day Fake SMG was there, I cannot confirm or deny her presence other than my own opinion (and I choose to believe Joss)

The Whedon alumnus I saw stop by was Amy Acker, and it was the day on the late, great Universal backlot. She was there just hanging out with her kids. Nathan came over to play with them too. There's actually a shot or two in the behind-the-scenes where you can kinda see her, though you cannot make out who it is. The shot shows a bunch of crew, and behind them on the right half of the screen is the door that is behind Penny when you first see her handing out fliers. If you see a shape at the bottom of that door, that's Amy and/or her children. And I'm just to the right of that unrecognizable shape, but I think I'm blocked by equipment and people. I was torn between playing with the kids and watching Joss direct! I compromised by splitting my attention.

As you'll know from the commentary (not Commentary!) they ran late that day. Two memorable quotes from Otto (the assistant director and wonderflonium van driver) and Joss

Following a shot taken around 4pm (the day started at 7am and all the shots required sunlight)
Otto: (sarcastically) Great! We're halfway through our shot list!
(everyone laughs)
Joss: (lamenting) It's funny cause it's true!
(everyone laughs a lot more)

Later, Joss gave a very short and stressed, but still jovial, speech about how they needed to hustle because they were losing light. The speech gained gusto as he went and at the end he threw his arms toward the sky, looked up, spotted something, and said:
Joss: And apparently that's the moon!

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Thank you Bobw10, I love hearing stories like that! But of course that has no bearing on the SMG/Juliet/someone else in disguise discussion of whether Joss was lying at Comic Con or Maurissa was being awfully snide and sarcastic in the commentary (about SMG being a trooper). I am not taking a position on the topic, for the obvious reason that I was not there.
Thanks, bobw1o. Great story--so easy to imagine Joss saying those things.

Also, great work, QG.
Sockubus will show 'em in the end, I'm sure. :)
Oops, i've edited the post already, but the door is on the RIGHT half of the screen in the shot that I mentioned. If I have time later I'll se if I can find the shot. If there's enough to see to be worth looking I'll post better directions to it.
huh, quick aside... both of the 1st Camera Assistants for Dr. Horrible came in to where I work this month. Technically two separate gigs, but related by a common cinematographer (who happens to be one of the camera operators on Dr. Horrible) It was cool to see them again, the first and last time I saw them was for Dr. Horrible. Also, Firefly's 1st AC has been coming in regularly for the past few months.

Okay, off to do productive things with my day.
What a fantastic behind-the-scenes account, bobw1o. Thank you! I love the idea of Amy Acker dropping by with her kids to check out Horrible. I love your representation of Joss's speech and comments. Cool stuff.

Edited to add: Welcome to all the newbies! Welcome, and happy holidays.

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I thought I'd listen to Commentary The Non-Musical, but it turns out to be hard to write while trying to follow a conversation among seven people. Welcome, slayathon!
Meanwhile, don't forget that voting is still open for the People's Choice Award for "Online Sensation". Also, think about nominating Dr. Horrible for a Streamy Award. Many of us are putting it under drama (it's a tragedy disguised as a comedy, IMHO), which leaves it open to nominate The Guild under comedy.
embers, Wow! Joss Lying? Maurissa being snide and sarcastic? Really?

I saw it as Joss putting a ridiculous rumor to rest and Maurissa simply joking around because the whole thing was just too impossible. Funny stuff! :)

I don't see the malice you are attributing to them.
Probably because we're not attributing malice to them. If you take a statement about SMG being a real trooper literally, there's nothing malicious about it. And there's the none-too-difficult distinction between lying and kidding. Cheers.
Pointy, using the words "lying, snide and sarcastic" is very very far from charitable. The differences between lying and kidding is vast. Not sure why you are taking my comments to embers as comments to you. Very confusing.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and base my opinion on the 'was it or wasn't it SMG?' debate purely on what's the most likely to be true.

Therefore, it wasn't. Nice little Whedonesque urban myth though.
As in embers was "not taking a position on" "whether Joss was lying at Comic Con or Maurissa was being awfully snide and sarcastic in the commentary (about SMG being a trooper)"? There's no fight here. It's just a fun little puzzle.
I asked a friend of mine who was about 5 feet from this person during the filming ( another crowd extra), and this person told me that it definitely was NOT SMG, just another background actor.
That was the bottom line that I bought.
SMG was there guarding the secret dossier detailing just how the fans got Serenity made.
You see, I think SMG could convincingly play Not SMG.
What puzzle? The question was asked, answered and settled. And then laughed at for being ludicrous by those involved. I think we should also laugh at ourselves for buying it for a split second. I know I find it silly and funny.
SMG was there guarding the secret dossier detailing just how the fans got Serenity made.

Not to mention the ultra-top-secret file on how FOX is actually owned and controlled by Jebadiah Whedon, Joss' sadistic, evil twin brother, obsessed with destroying every project Joss attempts to get off the ground.

Must be true because I read it online (in the paragraph just above this one).
So, I pre-ordered Dr. Horrible at Amazon, asked for free shipping, was notified that it shipped on the 17th, received it on the 19th, been watching it for eight days now.

Favorites are the chorus of Zack's rap, and Felicia plugging The Guild.

Looking forward to a CD of Commentary.
bobw1o, thanks for great behind-the-scenes stuff - which you've heroically kept off Whedonesque 'til now, despite the fact that they are pure, undiluted Jossery and quite funny. And thanks for clarification; I mistakenly thought you were there for the entire shoot, and I also (without justification) conflated the "dropping-by" Whedon-y actor (now known to be Amy Acker et famille) with "she-who-wears-alleged-wig-and-large-sunglasses" Whedon-y actor" in the third act - still unknown. If that makes any sense to y'all.

Dunno - and don't care that much - about all the in-and-outs of the SMG theory/tale as it unfolded, but will go on record as saying Joss and Co. are clearly big ol' kidders of epic proportions, so anything they've said about this may have been in fun - and that disguise may have been used to 1) hide a face we'd recognize for story reasons or 2) hide a face we'd recognize for contractual reasons or 3) just create a little mystery for us all. It's achieved all three.

I'm loving "Commentary! The Musical" enormously - it really is extraordinary - a whole 'nother great musical as a DVD bonus is truly groundbreaking. I get such a sense of people at the top of their game - with an enormous sense of play - getting to, I dunno, meta-comment about stuff large and small. (I don't mean that making "Commentary!" wasn't hard work - just that their LARGE talents and camaraderie has created something really playful and special.)

I'd do more "Whedonesque Commentary! Commentary in Song Form" (thanks, Lioness, phlebotinin, dreamlogic, RollingInKittens and jcs) but I don't want to be the only one playing. Someone else has to write one, too. Prontissimo, if that's a word.

(And just so all y'all know for sure, I'm truly under no illusion/delusion that I really should have won the ELoE application contest - mine was poorly-produced and half-assed, and next to just about all of the other applications suffers by comparison. I just thought it would be hilariously-fanatically singleminded to listen to the whole new musical and react to that first.)

ETF: Ooops - "undistilled" Jossery would be nowhere near as strong, I think, as "distilled" Jossery - so I've changed it to "undiluted" - which is more what I meant.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-12-28 00:59 ]
And just to add some controversy, I think the girl behind the bars in the teller window (bank heist) is Summer Glau.
Oh, well put, QuoterGal. Yeah, please other Commentary! lovers - play along. It's fantastic that it really is a whole other musical, telling a whole other meta-story of these peoples' heightened (and satirical forms of) selves. I wonder if the one or two other DVD musical commentaries out there achieve that? Can anyone tell me? It's also untrammeled creativity, just artists playing in their great big sandbox. How refreshing that is and how rare that is. Without this being a rag on the network suits - because, after all, they do what they're supposed to do - it's glorious to have Joss and Jed, Zack and Maurissa go for it creatively without being held back by suits. This is serious, serious talent and it is flying free here.

DisChunk's friend's word is pretty persuasive to me. Certainly far more persuasive than Joss's statement (since he can be pretty Jossian and jokey) at Comicon. And certainly far, far more persuasive than the "too impossible" or "ridiculous" theory. How exactly is it "impossible?" Terribly unlikely, yes. But "too impossible?" It's not as if SMG is an A-grade movie star. And even if she were...I don't have the time or inclination to track down all the bizarre uncredited cameos by big-name people that have happened in the history of film and TV but they are out there, googleable. So, impossible? Not entirely.

If people want to still wonder about it, why not let them? Perhaps this is a rumor that is meant to persist, like the "Paul is Dead" thing. How long did that last? Maybe that's not the best example.

Ooh, farfly, you might be onto something! :)

Edited to add: My current fave "Commentary!" song is Nathan's "I'm Better Than Neil." I just love his gleeful silliness. Then again, I'm not sure anything can yet dislodge my love for Joss's plaintive song.

Oh, and please, does anyone know what I mean about the Felicia in her Commentary! character being uncannily similar to Little Rhoda of The Bad Seed? Anyone?

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-28 00:03 ]
phlebotinin - I listened to all of Felicia's stuff again after you said that, and I tried, but I just can't hear it. I'm obsessively familiar with Rhoda "Basket of Hugs" Penmark - having spent much of my childhood being compared to her ; > in addition to reading and watching it as a child and as an adult - but it doesn't hit me at all.

Rhoda is so completely artificial, and though they both share the "playing-doe-eyed-innocence" thing, what's underneath Fakey Sweet Rhoda is malevolent (on the surface) and sorta-clunky-child-precociousness, as the actor. Felicia playing innocence is so much better, and it feels like it conceals a more down-to-earth and earthier presence beneath.

I know you are talking about something in a vocal similarity and more surface-y - but still, I can't hear a connection between the two - those differences I mentioned come through in the voice for me.

These kindof connection/perceptions, though, are so individual and idiosyncratic, it's not surprising if nobody else hears it - I hear these things all the time and my partner just looks at me like I have three heads and all of them kinda odd.
I have one response to the SMG thing - we pick, pick, pick it apart.. :)
bobw1o, thanks for great behind-the-scenes stuff - which you've heroically kept off Whedonesque 'til now

(I gotta figure out how to work this quoting stuff)

You know it's funny, I'm not sure why I didn't put the Joss quotes in at the time. But keeping Amy Acker a secret was hard until I realized she wasn't in it. And keeping the costumes secret! OMG!!! I really wanted to tell everyone about Nathan's Hammer insignia! And Dr. Horrible's outfit is so great. I dunno if it's been mentioned before, but everyone recognizes Dr. Horrible's doctor jacket/smock thing right? Firefly fans should recognize it, And Alien Resurrection fans too...

It's a shame though that I left the quotes out, cause I repeated the speech to myself as to remember the whole thing, but now it's been so long. I can't believe I neglected to write it down! I might've thought they would reflect negatively and didn't want to spoil the fun.

It's so weird looking back on all that. I found out about Dr. Horrible the day NPH mentioned it and it made it onto the internet. The next day filming started and Joss confirmed that it existed, and the day after that I was on set! Just days earlier and we all thought the next Joss show was Dollhouse!

I actually found out that he was doing SOMEthing earlier that week when Ryan Green's brother Peter (both of them, their sister, and their father Jack are on the Serenity behind the scenes, collectors edition only maybe?) came in to work. I realized who his dad was and proudly announced, "You're dad shot Serenity!" He was waiting for me to say "Unforgiven" or one of another 30 movies! After he remembered what Serenity was he spoke very highly of the film and of Joss and of the fans and then mentioned his brother was shooting something soon for Joss! I got all excited and then surprise, Ryan was in a few days later. Is it weird that I still have a copy of the equipment list with Timescience Blood Club at the top?

[ edited by bobw1o on 2008-12-28 00:57 ]
Is it weird that I still have a copy of the equipment list with Timescience Blood Club at the top?

Yes, and also no.
QuoterGal, that is too funny! I was also compared to Little Rhoda as a kid (and as an adult in a loving way by some friends; they even had a penmenship medal created for me with Little Rhoda's name and the name of her school). Definitely Felicia's character in Commentary! is sweet, not evil, so it's not that. It's literally a tone (or timbre?) and tempo thing about her voice. When Felicia's voice gets all speeded up and breathless and pittery-pattery I swear it reminds me of Little Rhoda breathlessly recounting something to her mother. I guess it's an idiosyncratic thing, though.

gossi - Heh. Indeed, we do. Perhaps we should rename the SMG thing "bison."

bobw1o - You're like a god or something. You have scaled the heights of Olympus. It's thrilling to read your recountings.
With 177 posts to wade through, I don't know if this has been mentioned. But a Special Edition CD of the Dr Horrible Soundtrack with "Commentary!" included would SO rock!
bobw1o, I remember the breaking of Dr Horrible on here well. Me saying 'Yeah, Joss knows NPH, who knows Nathan, they want to do an internet thing blah blah', you saying 'Yeah, it's happening!', nobody believing you (or me).. I think you're owed kudos for not spilling too many deets online, as part of the charm of Dr Horrible was - for once - we (as an audience) got to see something completely new, which we knew nothing about sans trailer footage.
Hah, Gossi, I just went and reread that thread for fun. You actually thought the titel might not be for reals, and you actually got uppity with me (in a totally sarcastic way) "Bobw1o, don't make me start another website!" I wouldn't dare spill details, not with Joss himself having asked me not to!

It's funny to see the people that believed it (It's too crazy not to be true!) and the people that didn't (it's too crazy to be true!). I knew Nathan was in it and mentioned a special surprise for browncoats, and then it was hacksaway who mentioned Nathan was supposed to be doing something special soon, and maybe this was it. There was much speculation to be had, it was quite fun. Then Joss came out with it later on the thread:

"The cat is bagless"

And then I said I told you so, like I said I would. I wonder which side of the discussion I'd have been on if I hadn't actually known? And worse yet, what if NPH hadn't mentioned it in that interview? Egads, it'd have been a secret for longer!!! That would have been impossible to be quiet about!

I'm so lucky to have made it to that set, and glad I can share whedony goodness with everyone here. I wish I was there more. So I could share more, no other reason! Just wait until I start telling you behind-the scenes stuff about Dollhouse! Is it okay for me to squee a bit or is that a little weird? Ah jeez, that set....
we (as an audience) got to see something completely new, which we knew nothing about sans trailer footage.

That is so true. After watching weeks of dribs and drabs of Dollhouse coming out, I've been thinking of how wonderfully sudden Horrible was.

bobw1o You're writing it all down this time, right?

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Gotta hate it when that happens.
Am I hearing this part of Steve's Song correctly?

And yes on the horizon there's a sequel
With some substantial bits for Mr. Me.

Cause that's pretty damn awesome, whether irreverent or true. More awesome if true of course.
You're hearing correctly. I assumed it was a joke, but definitely a funny one.
News of the sequel was announced a while back, comic-con maybe? Or shortly after. I think they were calling it more of an Act 4 than a full on sequel, but I might be mistaken.
That remark at Comic-Con wasn't really an announcement. It was just more of the same "of course we want to do more" that all of them have always said.
Thanks bobw10! That was great and thanks for sharing. I love hearing about the behind-the behind the scenes stuff, it just adds another dimension to this fandom. If you have more stories like that, I would love to hear it. I'm hungry for anything Joss is doing and any information is great information, even malinformation (yes, I made that word up), aka the SMG doppelganger and the great also/all so war of 2008 (as Letdown LOL-edly described it). Hopefully, there will be a sequel and more Josserian goodies for us to enjoy and to pick at and analyse. I love what Joss does and stands for and I'm not alone, looking at the position of Dr H on Amazon which is still at # 4 in Movies and TV the last time I checked.
EDIT: I think I figured it out. I may have been privy to some privileged information. Still, I could swear it's been mentioned more definitively in the past few months, but all I can find is several mentions that are... not definitive.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, sequel is definite, Dollhouse will be done shooting for the season by February, so whenever Neil et al are free after that I suppose they could shoot. Hoorah!

[ edited by bobw1o on 2008-12-28 09:25 ]
Yayyyyy! Sequel screechy squee squeal! More moist than the previous less moist one?! Can't wait for 2009. (which isn't that long really, come to think of it)... Anyhoo, Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods and now Dr H Act 4 or more! I second your Hoorah! Which I guess is, erm... Hoorah! Hoorah! *offers bobw10 pheasant and wine and lodgings for being a bearer of great tales and gleeful news*
bobw10, from hints here and there and the mention of an idea for an Act 4 last summer, I don't think you've said anything people weren't kind of piecing together already. But nothing's seemed at all concrete, yet. I'm very glad to know you have reason to think things are more definite.
Lovely surprise today! I ordered the dvd to be sent to my uni accommodation in Cardiff, because I wasn't expecting it to arrive until January 12th. I went home for christmas, just got back and there it was in my postbox. Yay! Speedy post!
I'm loving Commentary! It took a couple of choruses of Zack's rap before I made out the words of the last line - I thought it might be "Don't tell him it's a musical, or he'll want to do Carousel". Though Carousel is a bit Whedonesque, lots of sin, regret, and redemption.

It was interesting to hear Joss's piece about commentaries (Pick It Apart). I'm curious to hear how much it reflects his feelings about doing commentary. I've always thought his commentary on Objects in Space was a wonderful example of telling us "what it means" in a way that enhances the experience of the episode and makes me think about life more deeply. Would hate to think he actually hates doing commentaries like that, 'cause I want more!

Thanks to all the writers, cast, and crew of Dr. Horrible for a wonderful gift!
Oh the most exciting posts always seem to come after the thread disappears over the horizon!
Yeah, really, embers. bobw1o's news is pretty huge. And probably only a small percentage of whedonesque readers have seen it. Damn slippiness of threads!

I had begun to assume that a sequel probably wasn't going to happen - not because the people involved weren't enthusiastic as hell, but because of time issues, etc. This is big. Big!

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-28 18:07 ]
Uhm, I had an email from Joss which I'm pretty sure everybody got saying they're doing another part to Horrible -- he sent it to a mailing list a few weeks ago. There's a period (Feb/March) where they should be mostly done with Dollhouse before Cabin In The Woods actually starts shooting, so if they could get the cast for a short period (HIMYM permitting, but that's a single camera so schedules are flexible) they could shoot then. Although that's just hand wavy dates, I've no idea.

How is this news? They've said before there's going to be a sequel part publicly, I'm sure.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-12-28 18:15 ]
It's news to me. I'm not on Joss's email list, sadly. Who is this "everyone" who is on a mailing list? How do I get on the mailing list? And if there's no way to get on such a mailing list, it'd be nice for those on it to update the rest of us. I don't remember any front page post announcing this.

I would swear that everything in the media since July has been wishy-washy as far as a sequel goes. No one has denied that a sequel would happen and there's been a lot of hope, but no one has confirmed it (to me or my eyes).

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-12-28 18:20 ]
Alright, I got this on December 10th:

"Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to you! Our fans! This literally would not have been possible without you. And because of you, there is more to come...


J, M, J, Z"
Cool. Very, very cool. Cheers for that, gossi.

I must say, those lines in Steve's song about a sequel for sure coming were a big tip-off. I didn't think that they'd be so cruel as to inject that in there just because.
Is that via the mailing list at
Part of the thing here is that if, say, Joss Whedon says "we're gonna make a Spike DVD thing!", nobody really believes him anymore 'cos we all know how little things come to being. (Goners, Missing in action). 'cause the money men and licensing/rights gets in the way. That isn't a problem with Horrible, 'cos, well - hello, we can all work it out.

Here's why they should make a sequel - aside from the fact there's obviously a lot of story blood left in it, if you want to prove a business model, a critical thing is to repeat a hit. Do it again, and people will start to seriously take notice.
Yeah I noticed that in the email too. It is the Dr. Horrible email list, Simon. I see your point gossi, but that wording's vague. They've always been saying they want to do more, and hope to, and lately the comments in interviews and such are more that they intend to, but it's hard to tell with these things what that really means. I've been expecting to hear something more definite about a full sequel or Act 4 at some point. But there's been no real buzz about a sequel yet, so I figured I was interpreting things rather optimistically.
Gee, I thought I was on the Dr. Horrible email list, I wonder if my email provider put it into 'spam'? *sigh*
Erm, in reality that line was first used in their email newsletter back in September. So "more" at that point meant things like the ELE contest, the DVD, the CD, etc. Looks like it just became the standard sign-off slug in their newsletter. So, that line can't be used as proof they announced a sequel in December, since it was just a re-used line from September.
I prefer Enthusiasm Crusher.
That's usually my job, bix.
But I claimed the actual name ages ago. Nyah!
So...the sequel is just a proposed idea, as it has always been. Damn you, b!x!
Oh yeah, I got that email too. And in b!x's defense, I was reading the posts crestfallen I had been missing emails, So I'm relieved b!x killed your joy/crushed your enthusiasm.
But wait - what about bobw1o's inside info stated above in the thread? That's encouraging.
Seemingly. Although, as I think gossi mentions, Dollhouse might be done shooting by February, but The Cabin in the Woods starts in late February or early March. Granted, Joss is producing that, not directing that, and he's the only one who could judge producing Cabin and doing another Horrible at the same time.
Okay. Well, I shall continue to keep my grubby, greedy fingers crossed for successful schedule-juggling and more Horribleness as a result.

Apropos of nothing except, well, Dr. Horrible, the two DVDs I got that I opened (as opposed to sent to others) do not have that DVD-R purpleish back (whatever the terminology is I don't know it). They are silver-backed and "Dr Horrible" is imprinted on that tiny innermost circle ridge thingie (again with the lack of terminology). I thought DVD-Rs couldn't do the latter and were also always purpleish on the burned side. Can anyone comment on this? Might the first batch have been actual DVD pressings because they knew they could sell at least X number of DVDs right off the bat? I've seen in discussions elsewhere that it actually might have made economic sense to do that.

Sorry to bring this DVD stuff up, b!X. I know that your DVD story is grim. Bastard UPSers.
It's all good. It'll get out of one of those three unopened trailers at some point.
phlebotinin, mine is like yours, but I've been reading on Amazon reviews that some people did get the purple kind. I'm not sure what to make of it.
Yeah, I'm guessing they must have pressed the first batch and run out of those already. Maybe if the demand stays high, they'll do another run. I ordered another one last Saturday, but it hasn't been opened yet. I'm curious which type that one will be.
So a kind soul responded to my pleas to temporarily hook me up while I waited for my own copy to arrive.
I'm *so* waiting for other people to write "Commentary!" commentary songs. I've been very patient, but I... I... I feel so alone.


It's sad and confusing!

I know full well that a majority of you can write me under the table - and that many of you don't have your DVDs yet - so *sigh* I can wait a little longer for these gems. But don't leave me hanging forever!?!

I just know we can pull together and make this the best Commentary commentary ever!
Songs might be a bit much for me. But I could probably write a commentary track entirely consisting of haiku.
The ELE interview egg makes me giddy.
QuoterGal, please just post your commentary commentary songs, because I can assure you that I got nothin'. And B!x I'm thrilled about you being giddy, finally.
Mine finally arrived via UPS. Looking back a few posts up, I note that mine does not have the purplish back.
I'm *so* waiting for other people to write "Commentary!" commentary songs. I've been very patient, but I... I... I feel so alone.

I totally fell down on this one. In my defense, there was a House marathon on for two whole days and I have a soft spot for misanthropic medicine. I will try to come up with something not-awful this week.
It finally made it to my parents' mostly snowed in mail box, but totally worth the wait. Is it wrong to want a commentary and making of for Commentary the Musical? Where does it end?
So, does someone have a confirmed explanation for the weird crap on the back of the DVD case?
A song? Gulp. We'll see.

Glad I came back here because I had the same newsletter email, from Team Horrible (not directly from Joss), and just hadn't opened it. Nice. And how interesting - at the bottom of the email it appears that Dr. H has an address on Pico Blvd. Wonder what that is. His lab? His post office box?
Wonder what that is.

His evil lair of Mutant Enemyness.
No world with Commentary! The Musical in it can be entirely broken.
Better start writing those songs to go along with QuoterGal's. Because, you know, they need to be collected.
I just remembered I have several annoying little Garageband-created tunes. I wonder if I can dig them up and write lyrics to them.
Having finally gotten my copies of the Dr. Horrible DVDs--I ordered a few--I have the say, Commentary! was as good as I hoped. I'm off to watch the ELE applications, and I'm very glad I finally got to join the site I've been stalking for almost a year now.
World Domination, Sort of (or, Tonya's Turn)

Commentary! The Musical Commentary Song

I'll start out small
doing things you'll hardly notice
It's MY turn
Soon, I'll be more powerful than POTUS

Look, I've been supporting you people
for years, nearly every one of you
Whedon, feed me some grapes
Fillion, brush my silky hair, now

I'm aware that might sound slightly snotty,
Carrying out a former minion's wishes, but
If you don't you'll be sleeping with the fishes
... along with Bad Horse
Harris, aren't you listening! Go wash my Porsche!

Spent money on DVDs - endless hours watching Buffy
Oatmeal at 6am watching Angel on TNT
I deserve some glamour, some money, some JUICE ... (I know!)
David Boreanaz will be my masseuse

Mirror Mirror on the wall, WHO'S the scariest of all?
Well, that would be me (no, I'm not nice)
I'll take over all the studios and bend them to my will
And you can make your movies ... for a price

Muwahaha - haha - ha! I'm having so much fun
I think I'll turn an arabesque and
After that I'll hack WHEDONesque!

I'll mix up the colors and scold who I wish
Especially those who are posing as scribes
And that cute moderator, Sodding Nancy Tribe?
He'll do my bidding or ... you got it, da fish.

Oh, I wish it was real, for once my due given
I want power, I want fame, just like Jeremy Piven
The world shall be my Entourage
'Cause it's my turn, it's finally my turn.
I just got the DVD. Amazing awesomeness, though I was a little disappointed overall about the ELE choices. A few were great, a few were ok, and a few I didn't like at all. And my application didn't get listed in the Dishonorable Mentions. :(

I so want Commentary! on my iPod.
Aloha Joe, which was your ELE application?
The Evil League of Evil String-Along Application:
AFAIK, bix, no one figured out the weird crap on the back of the DVD. I would like to find out the answers to this. It reminds me of the viral games they tried playing with Dollhouse. But this one is more substantial. And frustrating, because I want to peek at the answers.

Side q: Did anyone get a message from Joss with the DVD? I thought it was mentioned before, but alas I'm without... so I thought I'd check.
Well, I've now looked at every file on the DVD and <joke here> (also, now confident that I've seen everything there is to see).
Woohoo! My dvd just arrived, a whole month ahead of the estimated delivery date. Of course, I can't watch it for another few days until I'm on my own in the house again, but I don't care. *strokes dvd case lovingly*

So shiny.

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