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December 26 2008

TV Reviewer mentions Dr. Horrible in Year End Wrap-up. Tim Goodman uses Dr. Horrible as an example of good things happening on the 'net. Mention is near the bottom of the column.

I'm sorry that the reviewer didn't notice my favorite brand new show on TV: 'Leverage' is really awesome, or my favorite on going internet series, because 'The Guild' is even better now than it was last year! But I shouldn't complain, because recognizing the coolness of 'Doctor Horrible' is always appreciated!
Reading this reminded me how terribly angry I was about Pushing Daisies' cancellation... television is a fickle thing. Nice to see Dr Horrible is mentioned, though. Didn't really make me any happier, though.
Reviewers, award shows, and ratings boards really need to start separating web shows from TV shows. If web shows had a category, Dr. Horrible would have been at the top of the list.

Sure it is nice to see how it compares to other shows, but I am not sure Dr. Horrible's SAB should even be considered to be like a tv show at all. I know it has been discussed before, Isn't it really more of a movie with 3 acts?

Of course my only proof that it is not a tv show is that the Penis reference (which I love) would make it impossible to air on TV without editing thanks to our wonderful friends at the FCC.

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