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December 26 2008

Dr. Horrible makes Top 10 TV shows in "The Fien Print". Despite not being a TV show per se, DHSAB makes #8 in Daniel Fienberg's year-end column on the new site. Pushing Daisies and Chuck also make the list at #6 and #5, respectively. Oh, and Mad Men at #3.

I like his list, although I didn't regularly watch anything in his top 4. From what I've heard, though, to be beaten out by any of those and, of course, PD, Chuck, and Lost (three of my all-time favorites) is a tremendous compliment to Joss & crew. :)

Edited to add Mad Men info for multiple Whedon cast members.

I'm glad PD has made a Top Ten list. Even though it may look bright and cheery, the fact that the piemaker is starting to regret his magic touch because he brought his undead girl's dad back from the dead makes this a show with an edge. I will really miss this show.
I also like Mad Men more and more after season two, especially for Jon Hamm. That guy will be BIG soon.
I wonder how much Harmony considered sex with a ghost in early Angel season five.
I doubt it's a business model many people who aren't Joss Whedon are capable of making work

Well, he's an extraordinary guy. :) Perhaps the freedom offered by this new model is best suited for those creative geniuses being stymied by studio system.
I think the issue is more the number of favors or delayed payments that this model required. Not a lot of people would have the pull, or be able to generate the excitement amongst participants, to make that work as a regular business model.

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A combination of creative genius and name recognition, certainly. Whedon is a man apart in this sense as his name is instantly recognizable.

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