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December 26 2008

Whedonesque made's top 100 list. A list of the top 100 TV-related items of 2008, with Whedonesque at number 53.

This list is actually funny to read in its entirety, even though the whedonesque entry is a bit short.

Weird. Didn't work the first time I clicked but it did the second time.

I'm not sure I like them telling people who don't know Whedonesque to just skip it. Even people who aren't diehard Whedon fans can find interesting posts here. A lot of the links are to general entertainment stories that include other things besides Josstuff and, of course, it would give us a chance to subvert newcomers.
Check out this related article.
Dollhouse at #7! Top Ten: Most anticipated of early 2009
That is an odd thing to say. It even takes something away from their list. If it is important enough for them to rank, you would think they would view it as important enough to visit if you know about the Whedonverse or not.
Did we really beat The Wire? That's either amazing or just incredibly wrong.
My edgy and subversive posts have easily put us above The Wire. Easily. Someone give me an Emmy already.
Well, to be fair: there's quite a few sites out there and the question does beg itself why anyone would want to come here for general entertainment news if they don't know and/or don't like Joss Whedon, seeing as everything posted here is linked in some way or another to his work.

ETA: cabri, I read their line more along the lines of 'if you don't know Joss Whedon, feel free to skip this site' instead of 'if you don't know whedonesque, feel free to skip it'. The former makes sense, the latter.. not so much :).

Anyway: I agree that it sounds somewhat harsh, when written down like that by, but I don't necesarily disagree. Whedonesque is pretty big in this fandom, but not so much outside of it. Which is fine by me :).

Having said all that, it is pretty cool to see us pop up in this list.

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Whedonesque is pretty big in this fandom, but not so much outside of it.

That's the way we like it. Non-Whedon fans need not apply. You've gotta love the Whedon to swim in our ocean. Gulf? Lake? Appropriately sized pond? Anyways, Whedon love is essential to this pool party.
I can't believe we got beat by Cloris Leachman mugging for the camera.
Did we really beat The Wire? That's either amazing or just incredibly wrong.

Not the whole of The Wire, just the final montage. It was somewhat controversial among fans.
Only managed a season or two of The Wire before I got a little bored, whereas I've been around this place, on and off, for going on five years now.

Therefore, Whedonesque clearly more deserving of the higher position. So says my attention span.
Try to get through The Wire. I found the second season to be almost unwatchable, but everything else is near gold. Sounds like maybe it was season two that dragged you out of it, so I'd suggest pushing through it into season three.
Hmmm... I just registered yesterday, and already we're on this awesome list. So, I guess, you're welcome.
You're probably right, b!X. The Wire was never a show I absolutely hated. It just lost interest during the second season to the point where I didn't go out of my way to keep watching. Then, before I knew it, it was two or three seasons later and I had a bunch of other shows to watch.

I'm always one of the first people to stick up for Lost when they say that season two was boring and they stopped watching because of it. With that in mind it would be pretty hypocritical of me to not give The Wire the same benefit of the doubt, I guess. Looks like I have another show to add to my DVD buy list.
Long talk.

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So many n00bz trying to take the credit :), when we all know people come here for the pie spoilers.
Whedonesque; number 3 on google for "pie spoilers", number 3 for "joss whedon" but not even in the list for "comic canon".

(in researching this post, I found this amusing discussion on star wars canon called "Can We Get "The Canon Argument" Out of the Way Now." After a 2694 posts, it turns out, that no, they can't.)
Yeah, as Rimbaud once said, "on this canon, I mean to destroy myself,"... Oh, that was cannon? Hmm...
Long talk.


Slightly less randomly, there's a canon for Star Wars? How come nobody ever told Lucas?
Thornton Melon: "I hereby dedicate this building to... myself."

Its a flattering blurb for Whedonesque and whenever Joss gets publicity, its a good thing. Is he ever going to be on Letterman or Leno??? (does he have an agent?)
I would love to see him on The Daily Show.
Didn't the charge of the light brigade go horribly wrong because of some argument about what the originally intended canon was?
Sparticus - I'd heard that as well, but I'm not sure if that's considered canon.
Very cool, & I'm not complaining about the wording. I loved "The center of the Whedonverse" and the off-hand reference to "Whedon's genius".

Other things to love -
#57: The evolution of showrunners
#'s 77 & 74: True Blood, Alaxendar Skarsgard on TB
#82: Brian Austin Green on T:TSCC
#86: Admiral Adama ... YAY!, but I would have placed him so much higher, probably in the top ten.
#92: The Darlings of Dirty Sexy Money, one of the most fun shows ever
#94:Captain Hammer from DHSAB, calling Nathan "absolutely hilarious".

And re. The Wire: anyone who dropped out because of season 2, you have no idea what you've missed. Not for those with a short attention span, or those who can't handle having their emotions dragged across broken glass (so lovers of Joss's shows should be good to go.) ;) This show is demanding on every conceivable level, and ultimately rewarding. Easily one of the best and most socially relevant shows in the history of TV.
And re. The Wire: anyone who dropped out because of season 2, you have no idea what you've missed. Not for those with a short attention span...

Funny, that exactly what I always say about Lost. Meaning that I really should follow my own advice and get around to re-checking out The Wire.

If it ends up being even half as good as The Shield, it will be time well spent.

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