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December 26 2008

(SPOILER) Lindsey Meets Jonathan ... sort of. Don't know if they have scenes together, but Danny Strong (Jonathan on "Buffy") is listed as a guest star on this episode of TNT's "Leverage," scheduled for airing Jan. 27, which has Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald on "Angel") as a regular. Mark Sheppard (Badger on "Firefly") has a recurring role on the series.

This is an amazing show, it really features Christian Kane (although he hasn't sung yet, but he can win even when seriously out numbered, even if they have guns!), and Mark Sheppard's character is very twisted (and is kind of the good guy, since he is the one representing the lawful interests against our intrepid thieves). Now I'm really looking forward to see what Danny Strong will be doing since this show seems to cast against type a lot. I really do recommend this to everyone.
CK hasn't technically sung on the show yet, but they did play his song "More Than I Deserve" near the end of the episode "The Two-Horse Job."

Leverage is definitely one of my faves right now -- can't wait to see Danny's appearance.
Yeah, I'm liking Leverage, as well, and I really liked seeing Sheppard again. It was also fun to hear Kane's song. I'm glad to see Danny Strong appearing. I'm glad he's keeping his acting options open, although I hope he has a new screenplay in the works, following the success of Recount.
I've really enjoyed this as well (and it's cool to actually have something to watch during December). CK's character is cool, though I have to say my favorite is Parker, for the outright zanyness. I really hope the show continues to do well.
I don't have a favorite character for Leverage, I like them all just the same. I quite enjoyed Mark Sheppard's character-glad it's a recurring role. I had no idea Danny Strong was going to appear but yay! Can't wait for that.
I love this show and so enjoy seeing people I grew to love on Buffy, Angel & Firefly show up on current shows. Lindsey was one of my favorite characters from Angel. Do hope he gets to show off his voice soon.
Loving Leverage. It is getting me through the long painful wait for Burn Notice to come back.
Oh my goodness, what shall we say next.
I've only seen the first ep, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to checking out some more.
I hope it's doing well in the ratings, it's a great show.
Does anyone know what episode Sam Anderson (Holland Manners on Angel) will be appearing in? It should be fun to see him and Christian together again.
I'm not sure when Sam Anderson's episode is going to air. Leverage isn't showing up on his IMDB yet.

And yeah, it should be fun-I'm hoping they'll have at least one scene together.
Too funny - Holland Manners and Lindsey together again on Leverage? Love the (unintended)pairing. And Jonathon popping up? Very nice. Leverage really is a pleasure.
I love this show, and it just keeps getting better. I'm a sucker for the anti-establishment, Robin Hood hook, and the cast is a dream ensemble.
And they can use more Kane music any time. Even though I'm not a C&W fan, Christian's voice is a thing of melty beauty.
I like Leverage. Christian is really cool and I did always have a thing for stories like the A-team. I just hope that there will be some depth to the story.. not just the week-to-week stuff. I can't wait for "Holland" to show up. It'll be funny.

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