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December 27 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera to have big screen showings in US in January. The official site for the ASH film is here.

Interesting - it's due out on DVD & blu-ray on the 20th of January.

It'll be in Milwaukee, but I'm not driving four hours just to go see a movie Tony's in. At least it's actually going to be in Wisconsin, instead of every state surrounding it.
Thanks to whoever fixed my formatting - someday I'll get this right!
My wife and I saw this a couple weeks ago- a lot of fun. The director said afterward that ASH was his ideal choice for the role, largely thanks to seeing Once More With Feeling.
For those of you still on the fence about seeing this, I STRONGLY urge you to catch the third Road Tour if you can. As it stands, there's no other tour announced, so this may be your last chance to see it in a theatre. This movie needs to be seen with others - at home on a DVD just isn't the same!
I'm looking forward to the DVD, because the sound system where I saw it didn't cut it, and the week's run here used the same cinema.
I have now missed this in both Austin AND Seattle by just a hair. I'm hoping third time's a charm! If not, yay DVD!
NimNams has got it right: it is worth traveling. I have traveled 150+ miles to see the movie - twice. And it's worth the trip! We're even planning our Repo! party after the BluRay comes out on the 20th.
For those worried about driving a long distance to see this movie, let me drop some numbers at you:

3 - Number of times I have seen "Repo! the Genetic Opera"
1,655 - Number of total miles driven (including trips back)
27 - Approx. hours in the car during these trips
4.9 - Hours spent actually watching the movie

And was it worth all that time (and gas money)? You betcha.

Trust me when I say that this is a movie you want to watch in theaters, preferably at on of the Road Tour stops, as the crowds are even bigger and better.

To quote the director of the film from the Talkback after my first viewing, "Imagine the difference between seeing Rocky Horror for the first time either at a midnight showing with all the fans, or watching it on your iPod on the bus to work" It's just not the same experience.

I just got back from a 8hr drive from seeing it in Chicago where they had a 2-day showing of it, 2 midnights in a row, and I went to the second night and people were already dressed up and singing along after seeing it the previous night.

And for those of you going to the Milwaukee showing, I'll see you there!
I just got back from seeing the Cincinnati Show. Tony Head is great but the grave robber really steals the show. Of course he got to rehearse it in the stage show for several years. Tony and others apparently only got one or two takes to get it right since the studio only gave them 8 million for this film.

It is too bad that the studio test audience hated this film dooming it to DVD release only because it was really fun. But like Dr. Horrible, Repo makes the watchers experience comedy and drama at the same time and some people just can't deal with that. Those types of people need to stick it into a catagory and think that mixing comedy and drama is just unacceptable and that the director doesn't know who he is trying to appeal to.

BTW, the DVD will have a bouncing ball sing along scroll at the bottom of the screen. I had hoped they would add that to the Dr. Horrible DVD as well, but they didn't.

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