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December 27 2008

(SPOILER) Faces to watch: Tahmoh Penikett. Find out why Joss chose him to play Paul on Dollhouse (and lots, lots more).

I did (do) wonder if Dollhouse's Paul has anything in common with The Inside's Paul, both of whom seemed to be characters who wanted to be 'white knights' but ended up meddling where they needn't/shouldn't be.
I'm guessing that Dollhouse's Paul is a lot more screwed up than The Inside's Paul. BTW: I miss Jay Harrington.

On topic: Tahmoh is gorgeous, and smart. It really is a bit too much. :)
Such a lovely man. :) But, ugh, the kiss of death at the very end: "... patience will be key."

Edited to add the missing slash.

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He was motioning at FOX as he said that, cabri. By the way, I made that up.
Hunh. At first I assumed the columnist added that comment because it's not something the actors usually say, knowing that the American public has zero patience. I wish she had put it in quotes or something more definitive.
I admire Tahmoh a great deal, both for his acting and his down-to-earthness. I ended up on the same flight as he did a little while back (left him alone despite my fangirl love for him, because, well, plane) but noted that though he got separated from his friend on the very full flight and got a crummy seat, he was polite and seemed goodnatured throughout the flight... at least the portions for it that I was awake.

I'm very excited that he'll be on dollhouse, and I like that the article mentioned he didn't like panicking. I'm with him.

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That picture of Tahmoh is very sexy.
If you ever want to be thoroughly creeped out, make sure to read Never Let Me Go.
Oooooo, he is dreamy! I watched the first season or so of Battlestar Galactica, but it got way too depressing for me so I bailed. So I'm excited to see him in Dollhouse!
cabri I agree, that was slightly upsetting, but always a good reminder that patience is a virtue!

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