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December 27 2008

Buffy season one : a fan trailer. This is an amazing trailer that will leave you speechless, and will probably make you want to see the first season all over again. There is also one for season 2 here.

Those fan made trailers are awesome, they look so professional
Those are both excellent. Loved the opening of the second one.
Awesome. I'd use them to encourage my friends to watch Buffy but they're a bit too spoilery, especially the season 2 one
Wow. They were suprisingly well made (considering the normal quality of fanmade trailers).

Although its bugging me; whats the song used at the start of the season one trailer?
Hey, that looks like a fun show. Not so sure about that title, though...

The song at the beginning is Tiny Little Fractures by Snow Patrol.

Good trailers. if they weren't so spoilery I'd probably show them to all my hesitant friends.
This is really well done, but contains major spoilers for the new folk. On one hand it's a very tempting teaser to inspire Buffy "virgins" to watch the series, but it would ruin some of the best surprises.

However, for us who have watched the series, ahem, more than once... spoilers don't matter, and I enjoyed this compilation very much. Great job!

ETA: Can some of these very talented folk make "spoiler safe" versions of these teasers? That would be cool.

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I like both as trailers, even the one done for Angel by the same person is very good too.
OMG wow that is amazing. These trailers are top quality, I felt like i was in a movie theater! Wow. Can't wait for the rest of them. Especially season 6. =)
Those are quite remarkable, as is the one on Angel. They would certainly make me want to watch (but, yes, they are quite spoilery).
Holy crap! That's really good. And it looks amazing on my new ipod touch. Funny that it spoils most of the season one surprises though.

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Loved it, but it did give away ya know...everything. Reminds me of movie trailers these days that give away the entire movie :) Top quality though!!!
I'm saving these for anytime I need to talk somebody into trying out the Buffyverse, they miss nothing.
Wow. This is going to make talking people into watching the show MUCH easier. These are amazing trailers.
Wow, impressively well done. Though a bit long for conventional trailers.

Also, watching the first one really solidifies the fact that "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest" are really good introductory episodes to the world of Buffy.
The only thing the season one trailer didn't spoil was that Buffy dies. There were a few more secrets left in season two, but probably only because it was longer and the clip would have been too long otherwise.
Also, watching the first one really solidifies the fact that "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest" are really good introductory episodes to the world of Buffy.

Totally agree, Nolan. I ask/beg/urge/implore that people watch the first 2 episodes almost always has worked. Fabulous exposition, as well as a wonderfully drawn story, one that makes you want to know more about these people.
Yeah, those two trailers were sweet!!!! Many kudos to the maker of those fantabulous vids.
Wow. I am not a fan of fan videos, but this is amazing. Who cares if they're spoilery, the show came out years ago! The season one trailer will be amazing on quickly introducing people to the show.
Thank you for posting this!
I want to see THAT movie! Great trailer.
Being a huge fan of fan vids I have to say that those are by far the best I have ever seen!!
Amazing work! Great job to the maker of those videos.
Even the Angel vid is a great watch.
I agree with those that said they were spoilery, but then again most trailers are spoilery ( just ask roger ebert :P). I think they are very much the action movie trailer formula, but still the best trailers I've ever seen for Buffy. Bravo to the creator.
Wow, that was funtastic! Makes me wanna go all searchy and check it out. What was the show called again? Buffy something was it? By Josh Wheldon? Seriously, the trailer brings back all these happy and empowering feelings I had when I watched Buffy. Awesome television! Joss consistently makes great quality television and I love everything he has ever done. Can't wait for Dollhouse. I'm happy because there's thirteen more episodes than I had before at around the same time last year. And no, I haven't had Dreamlogic's absinthe, just happy is all. : )

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Very good, and they look so much like trailers to movies I WANT to see ;-))... Clearly they reveal about everything (they leave out one thing: Oz!!!), but I think that someone who hasn't seen the seasons wouldn't really notice all of the spoilers as much as being given a good taste of the buffyverse..
Can I just say a bad word here? Sorry but... HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AWESOME! I'm sold, when's this show coming out? And they already have a trailer for the second season! And a spinoff movie about that vampire boyfriend the main chick has? Did they do these like the Lord of the Rings by making them all at the same time? I CAN'T WAIT!

(Tongue jabbing in cheek of course)
Wow I am very impressed... I am sure those trailers are higher quality than my DVDs... how does that work? XD

Really solidifies the status of Season 2 as one of the best in my eyes, it has its less than good episodes, but the tragic love story as a binding thread is possibly one of the strongest arcs in Buffy as a whole.

The Season 1 trailer really did very well as an introduction too... the brief clips of Willow in front of the PC for example. Very clever trailer!
I loved it. It was very well done. The fantrailer is actually better then the "real one". He/She did a really good job.
Much to love here. I enjoyed all 3 of these trailers thus far. Can't wait until all 12 are made (plus the ode to the Angel/fanged four flashbacks). ;)

The Angel one seemed like it morphed into a fanged four trailer part way, through. I might chop out the Spike scenes, put in more about Angel's redemption journey and make a separate one for Spike or make it a fanged four trailer instead. It sort of loses focus. Still a brilliant editing job, however. Puts me to shame assuredly.

Season 2 is the best one, IMO, because it really does show just how epic and strong that season is. I cringe a bit at the "barely 200" remark about Spike though. If you're going to make a trailer, at least leave out the stuff that got tossed out of canon.

If I were tweaking the trailers (besides removing lines about character ages that must be fanwanked and the bad pronunciation of Angelus as "Angeles"--stick a soundbyte from somewhere else over that clip)...

I would probably add a disembodied version of Buffy's "close your eyes" over the white-to-red title right before the shot of Angel getting reensouled. Mostly, I just want any excuse for that line.

The other bit I didn't understand was the loss of "...and to care" at the end of Angel's speech about the things he's done. It would have set up the good vampire aspect better in the trailer to leave that line in. Kudos for putting in the Angel/Xander "You love her."/"Don't you?" bit. And of course, the "fruit punch mouth" line is the highlight of the first trailer.

But yes, very spoilery, but very enticing. The only possible thing I'd object to spoiling someone with in the first trailer is that Angel is a vampire.

Though, the vampire-in-love-with-a-Slayer/human angle is probably the show's first big selling point for early viewers. It's kind of hard not to spoil it when you're trying to get someone to watch the two shows (especially if they are aware of AtS and perhaps a vague description of the synopsis).

When condensing that season into the bare minimum for viewers who are fighting the process, I go with Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel and Prophecy Girl for a minimalist introduction.
As others have said - amazing trailers! Very professional and they could easily show in a movie theatre today.
Fantastically spoilerific and thus not really something you show a potential fan to hook them really... But they are both really excellent.

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I loved the first but the second was simply beautiful. I'd love a complete set please, Youtube-person.
As someone who is a video editor by profession, I can really see the love in these trailers. Great work, you-tuber - if you're not in the industry yourself, you should be.
Great trailers.

Things are only really spoilery if you've seen them before and know what to look for. If you're unfamiliar with the story, everything kinda blends together and you won't really remember specifics afterwards.
I haven't seen "Buffy", save a few minutes here and there, and never really wanted to do so. However, these trailers DEFINITELY have me intrigued. How many seasons are there? I feel a marathon watching is coming...
Awesome trailers. They did, indeed, make me want to watch the series again... again.
Well, I'm glad this was my first post :)

I loved the first but the second was simply beautiful.

Yeah, but I thought the first one was better, it had more impact, probably because it was shorter. But anyway, I hope the one for season 3 will be posted soon.
The first one is really good, although there's a bit too much of the various monsters flashing up toward the end. It could have been about thirty seconds shorter and it'd be a lot tighter. The second one's too concerned with telling the story; it stops feeling like a trailer and more like the Cliff Notes for the second season. Very nice editing work, though.
I really liked both trailers, but they both missed one of the best parts of the show: humor.Particularly in the early seasons, BtVS was really funny. It helped balance out the drama.

Also, the S2 trailer didn't have Oz :( . I know he wasn't a major player until S3, but he was still important.
Really fantastic, all three of them. Yes, a bit spoilery but wonderfully done and very professional. I've subscribed to buffyverse12 and will be on the look-out for more.

I gotta agree - it'd be great if someone with this much talent made a less spoilery trailer as a way to entice people to watch the show. I'd love to have that and be able to introduce new fans to the Buffyverse.
Those are amazing! Like so many others who commented, I want to watch seasons 1 and 2 again. And I just watched them for the first time this fall. Thanks to Doc H, I'm now addicted to all things Whedon. Once I finish working my way through Angel, I'll watch Buffy over again from the start.
Yea that's some mighty fine work there! Some deinterlacing would've been nice though :)
"I haven't seen "Buffy", save a few minutes here and there, and never really wanted to do so. However, these trailers DEFINITELY have me intrigued. How many seasons are there? I feel a marathon watching is coming... "

Mongorules, really? Are you a Firefly fan?

There are seven seasons of Buffy and 5 of Angel (plus extensions of both series in comics). You should definitely watch both shows, but keep in mind that the first season of both shows don't compare with the later seasons.
They are all great, but I like the Season One preview the best. It's structure is fantastic; it introduces all the elements of the show in a concise and compelling manner. The tempo builds and builds until the ending, which is absolute perfection. I can't stop watching it. I hope Joss sees it, 'cause I think it would make our master gleeful.

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