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December 28 2008

(SPOILER) A review of David Boreanaz's new movie 'Ghost Writer'. Apparently he's the only good thing in it.

Clips, stills and a synopisis can be found over at the official website. Btw the movie was originally known as 'Suffering Man's Charity'.

I always take a review with a grain of salt, since the only time I have ever agreed with a critic was about E.T., they all loved it and so did I.
I don't really wanna be pre-influenced by a review either, but there's something in this one that made me laugh-just a bit.... Did anyone notice that the reviewer seems to completely ignore David's role in Bones??? he's presented as "Sebastian St. Germain (David Boreanaz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel)", and later on it's said that he didn't make a good movie carreer after that...Is it a choice, to ignore this othe big show of his??? Think!!
Btw, love this picture of him...
I always take a review with a grain of salt, since the only time I have ever agreed with a critic was about E.T., they all loved it and so did I.

I love when people say that, 'cause it's stastically unlikely. I guess folks mean that, of the reviews by professional critics they have read, they haven't agreed with the writers often. But they must not read many reviews in that case. 'Cause there're so many critics out there with a diversity of opinions (some critics hated A.I., some were lukewarm on it, some loved it, as one example), you're bound to agree with one eventually. E.T. was 26 years ago.

As a teen and maybe into my early 20s, I used to read reviews like crazy. Two of the local papers, Entertainment Weekly, some TV reviews, god knows how many got to be a little too much. Just liked seeing what other folks thought of the stuff I'd seen or was planning on seeing. It was the closest you could get to people on internet message boards bouncing ideas off eachother in print, until I got addicted to internet message boards. I read the new movie reviews in one of the local papers on Fridays now, that's it, aside from the odd one online if someone points it out. I know the tastes of the local writers well after reading some of them for almost two decades, so I know when something one of them likes will probably be something I like. Or if they get their main female reviewer who doesn't usually like superhero movies to review one of those and she gives it two stars, I know to probably see it for myself unless it's getting horrible buzz elsewhere (although this same reviewer, I usually trust her word on indie flicks, big sweeping dramas, and the tear-jerkers she seems to gravitate toward).

Ghost Writers ("Suffering Man's Charity" on the IMDB, as Simon clued) was directed by Alan Cumming (haven't seen him in anything since X-Men 2). He and Jennifer Jason Leigh co-directed and co-wrote The Anniversary Party, which was pretty good. I was expecting good stuff from them in the future, maybe I'll check this out some day because it has him and a few other actors I sometimes like in it.

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Yeah, I also found it funny that Boreanaz's incredible success with Bones was completely ignored.
I just heard on FOX during the game commercials that BONES is moving to Thursdays in January. I had thought I heard a rumor that it was moving to Fridays paired with Dollhouse. I'm so confused.

Pairing it with Bones would have been brilliant.
You are correct,Kris I do not read a lot of reviews, but most of the ones I do read I don't agree with after I have seen the movie. And yes I am talking about professional critics. I just watch the trailers and hope that all the good parts from the movie have not been included in the trailer.
madmolly - My understanding is that Dollhouse is being paired up not with Bones, but with another Whedonverse alum, Summer Glau in Sarah Connercles. In a way, it's sort of being... tripled up (?) with a newbie to the 'verse, Tahmoh Penikett, who will be in Dollhouse, as well as continuing on Battlestar Galactica as Helo. Battlestar should be on at ten on SciFi, so while they're not all on the same network, if you arrange your schedule just so, you can get some nice Joss-y goodness all night long. Or... something less inappropriate-sounding.
Oh Oh, I would love that pairing. My Friday nights are now set.

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