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December 28 2008

Serenity 2-Disc Collectors Edition for $6.99 at Best Buy. Don't have a player for the BluRay edition of the BDM coming out this week? (for $24.99) This'll do. And if you live in the UK, the ordinary edition is going for three quid at HMV.

Is this also good in-store? If true, I am So there!
I ordered mine on line to pick up at the store. Will get it Tues. Thanks for the heads up.
While at BestBuy, be sure to look for and pick up the free Fox promo DVD with the new Fox series "Lie to Me" on the cover. The disc includes a trailer for Dollhouse. Available from Sunday Dec 29 onward.
I've added gossi's HMV news to the entry. Get Serenity quick before they go into receivership (ahem).
Cheers! I saw the HMV thing in store the other day - it's easily the lowest price available. (Play is 14. Yes, 14). I'm not sure how HMV can make a profit with free postage.
I'm shocked Zavvi haven't started giving things away. Doubt their admins would like that though.
If they have a closing down sale, expect Serenity is be about 3 pence.
Zavvi have Serenity at 1.99 a throw.
Damn, I knew there was somewhere else I was going to go at lunch as well as the Calendar Club shop and to get some things to make my new shoes not rip my ankles to shreds.

Zavvi it is tomorrow, then!

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I just bought mine for the sake of buying it... it'll never be that cheap anywhere else.
Thanks for the heads up on the disc with the Dollhouse trailer, willbueche. Had poked my head around the line to glance at the checkout counters, saw nothing. Asked the DVD people, they couldn't find "Lie To Me" in the computer. Thought we were going to have to order something online to get it. It was only sitting on the last checkout counter closest to the door. It's stickered as FOX FIRST LOOK-WS 9148932 if anyone needs to ask an associate for it. has it price matched and has Firefly blu-ray for CDN$29.95. It's out of stock, but you should still be able to order it. That's an insanely good price.

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