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August 07 2003

Season 7 DVD news. Jane Espenson has recorded the commentary track for "Conversations With Dead People," along with Drew Goddard, Nick Marck, Tom Lenk and Danny Strong.

that will be teh bets commentary ever
Oh, man, I can't wait for that. Judging by the Joss/Marti/Seth "Wild at Heart" group commentary, it should be funny. Plus, Jane's great.
I've read similar news elsewhere- also at, you can find news about the commentary for 'Lies My Parents Told Me.' Apparently David Fury said at a recent convention that he, Drew Goddard, James Marsters and D.B. Woodside have recorded a commentary for that episode.
Is this link working for others? Not me :(
Danny Stong commentary? Jonathan lives! Color me there! Season 7 is the season that I am least likely to purchase, but now I must, simply to hear Mr. Strong, as well as the esteemed Mr. Lenk. The cunning devils at fox must have known this. Very well, they win this round.

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