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December 29 2008

Interview and Recap from the Dr. Horrible Paley Screening. Part 2 of an interview with the host of the sing-alongs.

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Oh I love NYC! What great shots at the beginning of that video! This is a nice interesting interview, thanks for posting it (now I have to find pt. 1 which I missed).
Let's all try to punctuate our link titles if they are complete sentences, n'est-ce pas?
Yeah, good stuff! It was also posted over on

noted zeitgeist, sorry about that!
:( I wish they'd had one in LA ...
Well, they did have the Halloween screening in LA.
... which had the added bonusi of appearances by Joss, Jed, Maurissa, Zack, Nate, and Felicia.

We do tend to luck out in L.A. because of who'all lives here. It's one of the upsides of living in this calamitous town.
Quit rubbing it in, QG. ;)
Out of curiosity re: the Paley event, originally the "goodie bags" were going to be for sale, not given away for free, but there wasn't any disclosure as to whether the money from that was intended for Paley, the Horrible team, or the host.

I get that they then got switched to being free, but what was the original plan?
I guess some of the money would have gone to the person who put the goodie bags together, but since you say they were free, I assume he/she lost some money in this deal.

Does anyone know if Dr. Horrible is going to be screened in any other cities?

Anyway, I enjoyed the interview.

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