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December 29 2008

Happy Birthday Eliza Dushku! The sometimes bad, but mostly good Slayer and upcoming programmable Doll is celebrating her 28th Birthday today.

What better belated gift than for Dollhouse to get huge ratings and several season renewals??

So let's TRY to make it happen folks! :P

Happy Birthday Eliza!!
Happy birthday Eliza! I'm counting the days... only 15 days to go.
15 days 'till what, exactly? Dollhouse premieres on Feb 13th, so it can't be that.

Also, Happy Birthday Eliza.
Happy birthday, Eliza!
GŰzuar DitŰlindjen, Eliza, u bŰfsh 100 vješ!

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Happy Birthday Eliza!!
have an awesome day =D
Happy birthday Eliza!
You're making me feel old, Duckshoot! (sorry, Kevin Smith moment) - Wishing you all of the best plus more in the Year of Dollhouse!
Happy Birthday Eliza!
Wow she┤s just on year younger than I am!!!! That┤s nice . Some people are just lucky ....
Wishing you a merry birthday, Eliza. Gless you can see we're bending on edge for the show. So looking forward to it.
Happy birthday, Eliza. As well as my mother and Tiger Woods.
happy birthday Eliza, let's hope this coming year is a big one for u.
Yay this is my first comment !!!!!!
Happy Birthday Eliza! This is your year.
(my first comment as well!)
Happy birthday Eliza and best of luck with the forthcoming Dollhouse. From what I've read it sounds like a great show with the distinct possibility of being addictive in all the right ways.
Happy birthday my sweet ! I wish you success and prosperity.
I also have best wishes to our favorite Albanian-American Slayer. She visited that country once, you know.
Happiest of Birthdays!
Eliza apparently celebrated by dancing the night away at a Boston club, according to this article in the Boston Globe. Picture included, she's looks suitably cute and happy!
Pointy:Was that Albanian? (If so, Gheg or Tosk?)

Sigh, 25 years, 31 days younger in my case...sigh! Oh well, Mercedes was born, I got my first real job, then Eliza was born, so on the whole, a great year.

Have a good one!

Hmm, so she's dating a nightclub owner...Clare did that, then ended up marrying him and eventually emitting a lepton...hmmm :-).

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Happy Birthday, Eliza! I agree, an awesome belated birthday present would be Dollhouse to have stellar ratings.
Happy Birthday, Eliza! You are made of awesome! May the new year be filled with rewarding and popular job security! :)
Pointy:Was that Albanian? (If so, Gheg or Tosk?)

Yes. Web.

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Happy Birthday Eliza! She was always the best slayer to me. Also, I love her chemistry with Nick Brendon and David Boreanaz.
Well Happy Birthday Eliza!
I am getting in on that present.
Food? School? Education? Friends? Pa-shaw! Nothing will stop me from seeing Dollhouse when it premieres.

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