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December 30 2008

Serenity out on Blu-ray today. "A must-see" says a reviewer at

Listed as one of the year's best DVDs in the New York Times here.
Got it on 12/26 at Costco for $19.99 +tax.
Actually, it isn't one of the NYT's best DVDs--it's listed as one of the DVDs that are "also out on Tuesday". Easy mistake to make though :P
At Best Buy, they have a DVD with a Dollhouse Trailer on it. Cost me a $1.00. It has "Lie to Me" Fox show on cover. It was on an endcap. Back of DVD cardboard slip cover blurb on right side says

Their caps and bolding.
oh, please let us know if it's really a new trailer, Anonymous1!
Sold out at my local Target. Should've woken up earlier. Good price at Target if you can get it - $20. (Good in contrast to their usual prices; average compared to online.)
"At Best Buy, they have a DVD with a Dollhouse Trailer on it. Cost me a $1.00. It has "Lie to Me" Fox show on cover."

Whoops, I walked out with that for free the other day. I thought it was a freebie. In any case it is a 1:11 long trailer for Dollhouse. (Lie To Me in contrast was a full episode, and it was good -- though it is obviously trying to be like House.)

Do you think it is a new trailer? wiesengrund needs to know. I haven't watched any of the Dollhouse online trailers...slow computer and I won't know if it is different. Can't watch the DVD either. Brother is using the TV with DVD player to play Halo 3. Hoping to hear our crews' voices.

Doesn't actually say a price on the "Lie to Me" Fox DVD. They scanned it and it came up $1.00. Might be free at other stores.

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It's this one on the dvd:
I went to four different Best Buys and a Target in the LA area today, and all of them were sold out. Once again, whoever places their orders has underestimated the upfront demand of obsessive Whedonites. Oh well. I bought Dark Knight instead.
I searched Best Buy whole Blu-Ray section trying to find Serenity Blu-Ray and an employee had to go in the back to get 3 Serenity Blu-Rays. So hopefully, they weren't stuck in the back at a lot of Best Buys.

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