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December 30 2008

Tom Lenk sells you Taco Bell. As well as Coffee? Make a run for the border with Tom Lenk.

This commercial seems pretty derogatory towards the poor bean jockeys of the world.

My cholestrol level just doubled from watching that.
:) I love that miserable look on his face.
Lol, poor cute!
Ha ha, poor guy.
Tom, I hope you get Transformers 2. No one deserves Taco Bell.
Remember this?
Awww, Tommy!! Joss rescue our boy. I think Dollhouse is a really good place to hide...
I honestly don't know where he'd fit in. Topher's twin brother perhaps? LOL
He reprised his role from "How I Met Your Mother."
I thought that was him. Good to see Tom getting additional work.
I've never seen that before, josswhedonaddict. Thanks for the link!
You're welcome, Ameer. I couldn't believe I found it. Ahh...memories!! lol
Poor Tom. He's a veggie, too.
I know I also saw Tom in an Empire Carpet TV ad a few years ago.
Poor Tom. Didn't he do a Wendy's commercial or something awhile back? Guy needs a break, he certainly deserves one.
Wait, why are we Poor Tom'ing? Isn't he getting paid for this?
They get paid every time it airs, I believe.
I like it but I like his Campbell's soup commercial better. The one with the 'num yummy' guy.
Wow...I saw the tail end of the commercial and thought "No way that's him"...

Hope he has a "all you can eat" clause in the contract.
Well, I suggested him to play Barney fife in a mvoie version of the old Andy Griffith show, but I was told he couldn't do Don Knotts's dark side effectively.
Poor guy, he's stuck doing commercials when he's a talented comedic actor...
So it's bad that he found work?! The more exposure he gets is a good thing. Look at my link above for an example.
Aaaaaw, it makes me sad to see that this is what Tom has to do right now! *Tear*
I hope he doesn't find it insulting to realize that his fans think so little of the work he HAS found.
Seriously. What is so shameful about doing commercials?
Personally, I think some of the SciFi Channel movies they all sometimes do to be worse, at least in terms of quality, but it's still work, it's still exposure, which they all deserve.
It seems to me that Tom is doing just fine. He's a working actor, which in itself impresses me!
Commercials are dues a lot of working actors pay or have paid, and (usually) provide very necessary income that actors need to live on - as well as exposure. They also give the all-necessary agent some incentive to keep putting them out there.

I'm sure Tom would much prefer to be working on something of artistic merit that uses his talents to a greater extent, but I'm also sure he'd prefer to be working than not working. It's pretty simple.

It can be painful to use your acting for something that feels unworthy of your skills (like most paying actor jobs are) - but guaranteed it can be far more painful to 1) not be wanted for commercial work or 2) have to take some kind of a non-acting job that may make auditions very difficult or impossible to arrange.

Acting - it's one of the hardest jobs in the world in which to find gainful employment (increasingly so, as reality TV multiplies like Hydra heads) - and most actors - including the union-enrolled - are not working at any given time. I couldn't hack it - well, I didn't hack it - and I have a lot of admiration and sympathy for those that persist.

There are so many more people that have talent than can be employed, so I'm just happy when somebody good like Tom gets any work at all.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-12-31 03:07 ]
1. I'm not a vegetarian.
2. I've never done an empire carpet commercial but I do admire their catchy theme song.
3. Poor guy? You guys can suck it!
- Tom Lenk
Good gravy - that would appear to be from the newly-joined Tom "Suck It" Lenk himself.

Does Tom get to be purple-icized? I hope so, though mebbe he can have his own color...

I look forward to any webisodes that Tom and his friends can dream up for us to watch... youtubish or otherwise.

EDIT: Hee. I edited this one 'cause it's really burrito-style cheesy to write "Tom" as "Tim" right when he's looking right at you.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-12-31 03:35 ]
Bahahaha. I wonder if anyone's going to scramble to edit/wipe their comments now.
Hehehe, I've been known to break out in the Empire Carpet song when someone mentions getting carpet there. :)
Is that really Tom Lenk? Or Tim Lenk! hahaha
That's okay QuoterGil. We all make mistakes.
Yo Quiero Tom Lenk!
Right On, Tom! Work is work, dude.
Well, with the economy the way it is, I don't think anyone should be criticizing people's job choices.
So if the economy was booming, it would be okay?
No, I don't think it's ever okay, but it's especially in poor taste right now.
If it is open to a vote then I definitely vote that Tom Lenk's name should be purple-icized! And personally I thought it was kind of clever for them to tie in Tom's character in the commercial to his character on HIMYM (which I hope me see more often). I've loved Tom Lenk's webisodes and youtube silliness; it is obvious to me that his creativity is still over flowing in all directions. (He did ask us to suck up, right?)
Did people go all "poor Felicia" when Felicia Day was in the washing machine and Cheetos commercials? Are people more inclined to think of Tom Lenk as "poor Tom" because he's great at playing an underdog character?
I was waiting for someone to ask that, Sunfire.
2. I've never done an empire carpet commercial but I do admire their catchy theme song.

Then I've seen your evil (?) twin - I could've sworn it was you!
That might be so, Sunfire. He has such a long-suffering expression in the commercial that you just want to say 'Poor Tom!' -- if you don't know how much money one gets paid for a national ad! Let's hope Pepsico liked him enough that he becomes part of a whole campaign. :)
I in turn was waiting for someone else to dig up the relevant thread, b!X. I didn't see one for the Cheetos ad, but it does look like the same attitude about actors doing commercials came up in the washer commercial thread about Felicia.
Welcome, tomlenk! Though I won't conceal my disappointment that your screen name rhymes with jack.

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-12-31 04:40 ]
oh in that case: poor felicia. Didn't she discuss the commercial thing in the Commentary! The musical?

Remember when Cordy was on her millionth commercial audition when she got the visions? Good times.
I think the powers of laundry serve Felicia well, actually.
SHe does discuss it in the regular commentary, but I don't remember if it comes up on Commentary! as well.
Quick question - everyone has an Evil Twin, right? I mean, it's not just me thinking that, right? Does that sound too crazy? Jeez, I hope not. Don't look at me!

If it does sound kinda too nutty, than this is my Evil Twin QuoterGil typing this, not me. Oh crap, what a giveaway.

Tom's Evil Twin is named Tim. It's a known fact - and it was Tim that was in the Empire commercial - which was directed by Joss' Evil Twin Ross. Written by Zed Whedon.

Whereas, and this is interesting, though Felicia does have an Evil Twin named Fennella, it was Felicia herself who appeared in the Cheetos and Sears commercials.

Go ahead - ask me anything.
I thought Felicia's evil twin was Delicia. o.O
I thought her evil twin was Felicia Night. :D
I thought Felicia *was* the evil twin.
LOL crazygolfa! My evil twin's called "MowingDownKittens". And also, mods, can Tomlenk, be Wheodonesques' newest purple member? (Did I write that right, 'cos that kinda sounds a bit erm,.. hammerish)
I thought only Joss was purple as far as I knew. I searched Brian Lynch and he's purple. I don't care if Tom is purple, but do give him a purty color.
Jane Espenson is all purpley, too, but James Gunn is not - so I'm betting it's for V.I.P.s of the Whedon'verse kind (I'm sure there's others, but I'm forgetting, because I'm older than I used to be.)

Tom could be all purpley, too, couldn't he? It'd be sweet.
I'm happy for him to be purpleized, with verification, of course. I'm sure there are a number of devious Fake Toms out there just floating, actually more like bouncing, around.

Though, I have a friend who was in a Ben Affleck chat room one day (did I mention she's a bit loopy?) and got talking to a guy who insisted he WAS Ben. She gave him her phone number and promptly got a phone call from...Ben Affleck. Sweet, eh?!
I'm not crazy about Ben Affleck, but I did think that was really cool, missb, and now people will stalk chat rooms and give out their numbers just in case I AM DEPP is really Johnny Depp. ;)

ETA. and tomlenk, if that is really the coolly talented you (and no I am NOT checking out your YouTube vids everyday *cough*), hope you have a great New Year! We wish to see more of real you in 09 :D

[ edited by Mirage on 2008-12-31 06:51 ]
Tom can has purple if he's, you know, the real Tom. But we don't know yet. Welcome to Whedonesque, Tom Lenk, even if you're possibly fake!Tom.
Heehee! Can we make this the new, is it or isn't it Fake Tom Lenk conspiracy, to do our heads in... again? ('Cos the Fake SMG conspiracy is sooo 2008) ; )

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2008-12-31 11:21 ]
As a card-carrying egotist, I'm surprised tomlenk didn't protest "I do *so* have a dark side!"
Welcome to Whedonesque, Tom Lenk, even if you're possibly fake!Tom.

Fake Thomas Lenk will surely get on well with Fake Thomas Jefferson... yes this is the real Tom Lenk. I don't know what this purple business is but it sounds regal. Who do I have to email to get purple? And could I have a special font? Maybe Helvetica or Copperplate...or Chalkboard? That's a great font.
tomlenk: Email the mods, they can certainly get you set up; joss and Brian Lynch are the only ones I can recall seeing here since I've been stopping by, but I'm pretty sure there are others set up for it, assuming they recall their passwords.

And like I said, it wasn't me, it was a cyberfriend of mine on another site who said your dark side doesn't compare to that of Don Knotts, altho she praised your comic and straight drama abilities.

And I work in collections, so I seldom insult anyone's job, altho I am known to say a few things about those not smart enough to hire the right people.
So exciting to be in at the birth of a new purpleness! And yes, extremely regal, on Whedonesque anyway. Too bad you can't get the Chalkboard. (Oh, go ahead mods, prove me wrong! :D )
the birth of a new purpleness

Bad visuals. *rubs sore eyeballs* And I just had this vision of Tom running around town looking for the color purple.

I seriously need sleep...
Hi Real!Tom Lenk. If you haven't already found it under "About", the email address to write the moderators is . The purple means when you post a message here, your name will be that color, and yes, Whedon royalty.
Lol rollinginkittens! "The fake SMG conspiracy" is so 2008, haha. Wouldn't be the new year without a new conspiracy.

Happy new year everyone! Possibly real or possibly fake!Tom (aka Tim) Lenk too :)
We don't really do fonts but we do colours alright. As you can see from above.
So it IS the real Tom, Simon? Is it okay to gush?
Would he be purple if he weren't? Sounds regal, indeed :).
Commence gushing... :D
I still think it's Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Yay! Tom is a lovely shade of purple...
Three cheers for the empurpling of tomlenk!
*trumpet sounds* Yay! Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah! Welcome tomlenk! Glad I was able to be present at the birth of new purple royalty! *blushes and curtseys*

(and DaddyCatALSO, great back peddling! ; D )
Huzzah for The One True tomlenk ! All hail !

It's just like that bit out of 'Flash Gordon' but with less Brian Blessed.

(one thing i've always wondered - how do folk prove they're them via email ? Do the mods, like, ask them a question only Tom Lenk would know the answer to ? Cos how would the mods know the answer ? Enquiring minds need to know ...)
Planning on becoming someone else, hmmm, Saje??
OK, time to come clean - we've all kidded about it in the past but I really am Spartacus.
Saje and RollingInKittens need to battle this out in a Spartacus competition -- first one to post a pic of himself in a leather miniskirt wins! If you're a girl, RIK, sorry, you're automatically disqualified. Well, from my fantasy competition anyway.
Cool! But if Saje does post a pic of himself in a leather miniskirt, I hope he doesn't 'Flash Gordon' those which are in close proximity, which, in this instance, would be me. (Even though I am disqualified.)
First wave diiivvve !

Dammit, if only I hadn't got rid of my extensive leather mini-skirt collection to make way for my posh ballgowns. Ah well, hindsight's 20/20.
I think Cabri would agree that a picture of you in a ballgown would be an acceptable alternative.
Ah but it wouldn't be period accurate though, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Did anyone else recognize the "you only pushed a button" guy from Season 1 of Angel? He played the burrower demon guy that Angel fights in "Lonely Hearts."

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