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December 30 2008

Alan Tudyk is in today's IMDb poll. Steve the Pirate, Alan's character in "Dodgeball," is one of the choices for "Who is your favorite movie character who sports an eye patch?".

That's an hilarious question for a poll!
Until they make "Buffy Season 8 the Movie" so we can all vote for Xander
Heh, I got a laugh from it! Actually had to think a few seconds to come up with some characters.

Movie wise, John Wayne in "True Grit". Be honest, he's the hands on winner. Television wise, must give the vote to that one-eyed devil Col. Tigh of "Battlestar Galactica".
What? No Danger Mouse?
Steve the Pirate? C'mon, that's a no-brainer. It's Alan, it's a *PIRATE*, and he actually uses the term "Gaaarrr".

Any other victor, and the whole thing is rigged by the morons at Fox who canceled Firefly.
Umm....Emilio Largo in Thunderball. Dude was scubadiving with his eyepatch on! And still somehow managing to shoot harpoons at the good guys.

Oh, what was that Shakespeare-loving Klingon's name in The Undiscovered Country? His eyepatch was bolted to his head. Or riveted. Permanently attached, in any case.
Gotta go with Snake to be honest. Though I was disappointed to see no mention of David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury.
Xander. When we get that Buffy movie.

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